Must-Have Amenities for Every Vacation Rental Home

Must-Have Amenities for Every Vacation Rental Home

The facilities provided by your vacation rental home might be the difference between a one-time visitor and a frequent visitor. Your facilities should be tailored to the area of your rental property, the sort of lodging you provide, and the types of visitors you anticipate.

When tourists look at their alternatives, amenities can genuinely set your rental apart and help it stand out, taking it from excellent to exceptional. To impress your visitors and make your house stand out, use this vacation rental amenities checklist:

What is the definition of a vacation rental amenity?

According to the dictionary, an amenity is a desirable or beneficial characteristic of a home. It’s a feature that aids in the user’s comfort, convenience, or pleasure.

Your visitors may have chosen a vacation rental over a hotel, but that doesn’t mean they don’t expect excellent service. You can improve the guest experience and boost reservations by offering all of the critical amenities visitors may need throughout their stay.

According to a poll conducted by Airbnb, 97 percent of US tourists believe that facilities impact their trip experience. While the kind of rental has the biggest influence on holiday quality, amenities rank second after shopping/dining, location, culture, and family/friends. Here are the top ten vacation home features that people are looking for on their platform:

  • system of heating
  • A fully equipped kitchen (not just a simple kitchenette)
  • The use of air conditioning
  • A pet-friendly environment
  • There is no charge for parking.
  • Laundry machine
  • Pool
  • Wine glasses in a set
  • WiFi
  • Jacuzzi
  • TV
  • A coffee machine

How to Stand Out With Your Vacation Rental

Travelers are becoming more demanding, and they can now limit their searches on Airbnb and other vacation rental listing sites based on the features they choose. As a result, your vacation rental homes must provide as many of these services as feasible.

Getting a pool and upgrading (or adding) a kitchen is more complicated than some other facilities, but if you want to make your vacation rental stand out from the crowd, you should focus on fast wins and vacation rental supplies. Analyze what you now provide and how you may improve it depending on your target market.

Here are a few of the most crucial features you may include in your vacation rental, as well as some optional extras.

The Most Beneficial Vacation Home Amenities For The Overall Guest Experience

Travelers seek more than simply complimentary toiletries; they want a memorable experience, and providing this will improve every element of their stay. To make your vacation rental stand out, be sure to include the following features:

1. Streaming services or cable TV

Even if they don’t watch TV, most visitors consider television access a must-have feature in their holiday rental.

Offering cable television on a Smart TV with access to Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime, as well as live television for local news and weather reporting, would be the ultimate mix.

2. Check-in is available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Travelers like the flexibility of check-in whenever they choose, especially if their travel does not go according to plan.

That doesn’t mean you have to be accessible 24 hours a day; instead, make sure you have a mechanism in place for automatic check-in. This amenity will create a terrific first impression on your visitors, whether they acquire access to your house through a lockbox, keyless entry, or any other method.

3. WiFi that is both fast and convenient

Having access to technology and the internet is considered a must-have for a vacation house in today’s world. In every contemporary vacation rental, WiFi is perhaps the most essential feature. Your visitors would anticipate WiFi as part of the rental package unless your property is explicitly off-grid and catering to a “technology hideaway” demographic.

If you don’t clearly state it, not having a fast wireless internet connection may dissuade customers from booking with you or result in a negative review.

4. Games for the whole family

Save families the trouble of bringing their whole pack ‘n’ play on vacation. Make crayons, novels, and bathing toys available for free to children.

You could also include some board games and cards for additional family entertainment! All-time family favorites include Pictionary, Trivial Pursuit, Chutes & Ladders, Twister, and Uno.

5. Sound system with surround sound

Install a surround sound system or some high-quality speakers in the living room of your home so that your visitors can get the most out of their movie night or just listen to their favorite music.

6. Chargers and adapters for electrical devices

Most visitors will have adapters, but even the most experienced travelers might forget, lose, or damage them. They’ll think of you as a savior if you have a supply of universal adapters and chargers on hand.

7. Books and DVDs

If you don’t want to pay for cable or Netflix for your holiday rental, supplying visitors with a selection of movies and books is a terrific alternative. Just make sure there’s enough for everyone, including something to keep tiny toddlers occupied on a wet day!

Here are a few of our favorite family-friendly picks:

  • Alone at Home
  • Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is a film directed by Willy Wonka.
  • Matilda
  • The Lion King is a story about a lion who
  • Ratatouille
  • The Goonies are a group of misfits

8. A video game console

Larger families with children, in particular, will be ecstatic to have a Nintendo Switch or PlayStation at their vacation home. Also, to make your vacation rental stand out to guests, give a range of games for the whole family.

9. Tours and transfers

Rather than forcing passengers to arrange these services elsewhere, form a partnership with local companies and offer them add-ons. You might provide several sorts of transport and excursions, such as:

  • Pick-up and drop-off at the airport
  • Transfers between cities
  • Service of a chauffeur
  • Tours of the city

10. Maps, guidebooks, and suggestions for the area

Make sure you provide your visitors with a decent range of local information. Leave contact information for the eateries and cafés in your neighborhood that you suggest.

Include leaflets on popular local attractions such as theatres, national parks, and historical sites.

11. a complimentary welcome basket

If you want to go all out, give each visitor a welcome basket when they arrive at your rental home. A modest assortment of local delights – sweets, coffee, wine, postcards – is a persuasive way to welcome your visitors to the region and make a memorable first impression. The following items may be included in your welcome basket:

  • A greetings book
  • Snacks or beverages from the area
  • Gifts that are uniquely you

12. Telephone (landline)

Although it may seem archaic, some visitors still value the convenience of a landline phone. This may be a must-have for visitors who want to organize excursions, order takeout, or local contact businesses if your property is off the grid. Only local calls are permitted, which you may specify in your vacation rental home rules.

13. Office equipment

People aren’t only enjoying regular vacations anymore, as travel adapts and redefines itself. With the increasing ability to work remotely, many digital nomads and remote workers are looking for holiday places that provide all of the amenities of an office in the comfort of their own homes. Sticky notes, pencils, paper, notebooks, and even a computer monitor can demonstrate to visitors that your home is well-equipped for their work-cation.

14. Fireplace 

If your vacation property doesn’t already have it, it may be a significant expenditure, but it may be well worth it, depending on your location. If your home is near a ski resort or is known for being a winter destination, a fireplace may be required since visitors perceive it to be part of the whole experience.

Checklist of Kitchen Amenities

It’s critical to maintain a vacation rental kitchen well-stocked with all of the essentials. A sufficient quantity of plates, glasses, mugs, and silverware is essential. As a nice finishing touch, provide wine glasses and bottle openers.

Basic seasonings like salt and pepper should always have on hand, but varied spices, cooking oils, and a good supply of coffee, tea, and sugar will truly wow your visitors. With the things mentioned below, we’ve got you covered for what to stock in a vacation rental kitchen.

15. Free breakfast and a well-stocked refrigerator

Prepare a few foods in your refrigerator in advance of your visitors’ arrival. Complimentary cookies, drinks, and breakfast fixings are examples of this. To go the additional mile, you may call your visitors ahead of time and ask if they need any particular materials. This might be very useful for visitors with unique dietary needs, making them feel at ease.

16. Small Kitchen appliances

Those visitors who like to cook at home while on vacation will appreciate it if you supply a variety of cookware as well as kitchen necessities such as:

A good set of sharp knives, utensils for all guests, a complete set of pots, flatware, serving platters, and other eating/cooking essentials

A coffee maker with a kettle Rice cookers, crockpots, and blenders are excellent additions to any kitchen

  • Rice cookers, crock pots, processors, blenders, juicers, and other modern equipment
  • Filters, coffee pot, and coffee
  • Bottle openers and corkscrews

Keep in mind that the holiday season is an excellent opportunity to step up your game and provide a diverse range of facilities that will assist you in preparing large family feasts. For example, provide the following Thanksgiving kitchen supplies to your vacation rental guests:

  • A pan for roasting
  • Thermometer
  • Colander
  • Baster for turkeys
  • Peeler for vegetables
  • Brining tote

17. Cleaning products for the kitchen

If your visitors are staying for a longer time, they will, of course, want to be able to maintain the space where food is made clean and hygienic – particularly if there are little children around. You also don’t want them to leave a stack of dirty dishes for you to clean up before the next guest arrives if they’re only staying for one night.

That’s why your vacation rental supplies should include:

  • Lots of dish soap.
  • A sponge or brush.
  • A dish drying rack.
  • New dish towels.
  • Plenty of waste bags.

If your kitchen already has a dishwasher, all you’ll need is some dishwashing detergent or tablets, as well as some instructions on how to use it.

18. Keep a supply of food storage containers on hand.

Many visitors would most likely wish to take long day excursions to see the sites in your region during their stay. You may make sure that your rental has food storage containers so that hikers can prepare and bring their lunch. Because food storage containers are prone to be misplaced, you may alternatively send a roll of tin foil and cling film as an alternative.

19. Pet-friendly requirements

If you enable visitors to bring their dogs on vacation, you may accommodate them by keeping a set of food and water bowls in the kitchen of your property. You might also have some snacks on hand as a special welcome for your four-legged visitors. When they assess your facilities later, their owners will undoubtedly appreciate and remember such a kind effort!

20. Equipment that is suitable for children

If parents traveling with newborns or young children don’t have to carry every single item of baby equipment, they will be very thankful. Disposable bibs, as well as infant flatware and plates, should be on hand in your kitchen. You could even go one step further and keep a highchair in the storage area of your property to make it kid-friendly for visitors. Provide these extras to go the additional mile:

  • Crib for travel
  • Chair with a high back
  • Stroller

Bathroom Supplies and Amenities for Vacation Rentals

Even if you don’t provide spa services, your customers may still benefit from the elegance and tranquility they provide. Bring the spa experience to your vacation rental by including the following amenities:

21. Toiletries for a vacation rental

The most basic bathroom amenity you can provide is this. Guests anticipate travel-size amenities in a hotel, but they are blown away when they get the same service in a vacation rental.

Installing soap and shampoo dispensers on the shower wall is a good place to start, but you can go even farther by providing vacation rental essentials like:

  • conditioner for hair
  • Lotion for the skin
  • Toothpaste
  • Mouthwash

Bath salts, bath bombs, and essential oils might even take your visitors’ breath away.

22. Items for grooming and beauty

You may also supply the bathroom with some vanity accessories in addition to essential hygiene necessities. Shower caps, disposable razors, shaving cream, makeup removal wipes (no more mascara-stained towels! ), and face mask samples are just a few examples. Small touches like these will make your visitors feel like they’ve booked a spa weekend and will elevate their vacation experience.

23. Hairdryer 

Nothing beats a hairdryer in terms of return on investment. No one wants to lug along a cumbersome hair accessory. Hotels occasionally provide hairdryers linked to the wall to solve this problem. Travelers like dryers allow them to go out the door fast (and enjoy their holiday).

You could even put a bag on the dryer and hang it on a rack or in one of your bathroom drawers to dress it up.

24. Soft, new towels

Invest in towels that will keep your visitors clean, dry, and toasty while also making your restrooms seem nice.

25. Other hair accessories

A hairdryer is nice to have on hand for your visitors, but what about straighteners and curling irons? Why not treat them to this little extra to make them feel extra special?

26. Facilities that are easily accessible

Make your property’s restroom accessible to show that you welcome all guests and are prepared to meet their requirements. Installing a handrail next to the toilet, providing a seat that can be put in the shower, and giving a low-hanging mirror with shelf space are all simple ways to do this.

This kind of amenity will set your vacation rental apart from the competition for handicapped tourists and senior visitors.

27. Personal care kits 

If you don’t want to supply your restrooms with all of these products, you may make modest personal care packages for your visitors that contain things like q-tips, cotton rounds, and a tiny sewing kit.

28. Storage space on the surface

This may seem like a no-brainer, but if your bathroom lacks appropriate counter space, it may be a real pain for guests. Larger families or parties, in particular, will want shelf space to keep the toiletries they brought with them. If none are accessible, your bathroom will most likely become chaotic after the first day.

You may avoid this from occurring by buying a basic bathroom shelf and reducing the cleaning burden.

29. Slippers and robes

Keeping with the luxury theme, offering robes and slippers for clients will reinforce the spa experience. If you have extra space, you may hang them in the bathroom or the bedroom.

Make them branded to take it a step farther! Imprint your vacation rental brand on the robes or the tips of the slippers to complete the experience and make your stay even more unforgettable.

30. piece first-aid kit

One of the most crucial aspects of the visitor experience is safety. Cuts and bruises on vacation are often than not, although no one anticipates or wishes for them. Rather than allowing little mishaps mar a trip, have a first-aid kit in the bathroom or another easily accessible spot in the home to help mitigate negative encounters.

The essentials of a first-aid kit should be included, such as bandages, gauze, antibiotic ointment, disposable gloves, and medical tweezers. Bug bite creams, children’s bandages, pain medication, cold packs, a digital thermometer, and saline solution may all be included if you want to be extra thorough.

31. Luggage scale

We’ve all acquired some extra padding while on vacation and eating delicious meals. It’s just confirmation that you had a great time on your trip! The objective of having a bathroom scale, on the other hand, is to account for any additional baggage weight your guests may have accumulated after their journey.

They may use the bathroom scale to check whether their bags and luggage are still under the travel weight restriction of the airline they booked after purchasing all sorts of souvenirs, presents, and new outfits. Guests who have gone on one or two big shopping sprees will enjoy this convenient convenience.

32. Floors with heat

Have you ever stepped out of a luxurious shower or bath only to be greeted with very cold tile? Remember that emulating a spa experience for visitors requires meticulous attention to detail, even down to the flooring. Heated flooring will be a huge advantage for visitors, particularly in winter-focused lodgings.

Suppose you’re planning a bathroom remodel for your vacation rental. In that case, you may as well include heated floors on your list to provide your visitors with the extra convenience of temperature-controlled flooring.

Amenities for Your Vacation Rental Bedroom

As we all know, the quality of our sleep has a significant impact on how we feel the following day. Make sure your visitors enjoy a pleasant night in your rental if you want them to be delighted with it. Here’s how to go about it:

33. Earplugs, sleep masks, and other widgets

Providing single-use sleeping masks and earplugs is another approach to improve your visitors’ overnight routine. You may even give them things like alarm clocks, music systems, or white noise machines to help them sleep well.

34. Luxurious bedding and bolstered pillows

We understand that you don’t want to spend a lot of money on linens, but decent quality sheets that endure and wash well will make a huge difference for your visitors. Spend some time filling the bed with soft blankets and pillows for a memorable sleeping experience for your visitors.

35. Outlets near the bed

Make sure the heads of the beds are close to the room’s outlets. If that isn’t an option, you might attach chord extensions so that your visitors may charge their gadgets at night while keeping them close enough to set the alarm for the following day.

36. Whether to use air conditioning or an electric fan

Cooling down the space where visitors lie down to rest would substantially increase their comfort when they come during the hot season. If your home does not have air conditioning, you should have at least one fan placed in each bedroom to create a nice breeze at night.

37. Curtains or shutters that block away from light

In a bright setting, many individuals have problems sleeping. They’ll be grateful if you put blackout curtains or shades in your vacation rental’s bedrooms. This should be on your vacation rental facilities checklist, especially if the bedroom windows face the sun – whether at night in the summer or the morning.

38. Mosquito nets or lights 

If your property’s bedroom windows allow it, attach mosquito nets to their frames to save your visitors from being harassed at night. Alternatively, you may give them a mosquito light to plug in before going to bed.

Amenities for Cleaning and Storage

Sixty-seven percent of vacationers say vacation rentals are better than hotels because they can do their laundry whenever they want, according to a Trip Advisor poll from 2016. (at no extra cost). However, what additional features do people want in a holiday rental?

39. A washing machine and dryer

Ideally, your holiday rental should have its washing and dryer, which you’re pleased to let visitors use. Guests like keeping up with their laundry while on vacation, and some even prefer to return home with clean clothes after their trip.

Whether your property does not have its washing facilities, inform your visitors if a coin-operated laundromat is nearby or across the street. Provide precise instructions for your visitors’ convenience, regardless of the scenario. Make sure you have a drying rack or a laundry line available for the more delicate goods!

40. Cleaning materials

Simply giving cleaning tools and displaying them visible would inspire visitors to clean. Make a tiny rental cleaning kit and fill it with well-known, branded items. You may also write down specific directions for cleaning certain home areas, such as kitchen countertops or bathroom doors.

41. Coat and shoe rack

Encourage your visitors to keep the indoor areas from becoming filthy in the first place by providing them with a place to store muddy boots and damp jackets as soon as they enter.

42. Clothing and ironing storage

An iron and an ironing board are essential for wrinkled garments coming out of bags. Provide a basic suitcase stand in the closet, so visitors don’t have to stoop down to pick through their luggage, and make sure there are plenty of empty hangers. Many visitors like having a chest of drawers to unpack their stuff.

43. Is your vacation rental secure?

It’s critical that visitors feel safe while they’re here. Guests want to know that their items are secure within your property, in addition to the conventional precautions against vacation rental burglary. Including a vacation rental safe in the bedroom or closet will enable visitors to lock up their valuables without anxiety, allowing them to focus on their trip.

44. Fragrant goods

You might also purchase a room spray and place a deodorizer block in the toilet. These items may not increase the hygiene of your holiday rental, but an organized atmosphere that also smells nice will add to the sensation of cleanliness and relaxation.

Vacation Home Amenities for Outdoor Experiences

Anticipate what your visitors will need or desire throughout their stay to take your guest experience to the next level.

45. Furniture for the outdoors

You may decorate your outside area with a table, chairs, sun loungers, an outdoor sofa, or a hammock if you want to go all out. Your visitors will be able to completely relax and enjoy their time outdoors thanks to these rental facilities.

46. Beach goods 

If your holiday rental is near the beach, include beach towels, folding chairs, and a cooler. You may also bring bodyboards or inflatables if you have them for additional marine fun!

47. Sun protection

You should equip your visitors with ways to shield themselves from direct sun exposure in outdoor settings. To provide shade to your visitors, you may, for example, place a sun umbrella or even an entire gazebo on your property’s patio.

48. Items to keep them dry

Is it usually raining at your holiday rental? Make sure you have extra umbrellas or perhaps a few plastic poncho raincoats on hand for your visitors.

49. Sports in the open air

Both younger and older people may enjoy several outdoor activities. A football, frisbee, or badminton set are all enjoyable hobbies that anybody may participate in!

50. Bikes and other transportation options

Provide directions on how to navigate the city, including metro maps, bus timetables, and driving routes, to your visitors. A pair of bicycles is another fantastic asset to have on hand for your visitors to discover the neighborhood like a native!

51. A private pool 

Although a private pool isn’t always a viable option, according to an Orlando Vacation Homes 360 poll, 81 percent of renters indicated it was significant to them when picking a rental home. Consider installing a pool or hot tub in your rental home if it is possible. You’ll be able to raise pricing and increase your rental revenue instantly!

52. Barbecue

On a warm summer evening, nothing beats a holiday barbecue party. Having a BBQ grill on your home will make it stand out to visitors.

53. Outdoor lighting

Your visitors may want to stay up late to enjoy the pleasant summer evenings. Install warmly colored outdoor lights around your property’s outdoor sitting area to allow them to do so.

54. Vacation rental EV charger 

Electric vehicles are the way of the future, and people are increasingly bringing or renting them while on vacation. You’re not only paving the way for the future of vacation rentals by putting an EV charging station at your home, but you’re also giving your visitors the “wow factor.” Be one of the few VR owners that provide such a unique feature.

You may either calculate the cost of each kWh (kilowatt-hour) utilized or adjust your base rate to account for the cost of EV charging. It will be a tremendous advantage for visitors in any case, and it may even be a tax-deductible cost for you!

55. Ample parking

Many of your visitors will arrive by automobile at your holiday property. They will, of course, need a parking spot for their cars. If feasible, provide customers this choice — either on your land or by sending them to neighboring parking lots.

In addition, learn how to stock a vacation rental

Finally, the facilities you choose for your vacation rental will be determined by their location, property, and kind of guests. Additional amenities might be added to elevate it from an “excellent rental” to a “great rental.”

If you own a beach vacation rental, for example, it’s critical to supply it with additional towels, picnic baskets, beach coolers, and even snorkeling gear and a pail and shovel for the kids. Other items needed for a cabin rental include water bottles, hiking path maps, and even trekking gear.

You may always supply minimal facilities to your visitors and yet get positive feedback. However, if you want to impress them, you must go above and above! Going through your home as a visitor and asking yourself, “what do I need in here?” and, more significantly, “what would be fantastic to provide to make my guests feel like royalty?” is a terrific method to decide on the greatest vacation rental facilities.

If you’re concerned about providing too many vacation rental goods and amenities, create an inventory checklist that includes everything you provide and have the visitor sign it. All of the goods left in the vacation rental and their present condition are agreed upon by both parties.

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