What to Include in a Vacation Rental Welcome Letter

What to Include in a Vacation Rental Welcome Letter

The pursuit of excellent vacation rental reviews is increasingly centered on the guest experience. In other words, it’s all about how they’re treated and what they expect from the moment they visit your website until they leave.

You can do several things to make each guest’s experience memorable appropriately. You can assure prompt communication, present guests with a complete welcome book, and provide a 5-star hotel-style experience overall. But what may be the one item you’re overlooking? A letter of welcome to a vacation rental!

We’ll learn what a welcome letter is and why you need one in this post, then look at some suggestions for what to include. You can also use our free template to share with your visitors immediately!

What is a welcome letter for a holiday rental?

A vacation rental welcome letter does precisely what its name implies: it introduces your guests to your home. The welcome letter has one purpose: to provide guests with a personal, warm welcome to your house, even if you cannot be present in person.

The vacation rental welcome letter, if done correctly, will accomplish the following:

  • Make a personal connection with your guests and demonstrate your commitment to providing a 5-star experience.
  • Direct guests to the information they need to avoid confusion or miscommunication by making them feel welcome, unique, and as though they can expect a comfortable stay.
  • Remind them of any home rules that they must adhere to.

Continue reading to learn how to write a vacation rental welcome letter that will make your guests feel at ease while also providing them with all the information they need about their stay.

Why do I need a welcome letter for my vacation rental?

In the vacation rental market, first impressions are everything, and visitors will remember anything that goes wrong! So, in addition to making sure your home is pristine inside and out in preparation for each guest’s arrival, sending a welcome letter will show that you’re a conscientious host who values hospitality.

Remember, you only get one chance to make a great first impression, so make it count! If they prefer to save their vacation rental welcome letters, they can use them as souvenirs of their stay and a reminder to rebook a stay in the future.

Who knows how many ways your welcome letter will assist your company in achieving success? Maybe they’ll take a photo of your thoughtful greeting and share it on Instagram! All of this is to imply that writing a welcome letter for your vacation rental isn’t just a good idea; it’s required.

How to create a welcome visitor letter for a vacation rental

You’re certainly eager to provide a wonderful vacation for your visitors, but you’re not sure where to begin besides “hello,” “welcome,” and “thanks.” Even people well-versed in the hospitality industry may find themselves stumped when writing a welcome letter for visitors. Fear not; it’s normal to be unsure about writing a vacation rental welcome letter for the first time, just like many hosts.

Let’s review the fundamentals of structuring and creating a welcome letter for a vacation rental. If you’re still stuck for words, look at our vacation rental welcome letter sample for some ideas.

Consider your intended audience.

This is a crucial one! It’s crucial to personalize your welcome letter (more on that later), so double-check that you’re writing to the proper people. What kind of visitors are you expecting? Is it a big group of people or a business traveler? Consider who you’re speaking to, and the rest will flow more naturally.

Consider your vacation plans.

In a similar spirit, you should think about the purpose of the trip, not just the visitor profile. Let’s use family vacationing as an example. They may seek a getaway to unplug, reconnect with nature, and unwind away from the daily grind. On the other side, they may be looking for adventure and a pleasant, unforgettable experience for their children. Before they arrive, ensure you understand their trip aims and goals so you can incorporate them into the welcome letter.

Use an example of a welcome letter for a vacation rental.

When a welcome letter isn’t genuine, guests can tell. They’ll notice if you’re merely recycling a vacation rental welcome letter sample. A welcome letter that says “insert name here” is practically demeaning to the guest who has committed their time and money to your establishment. Make it memorable!

With that in mind, there’s nothing wrong with using a sample letter as a guide. Using a vacation rental welcome letter sample as a guideline for what you want to say to guests can be quite helpful. Just make sure you’re still putting your unique stamp on it!

What to add in your welcome letter for a holiday rental

Let’s move on to something a little more specific now that we’ve covered what to think about while writing your welcome letter: the content. Good communication is crucial throughout the vacation rental experience, and a welcome letter can help you meet that promise! This section can be a checklist for things to include in your visitor welcome letter.

For your vacation rental welcome letter, you’ll need the following ten items:

1. Put your stamp on it

Because a welcome letter isn’t a contract, ditch the jargon and write in a conversational, welcoming tone that reflects your company’s personality. Share any pleasant memories of your home or what you love about it — don’t be scared to get personal!

2. A personal greeting message

We’re not proposing you create a personalized message for each guest – that would be quite a task during peak season! However, you should constantly personalize your template. It could be as easy as wishing their family a nice reunion or wishing their honored visitor a happy birthday. This will make them feel more welcome and assure them they will have your undivided attention throughout their stay.

As a suggestion, make a few alternative templates so you can rapidly change the personalization for each reservation.

3. A message from them regarding their vacation

Even a simple act of concern for your guests’ well-being, such as a message wishing them a comfortable and pleasant journey, will make them feel as if you genuinely care. You’re helping to set the tone for their adventure, so remark it if you notice they’ve planned their honeymoon! When it comes to guest happiness, the tiniest gestures go the furthest.

4. Information on the property

This part should serve as a reminder to guests of your property’s specific location. Remember that your visitors may arrive from a different nation with another address format. It’s up to you to give guests all the information they need about the property to feel comfortable getting around town. This can help you avoid any issues when returning home after exploring the area around your house.

5. A personal note

The purpose of the welcome letter is to make the guests’ experience more personal; why not start there? Knowing a little about yourself, how your company started, and how that relates to their vacation can be helpful and make the encounter feel less transactional.

You’ll establish the groundwork for a warm welcome and optimum comfortability for your guests by putting a face to the name and business.

6. Information on the guest book and welcome book

Most owners and hosts will leave a thorough welcome book with their welcome letters. Guests can find full information on your property, the surrounding area, and any special extras in this section. Make sure to include the letter in the welcome book. It’s also an excellent time to remind guests to read over your vacation rental guest book and offer feedback!

7. Remind yourself of the most essential house rules

Although you’ll most likely write your house regulations in your welcome book, you can utilize your vacation rental welcome letter to remind them of the most important ones. After 11 p.m., are there any quiet hours? Is it true that pets are not permitted? Remind your guests that there are some ground rules to observe and that if they have any queries, they can consult your welcome book.

Only mention the vital points in the welcome letter and gently direct them to the welcome book for all the specifics. Only the most significant regulations are highlighted. You don’t want to come to appear oppressive by enforcing the regulations too strictly.

8. Get in touch with us

While the welcome bundle will include all the local emergency numbers, it’s a good idea to keep your personal (or property manager’s) contact information handy. Remind visitors to report any difficulties or anything that isn’t up to par within the first 24 hours of their arrival so that you can address the issue as soon as possible.

It’s also good to list which numbers are for emergencies and which ones they can call during the day. It’s not a bad idea to mention this in the welcome letter so that guests don’t have to look through the welcome book to find you if they need to contact you.

9. Advice from locals

Provide some insider information to prove your position as a local. Although you should give the complete scoop on what to do, see, visit, and experience in your welcome book, including a few symbols of townie-knowledge in your welcome letter won’t hurt! Your visitors will regard you as an expert in the field.

Add a simple note like “Don’t forget to stop by the bakery below and tell them Dorothy sent you!” to keep your thoughts concise.

10. A final thought on how to make the most of your holiday

You want your guests to enjoy their time at your vacation rental, but they won’t be annoyed if you refresh their recollection! So, towards the end of your welcome letter, say how much you hope they have a relaxing and delightful visit. When it comes to reviewing time, your good wishes will help you get top marks for customer service.

Welcome messages from the OTA

You’ll want to adapt your welcome letter for the type of lodging you offer or even the platform your guests booked through, much like you’ll want to personalize your letter depending on the type of guest you’ll be hosting. Getting even more specific with the information and personalizing the welcome letter will show guests how much you value and care about their reservation.

Welcome letter from Vrbo

This OTA is for those seeking a complete property. Guests expect a particular level of service from their Vrbo reservation. Make sure your Vrbo welcome letter meets your guests’ expectations.

In addition, Vrbo-specific information or guidelines could be included in the welcome letter. Because guests may be unfamiliar with both the platform and your vacation rental, you must greet them on all fronts.

Letter of welcome from Airbnb

Airbnb boasts a wide selection of properties, from treehouses to downtown lofts. According to the OTA, some vacation rental owners are unsure how to greet their guests due to the many vacation homes available.

We understand that writing an Airbnb welcome letter is no easy chore, which is why we’ve dedicated an entire piece to it, complete with a downloadable template, to address any issues you may have. Here’s a link to our whole Airbnb welcome letter guide.


When crafting the perfect guest experience, this is not a step you want to skip. Whether or not you plan to be at the door when your guests arrive, they want a nice welcome. You’ll need to show your gratitude because they’ve given you their time and money. What better way to accomplish that than with a letter of welcome?

We’ve listed all of the critical elements to include in your welcome letter, as well as some key points to keep in mind when you draft your copy. Finally, the greeting is yours to give and should reflect the style and level of thanks you wish to convey to your visitors.

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