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Overall a great product and experience. Easy to use, when I do have issues and contact anyone at lodgable they get resolved quickly. I haven’t had very many problems as that.

– Jared H.



I think the website and product is genius. I wish something like this had been around years ago!

– Reagan F.



The website is extremely easy to understand. I’m not sure why anyone wouldn’t use Lodgable. They do all the work for you, and it costs $0 to post your rentals to all the major sites.

– Kevin S.



There is a lot different information to keep up with for all of the OTA’s, but Lodgable keeps all of this information very accessible and understandable.

– Melissa S.


Better PM Software

Lodgable is a channel management PM software or PMS software
Our specific Channel Manager focuses on VRBO and Airbnb, and other major online booking sites.

Channel Management and Vacation rental software are the core PM software for any property management company so aligning with the right partner is essential. So how do you pick a PMS software and channel manager? While our industry is flushed with vacation rental softwares, there seem to be serious issues with occupancy rate due to lack of exposure to major booking sites.

This is what makes Lodgable different. Lodgable’s vacation rental management software and channel management software are specifically engineered to increase conversion and occupancy rates. PMs that switch to Lodgable’s PM software and Vacation rental property manager see an average increase of 30% in bookings!

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  1. Lodgable’s core features (like our property management, channel manager, reservations system, and invoice tools) are 100% free for homeowners and property managers. We help you manage your rentals and market them to places like AirBnB and Expedia (called channels). You are still responsible for paying any commissions they impose directly to the channel. Other add-on services offered by other business (like Stripe Payment Processing) may also charge fees.
  2. The company logos, names, and/or websites referenced here belong to their respectful owners. Lodgable may partner with these travel companies directly or connect with them by means of other third party distributors, travel bureaus, travel agents, or wholesalers authorized to conduct business on their behalf. Lodgable makes no claims that a travel company will accept any of your rentals. It is up to each individual travel company and/or third party to accept or deny your rental(s) based on their own reasoning. You, not Lodgable, will be required to pay all commissions to such travel companies in exchange for advertising your rentals and/or facilitating bookings.
  3. Some travel sites may require you to choose one of their cancellation policies or abide by their security deposit terms to work with them.
  4. Lodgable is not responsible for connection delays that may or may not arise from our partner sites. Please refer to the Lodgable Terms for more details on double bookings.
  5. While most travel sites do allow property content automation via our API integrations with them, some sales channels do not support all of the features that we offer.
  6. Travel company visitor traffic data was derived from and August 1, 2016 and March 7, 2017 using popular top-level domains unique to the companies and/or website references displayed on this page. Calculations may not account for less popular subdomains specific to individual countries. Calculations were derived by summing the monthly visitor traffic of all travel companies we market to either directly, via a third-party, or via an affiliate network. Actual visitor traffic may differ from what is advertised. Increased traveler visibility does not guarantee increased bookings for your rental(s).
  7. Statistics were derived on May 26, 2015.
  8. Source: Visa Internal Study, December 2008. Derived on May 26, 2015.
  9. See the Lodgable Terms for more information on allowing travelers to cover processing fees.