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Lodgable started out as all good ideas do: as a way to solve a problem

From the conception, we were tech innovators and travelers fed up with how hard it was to reserve a vacation rental online or over the phone. In early 2011 we imagined a system that provided travelers with a better, easier, and faster way to book vacation rentals online. We also imagined a system that provided property managers and homeowners (hosts) with better tools and distribution at little to no cost to them.

While on our quest, we were quick to discover the Wild-Wild-West of vacation rentals. It seemed there were no rules and that everything was up for grabs. Some hosts were using old, outdated software systems without a functional marketing tool while others were manually listing dozens or even hundreds of properties to major online travel agencies. Since everything was so fragmented, it made it really hard to work with host’s property content. There was a massive need for proper management software and distribution with a radically fresh approach.

The days of lazy expensive software needed to end. Instead of being innovative and forward-thinking, it seemed that nearly every software company out there was solely focused on price gouging and putting bandages on open tech wounds. We discovered that both the hosts and the travelers desperately wanted instant bookings, but old tech simply wouldn’t support real-time data exchange. Time to tear the Band-Aids off.

We embarked on a mission to help hosts become more successful, no matter the shape or size. Since the problem started with the old outdated software, we decided, “why not give hosts amazing software with all of the right tools they need for free? This should help both the host and the traveler get what they want.” Subsequently, we have built a new software platform based on years of research that allows both you and the traveler to get what you want. We believe that once hosts have the correct tools, their rentals will get booked more, be up-to-date in real-time and that travelers will finally be able to get the checkout experience that they’ve been waiting for.

We’re thrilled to have you onboard. The future is now. Welcome to Lodgable.


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