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Increase Your Revenue and Bookings
Increase Your Revenue and Bookings

Managing your Vacation Rentals has never been easier with Lodgable. Our dashboard allows you to be able to manage all aspects of your vacation rental in one place. With Lodgable Managed you are able to make adjustments to an individual property or make bulk actions. 

Lodgable will automatically distribute changes you make to all platforms you are connected to. Making organization a breeze and saving you hours of time. 

Lodgable’s channel manager allows you to “Connect” to all of the top booking sites in the industry like Airbnb, Vrbo, and booking.com. Connecting you to all of the top bookings sites will give you more traffic and achieve a higher occupancy rate.

Bookings, calendars, and rates will all be automatically synchronized across all top channels without having to manually update each calendar. A guest can book a stay on one channel and the inventory will update across all channels. No more worry about getting double bookings!



Make your dream a reality with Lodgable optimize, where we help your property look and perform the best. Our 15 point full listing breakdown will do a full analysis of your property and give you suggestions to improve its performance.

Following all the suggestions will help you show up on the front page of sites like Airbnb and Vrbo. Use optimize with the help from our marketing team or yourself to start seeing an increase in bookings today. Small improvements, with maximum results. 

Site Genius allows you create a customizable site for your direct bookings. Skip the hassle of booking fees and create legacy customers with our free super clean sites. With a built in booking engine we make the process easy for you to ensure you’re left with a website you love.

Already have your own booking site generating organic traffic? No need to worry about losing all the work you have put in. Our SEO specialists will do all the heavy lifting in making sure you don’t lose all the work you put in.

site genius

Supporting your housekeeping team has never been easier with Lodgable Spotless! Free up your time by not having to communicate with your cleaners every time you get a booking. Give your cleaners limited access to your Lodgable account to view calendars and know when a property needs to be taken care of. Add as many as needed!

We know how important it is to have accounting and book keeping for your Vacation Rentals. That is why we provide an easy exportation process to get your information into QuickBooks and get your accounting needs taken care of.


Lodgable rates allow you to achieve your highest revenue potential. With our integrated dynamic pricing tool, you will receive suggestions on pricing keeping you accurately priced for the current demand in your market. This will help you be worry free knowing you are not leaving money on the table. Property managers can see a 22% increase in occupancy and a 40% increase in revenue!

At Lodgable our success is your success, that is why we care so much about the growth your company. Lodgable Guru is an innovative feature connecting you to real-time market data in your area. You will have access to information ranging from average occupancy rates, average daily rate, amenities, number of rentals in the area and even number of rooms properties have.



In addition to your own photos, we provide you with free Adobe Stock images that are professionally taken and incredibly high quality. Simply search for the location of your properties, choose which professional photos you want to add, and we will take care of the rest. These photos are added to the front page slideshow of your site, making it POP!


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