How To Make An Airbnb Welcome Book

How To Make An Airbnb Welcome Book

One of the most significant features of your Airbnb home is the welcome book. However, putting everything together might be time-consuming. Here are some pointers to help you construct an engaging and productive Airbnb guestbook.

What Is The Purpose Of An Airbnb Welcome Book?

A guestbook is a terrific method for hosts to impress their visitors. It demonstrates that you want them to enjoy the finest that your community has to offer. It also shows visitors that you’re a helpful host who cares about making their stay as pleasant and stress-free as possible.

The Airbnb guestbook is the ideal spot for visitors to obtain all of their information for their stay at an Airbnb home. Because each rental is unique, visitors will want to know all of the details when they come, and your guestbook will be the first place they will check.

How to Write a Welcome Book for Airbnb

Now that you understand why an Airbnb welcome book is crucial for your home, you must learn how to create one. The good news is that you can print much of the material off the internet or get it from your local tourist center.

Here’s a step-by-step approach to covering the most crucial aspects of your welcome book:

1. The Greetings Page

Make sure your welcome book’s first page has the most crucial information that your visitors will need to know when they arrive. Consider this page to be your property’s onboarding guide.

Some crucial elements that you should make sure to include:

  • Parking Directions
  • The Front Gate Requires an Access Code
  • Password for Guest Wi-Fi
  • Your Contact Information
  • Contact Information for Emergency Services

Even if your visitors don’t read the majority of the other material in your Airbnb welcome book, you should ensure they have access to this information. Otherwise, they will most likely call you for assistance.

2. Household Regulations

You’ve probably already told your visitors about your home rules before they arrive. Make sure to repeat everything you said in your Airbnb welcome book so that your visitors may view it at any moment throughout their stay.

3. Information on Local Transportation

Ensure contact information, timetables, directions, and other information on local transportation in your Airbnb guestbook. You may wish to think about the following options:

  • Airport Shuttle & Taxi Services
  • Timetables for buses and trains
  • Maps of the Surrounding Areas

This information is particularly useful if you are somewhere outside a city where mobile phone connections may be limited. It also helps to provide insider tips on traveling around your region that only locals would know.

Finally, this area should include check-out information since visitors are most likely to look at it while making their departure arrangements.

4. Actions to Take

Guests who stay with Airbnb do not have access to the concierge services that hotels typically provide. You may provide this service with your Airbnb welcome book to make things easy for them.

Every visitor enjoys getting tips from locals. Even if your visitors have their plans, they will certainly modify them after hearing your specific advice.

Make sure your Airbnb guestbook has a diverse range of activities that appeal to a broad range of visitors. Above all, make sure that each of the suggested venues or activities has a website, address, and phone number so that your visitors can locate them.

Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Restaurants
  • Attractions for Tourists (local parks, museums, historical places)
  • Shopping
  • Excursions (bar crawl, ghost tour, trolley tour)
  • Festivals and fairs (Sunday street fairs, farmers’ markets, and yearly events)
  • The nightlife (bars, breweries, clubs, playhouse, live music)

You should also tell your visitors whose suggestions you appreciated personally. That way, if visitors attend an event that you haven’t personally attended, they won’t hold you responsible for the quality of the experience.

5. Appliance and Electronics How-To Instructions

You know how to use all of the appliances in your home, but what about your visitors? Don’t make your visitors angry because they can’t figure out how to change the temperature.

Here are a few crucial things to include in your instructions:

  • Thermostat
  • The property entry procedure (front-gate entry method, how to use smart locks)
  • Washing Machine and Dryer
  • Cooking Appliances
  • Wi-Fi
  • Netflix and/or a TV remote

You may avoid having to answer repeated phone calls from puzzled visitors by adding how-to instructions for all of your property’s different appliances and devices, including any unusual idiosyncrasies required to get them to function. It will also help prevent an unexpected negative review for a little issue that may have been avoided.

Keeping Your Airbnb Guestbook Organized

Because this material may arrive in various forms, you should keep all of the multiple flyers, printed pages, and brochures arranged in a binder or scrapbook. Include section markers so that visitors may quickly reach the portions of the Airbnb guestbook that they are interested in.

What Should You Do With Your Airbnb Welcome Book?

Leave your Airbnb welcome book in a prominent area, such as the kitchen table or the coffee table in the living room, to ensure that visitors have access to it at all times. You should also advise them to locate the welcome book and remind them to read it once they arrive.


A welcome book is not only a terrific method to improve your guest experience, but it can also be used to highlight the regulations that visitors must observe while staying at your property. Maintaining the condition of your rentals while improving the visitor experience is critical to your company’s success.

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