How to Write a Vacation Rental Welcome Letter

How to Write a Vacation Rental Welcome Letter

When it comes to giving your visitors an unforgettable experience, first impressions are crucial. The first contacts you have with your vacation rental guests once they book may set the tone for the remainder of their stay.

A vacation rental welcome letter is the ideal way to start a great guest experience from the minute they arrive at your home, whether or not you will be attending to them in person.

What Every Airbnb Host Needs to Know About Writing a Great Vacation Rental Welcome Letter

The primary objective of a vacation rental welcome letter is to present visitors with a personalized, warm welcome to their lodgings. It’s particularly crucial for Airbnb hosts who can’t meet their visitors face to face. A vacation rental welcome letter also demonstrates that you are a caring host concerned about even the tiniest details of the guest’s stay.

A well-written guest welcome letter template will accomplish the following:

  • Assist in demonstrating your want to create a positive connection with your visitor and your commitment to providing exceptional service.
  • Give visitors the impression that they can anticipate a one-of-a-kind, customized experience.
  • Assist visitors in swiftly acclimating to their surroundings and reminding them of any restrictions they must obey.

Here’s how to compose a welcoming letter for your vacation rental that will excite your visitors while also giving them important information for their stay.

What Should Your Welcome Letter Contain?

A welcome letter for a vacation rental does not have to be extensive. It must, however, be well-written to convey your point as clearly as feasible. The following are the absolute must-haves for your vacation rental welcome letter:

1. Make sure to provide your exact address.

In case your visitors forget, make sure your welcome letter template provides the actual address of your house. This will help prevent any problems with visitors returning to your house after exploring the neighborhood.

2. Make it unique to each visitor

A vacation rental welcome letter template with just the guest’s name changed will seem impersonal. Writing a fresh letter each time, on the other hand, will take a lot of time and effort that you just don’t have.

Is this the best option? Create a template with a few phrases that may be changed each time and talk directly to the visitor for whom the letter is written.

3. Your Contact Details

If you did a good job onboarding your visitors, they shouldn’t need to contact you throughout their stay unless anything unexpected arises. You should still offer a Whatsapp or Viber ID to contact you if they have any urgent inquiries or concerns.

Remind visitors to notify you right away if they have a problem with their stay or an emergency. This may help you prevent a poor review and quickly reduce any threats to your visitors or property.

4. Remind Them of the most important house rules

The home regulations will most likely be included in your Airbnb Welcome Book. The vacation rental welcome letter, on the other hand, is a fantastic opportunity to repeat the essential restrictions. Is it true that smoking is prohibited? After 11 p.m., are there any quiet hours? Remind visitors that they must adhere to the regulations and consult the welcome book if they have any queries.

5. A Friendly Reminder Regarding the Welcome Book

Because your vacation rental welcome letter refers to information in your welcome book, be careful to tell your visitors where the welcome book is located in your home. You should also make a digital copy that they may view from anywhere through a link.

6. Thank You Note and Closing Note

Don’t forget to thank your visitors for booking with you and wish them a happy stay.

Creating a Template for a Guest Welcome Letter

On websites like Etsy, you can buy vacation rental welcome letter designs. You may either utilize the stuff currently there or create your own. You could choose to employ a graphic designer to build a template for you if you want to make your own guest welcome letter template from the start.

The letter for each visitor may then be printed by you or your property management business and sent to the cleaners who will prepare your home for their arrival. If you want to make sure it gets read, put it on the kitchen table with your welcome book or on your bed.

Here’s an example of an Airbnb welcome letter that you can customize to fit your requirements and use on any vacation rental platform:

[PROPERTY NAME] is delighted to welcome you!

We’re delighted you traveled from [GUEST’S DEPARTURE CITY]. Let’s get started on making your stay more enjoyable!

Relax by kicking off your shoes and grabbing a refreshing beverage or food from the kitchen. We’ve got some water and some small snacks for you.

We are delighted that you have chosen to stay in [PROPERTY NAME].

Our visitors have made many memories here, including beach walks, summer picnics, and breathtaking sunsets. Even if you’re just staying with us for a few nights, we hope you’ll feel at ease.

Take a look at our digital welcome book for a list of our favorite restaurants in town, house rules, check-out hours and details, and other key information to help you get started on your vacation.

My Whatsapp number is [REPLACE] if you need to contact us in an emergency or have any queries or concerns.

Finally, we wish you a pleasant visit and hope to see you again soon!

Warm regards,


Additional Suggestions for Creating a “Wow” Effect

Finally, if you want to make your welcome message stand out, print it in a handwritten font and sign it with your signature. This will show your visitors that you took the time to personally “write” their welcome message (even if the printer did the work).

If you want more 5-star ratings, one of the finest vacation rental recommendations for owners is to write a well-written welcome letter. So, for the greatest outcomes, make sure you follow the instructions outlined below.

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