Maintenance and Cleaning Ideas for Beach Vacation Rentals

Maintenance and Cleaning Ideas for Beach Vacation Rentals

Beach vacation rentals seem to be the epitome of perfection. What could be more wonderful than sunsets, sandy beaches, and mornings spent searching for seashells? You have the ideal location for any guest’s summer vacation.

However, beach holiday rentals need more upkeep than typical rental properties. The same beach, sea, and sun that your visitors enjoy might hasten property wear and tear. Without adequate maintenance and cleaning ideas, you may be left with a property that is draining your bank account even while it gathers bookings.

But don’t panic; as long as you’re aware of the issues, you can deal with them. Everything you need to know about maintaining and cleaning your beach vacation rental is right here!

1. Create a clear set of guidelines.

Because of the short-term nature of a beach vacation rental, certain ground rules must be established. Guests are staying in your home for the duration of their vacation, and since they have no stake in care, they are less concerned about wearing damp shoes or leaving sandy towels in the corridor.

Because you won’t be there to remind them to use the shoe rack or shake out their towels, you may do the next best thing and set some ground rules. Consider the most typical concerns between visitors, then write them down and store them somewhere convenient.

You may send the document by email, or have it stitched and framed to place on a wall in your vacation rental. The following are three vital suggestions for your beach home rules:

  • There are no beach shoes in the home.
  • Wet towels should always be hung outdoors.
  • Before entering, rinse your feet.

2. Employ a property manager

Hiring a property manager is generally the best line of action if you wish to take a more passive approach to your investment. You may divert your attention elsewhere while they manage the details of your beach vacation rental, such as accounting for maintenance and cleaning and negotiating with contractors if required.

A property manager can assist investors in avoiding some of the most prevalent real estate errors. Check their experience in your region before making a hiring selection to get a clear indication of how helpful they will be in picking trustworthy contractors and understanding local legislation.

However, property managers may be costly. They normally charge between 4 and 10% of the property’s monthly gross profits. The amount is frequently closer to 10% for a single-family beach vacation rental. This is a personal choice based on your money and desire to deal with the nitty-gritty aspects of upkeep.

3. Safeguard the inside

Humidity and water damage are more likely with a coastal holiday property. Even with laws, sand and water will eventually be tracked all over the flooring. These issues might also impact the longevity of your rental’s furnishings.

Choose sturdy flooring for your rental to prevent puddles and sand. If possible, avoid hardwood floors and carpets since both moisture and grime are unfavorable. Moisture resistance and durability are critical factors in selecting humidity-resistant flooring. If you’re still outfitting your vacation rental, keep the following durable flooring options in mind:

  • Porcelain tile 
  • laminate 
  • sheet vinyl

You may take other modest precautions to secure your beach vacation rental. Place coverings between people to protect furnishings from the warm, moist sea air. Above all, make certain that the room is sufficiently ventilated, not just for your fixtures and fittings but also for your electronics.

4. Weatherproof the outside

You have alternatives for preserving your property against environmental stresses regarding materials and improvements. While your property is exposed to the sun, sea, sand, weathering, erosion, and other natural issues due to its location, a little weatherproofing may keep the cost of upkeep low.

You should choose weatherproof paints and finishes on the outside of your property. This may help to avoid problems like cracking and peeling caused by moisture and sun exposure. Cracks in the substrate enable moisture to enter the inside. Therefore, this is a necessary precaution to take to prevent water damage to your home.

Suppose you want to add a deck (which is an excellent idea for a vacation rental). In that case, you can use deck estimating software for professionals to understand how much installation and weatherproofing will cost. This software is also beneficial if you’re running a deck-building business. 

This may be overwhelming, but if you need assistance, a local specialist should be able to help you figure out some critical duties for annual maintenance. When it comes to routine maintenance, conduct your study to determine what works best for a coastal property.

5. Cleaning Suggestions

Cleaning your property between visitors requires a well-thought-out strategy. This is especially true when dealing with errant sand grains and moist flooring. Make your life simpler by identifying a few housekeeping activities for visitors to do during their stay and before they leave:

  • Remove any sand with a broom.
  • Put dirty beach towels in a washing basket.
  • Clean the cooler bag or box.
  • Shake out and rinse out any chairs, loungers, or umbrellas that have been used.
  • In the kitchen, tidy up.

You may even elect to include a cleaning charge in your nightly cost, particularly if you’ve had cleaning troubles.

Pay careful attention to the kitchen and bathrooms while preparing your beach vacation rental for your next visit. Humidity may exacerbate mold problems, so check sure everything is in working condition. You may also use silicone to seal any tiles absorbing a lot of moisture with each stay.

Contact a local firm or sign up for a cleaning app to discover the correct people to prepare your rental between bookings. Set up a time to research your alternatives, looking for organizations with positive ratings, reasonable costs, and a wide selection of services.

Looking After Your Beach Vacation Rental

Beach vacation rentals may take more upkeep than other rental homes, but the additional work is typically well worth it. You may be confident in the profitability of your vacation rental and make maintenance and cleaning a stress-free endeavor if you follow some of the tips above.

Even more, your visitors will be astonished by how clean and well-kept your beach vacation rental is!

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