The Best Bedding for Vacation Rentals to Improve Guest Satisfaction

The Best Bedding for Vacation Rentals to Improve Guest Satisfaction


Owners frequently disregard the value of high-quality linen in their holiday rental. But did you know that as you sleep, your brain processes emotions? Getting a good night’s sleep, also referred to as overnight therapy, can significantly impact your mood and how you view the world the following day.

Sleep-deprived persons have more persistently unpleasant thoughts than their more rested counterparts, and they are also less able to manage their minds’ concentration on the negative, according to Psychology Today. Losing a few hours of sleep or just not getting enough rest can lead to sleep deprivation, which can have terrible consequences for both the host and the guest.

Even if short-term bookings for your vacation rental are more common than longer ones, it’s still important to give your guests the greatest sleep possible. Your visitors won’t be complaining about the neighbors mowing the lawn in the late afternoon; instead, they’ll be sending smiley pictures of themselves in the pool.

Everyone will be content and prepared to enjoy their stay if they get the best bedding for their vacation rental. Look at some top names that will help your vacation rental stand out!

The Top Bedding Companies for Rental Properties

There are countless choices available for bedding in holiday rentals. You’re confronted with a list of companies who assert to offer the greatest Airbnb bed linens and are inundated with terms like Egyptian cotton, sateen, percale, and linen. We’ve researched for you since we know it’s difficult. Here are the top five manufacturers of the ideal Airbnb bedding:


Brooklinen is the place to go if you want a blend of quality and style. Over 80,000 customer reviews and a selection of resources and packages are available.

North End

West Elm is committed to offering environmentally friendly bedding without compromising on comfort or beauty. Their handcrafted, 100 percent organic cotton is the ideal finishing touch for any rental bed. Also, be sure to look at their decorative cushions!

Bed Beyond The Bed

Bed Bath & Beyond offers premium bedding at affordable prices for consumers looking for big savings and a reliable brand.

Garnet Hill

Looking for a little something more stylish and distinctive to go with your vacation rental? There are numerous bedding options from Garnet Hill with distinctive colors and designs.


There are stylish sheets and duvet covers in Nordstrom’s bedding area that can transform any Airbnb property into an Instagram-worthy paradise. In addition to the necessities, your bed can be finished with a variety of beautiful items.

Advice on using Airbnb’s bedding

It’s not necessary to spend a fortune on excellent bedding, nor does it have to be scary.

The first piece of advice is always to choose high-quality components. Although cheaper bedding may initially seem more appealing owing to its price, you’ll have to throw it out far more regularly. Superior bedding will last longer and make your visitors feel much more comfortable.

All it takes is some research, so there’s no need to blow your budget or splurge! Keep an eye out for deals and buy on holidays like Black Friday to obtain the greatest value.

Don’t overdo the color scheme when decorating your bedroom. Because it appears costly and is simple to maintain, white is often the color chosen for bedding at hotels.

In their video on Plus Host Tips, Airbnb suggests the following bedding-related procedures and upgrades:

  • Cover for a box spring
  • sheets and pillowcases that coordinate
  • A duvet cover and two pillows per visitor
  • Fold sheets.
  • Pillows with a decorative design (we only advise this if you can wash them between stays!
  • A throw rug
  • eliminating creases

Using Rental Software to Make Sure the Bedding is Clean

Software for vacation rentals can help in this situation and rescue the day. Tools considerably reduce the likelihood of a human mistake for property management, including automated guest communication, a central calendar with all of your bookings, and task distribution. You may organize and assign duties to each team member rather than hoping for the best.

Team members can see when visitors are checking in or out, saving you the time and effort of notifying them manually. You’ll be informed when each task is finished. This simplifies guest turnover and guarantees that your customers get the finest service possible.

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