Make Your Vacation Rentals Stand Out with These 4 Tips

Make Your Vacation Rentals Stand Out with These 4 Tips

Many Airbnb/vacation rental hosts feel uneasy about the lack of bookings that they have seen since the recent changes in Airbnb. These tips can help you stand out from the crowd.

1. Permit self-checkout

You might have noticed if you recently visited your Airbnb hosting page that Airbnb is advising hosts to include “self-check-in” under the opportunities section. However, some hosts are hesitant to include it. One of the most common excuses for not using self-check-in is the concern that if Airbnb hosts don’t personally welcome visitors, they might receive negative reviews.

Contrary to popular assumption, however, self-check-in accommodations receive higher review ratings in the check-in, accuracy, and communication categories. Self-check-ins give Airbnb users more freedom over when to arrive.

Smooth self-check-in depends on clear communication. Giving visitors a recorded instructional video is intriguing advice. For instance, some hosts record videos of themselves touring the residence and demonstrating how to use specific amenities. Another suggestion is to plan welcome greetings, check-in instructions, and check-out messages using automated communications. For hosts with many properties, this seems to be especially helpful.

Consider purchasing a keypad, a lockbox, or a smart lock if you’re thinking about using self-check-in technology.

2. Use important keywords

The global pandemic has raised awareness of personal health and security issues, and as a result, vacation rental visitors are more concerned with hygiene and privacy. How can you best communicate to potential guests that those are also your top objectives as a host?

The headline is the first thing a user sees when looking for a place to stay on listing websites like Airbnb. According to our data, listings with the terms “sanitization,” “sanitized,” or “secluded” in the title received higher bookings in June than those without such phrases. These words also had greater occupancy rates than other well-liked descriptors like “luxury,” “contemporary,” “bright,” and “historic,” which were also used to describe real estate.

It’s important to note that just 1 out of 130 entries contains words that are associated with sanitization or seclusion.

You might also add:

  • Other comparable terms that suggest seclusion include “isolation” and “social distance.”
  • Include words in your title that emphasize hygiene, such as “sanitary,” “sterilized,” “sanitized,” “sterilized,” “deep clean,” “extra clean,” “enhanced clean,” and “cleaning process.”

3. Make your home perfect for long-term visitors.

Since there are more mid-term reservations now than there were before the epidemic, make sure your property is prepared to host these kinds of visitors as well.

Mid-term visitors frequently require a kitchen, a washer, a dryer, wifi, and heating. Your location might become more appealing if it has a laptop-friendly workspace!

Many office workers who work remotely have been arranging rooms with Airbnb hosts so they can do it quietly. This provides remote employees with the privacy they require during the day to focus on their work when they are interrupted at home.

Since your short-term rental rates are likely too high for someone searching for a mid-term stay, when it’s possible, offer some discounts on a weekly or monthly stay.

4. Take domestic travelers into account

Our analysis supported the finding that domestic travel is rapidly outpacing overseas travel. Since there was already a sizable percentage of domestic Airbnb visitors in the US before COVID, this pattern is more pronounced outside of the US.

It is therefore time to add a Portuguese translation to your listings, or even to the title of your listing if you are a Portugal-based owner or property manager of vacation rentals with an English-only listing. Make sure to adapt your listing for domestic travelers because several countries are currently placing restrictions on international travelers.

Find Thing

Despite the severe effects of the global pandemic, the vacation rental and short-term rental industries have swiftly developed. However, we’re beginning to notice an increase in travel tendencies, particularly in domestic travel and extended stays.

Finally, to simplify everyday operations, stay on top of duties, and get a better understanding of all your bookings and calendars, think about adopting Airbnb management software.


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