Tips for Choosing a Vacation Rental Brand Name

Tips for Choosing a Vacation Rental Brand Name

It’s always thrilling to get started in the world of vacation rentals. Owners get a rush from adding additional touches that will bring them more bookings and happier visitors, whether it’s upgrading the property’s old-fashioned décor or installing the newest home automation technologies. One aspect of launching a vacation rental company is sometimes overlooked, even though it’s one of the most enjoyable! Is deciding on a brand name for a holiday rental. Your brand serves as the foundation for your marketing and will help your rental establish a reputation, so make it count. Finding the correct words to describe your house or vacation getaway may take some time, but your efforts will be rewarded once you do. Your brand, along with your welcome book, are essential components in making a strong first impression! Don’t know where to start? Let’s get this party started!

Why is it important for your vacation rental to have a catchy name?

Your brand, image, and name are crucial for your vacation rental company. Your company exists well beyond the confines of your holiday home. Why wouldn’t you choose a decent name for your vacation rental business? It’s what characterizes your property before customers arrive or even consider booking, so why wouldn’t you? Your vacation rental name helps to form your company and adds to the professionalism of your operation. “Dana’s New York Airbnb” does not have the same ring to it as “Uptown Flavor.” Even if the name is goofy or hilarious, it demonstrates that you care about your company and took the time to name it deliberately.

What is the best way to name a vacation rental company?

Can you come up with a nice vacation rental name with about 170,000 words in English? Many company owners discover that they’ve created a detailed business strategy, meticulously adorned their house, and even made a professional website, but they still don’t have a name! Choosing a name might be the most difficult undertaking of all. Remember that your vacation rental name is often what people remember, so make it nice, but don’t let the pressure stop you from coming up with a unique and memorable name. If you’re having trouble coming up with a name for your new house, here are some suggestions to help you get started. We’ll walk you through the process of naming your vacation rental home, and you’ll have a snappy new address in no time!

1. Begin with a plan.

Choosing a vacation rental brand name needs more thought than just selecting something randomly. That being said, you’ll need a strong strategy in place before you start. 

  • Consider the implications you want your brand to have 
  • Research local and national competitions to develop ideas (and avoid copying their names)
  • Create some rules to evaluate and shortlist the names you come up with (for example, a fully made-up term like Zillow, a descriptive name like Rented, a name that utilizes the firm founder’s surname like Sotheby’s Realty, or a geographical name like the Smoky Mountains). For example, the number of words (we propose a maximum of two/three words) and the number of syllables (less than three is good and memorable).

2. Use your imagination and jot down any possible names that spring to mind.

Finding the “ideal” brand name might take a lot of trial and error until you find the one that’s suited for your company. As a result, having too many ideas is preferable to having too few! Consider the following ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Finding synonyms and less commonly used terms using a dictionary and thesaurus
  • Analyze your vacation rental photographs and pick out any noteworthy aspects by Googlestorming – type search phrases related to your vacation property into Google and see what results show up. This might include plants, colors, facilities, and vistas, among other things.

Bonus tip: If brainstorming alone is difficult for you, invite some friends and family over for an idea creation session!

3. Conduct a keyword search

SEO is becoming more vital for vacation rental owners trying to build a name for themselves. As a result, doing some keyword research to uncover relevant phrases tourists are already searching for on Google might be beneficial. This is particularly helpful if you want to include a reference to your place in your brand name. Start by Googling some of the names you’ve come across to see if your website can rank at the top of the first page of results. It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to rank high if you use an extremely generic name. It’s also a good idea to check Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites to see whether the handle you desire is accessible. Then attempt to visualize how the name might seem on your vacation home’s website. Consider how it would appear in a logo or even during an internet search. What are you waiting for if you still don’t have a website?

4. Review your criteria and the message you wish to send.

Many vacation rental owners in competitive, over-saturated areas may not be able to secure the name they desire immediately. Compare your big list of ideas to the criteria you established in the first phase to simplify your selection. Which ones are the most by your standards? Keep in mind that your home is a holiday location; thus, the name must appeal to prospective visitors. With a name that sounds like a house of horrors, you don’t want to frighten people away from your website or classifieds!

5. Avoid acronyms, abbreviations, and names that are unnecessarily complicated.

The name of your holiday house should be plain and uncomplicated. Why? Because it must be imprinted in the mind of the visitor. Avoid acronyms since not only will you have to explain their meaning all the time, but your visitors will find it difficult to recall them over time. The same may be said about unusual or unusual names, which may initially seem intriguing but may mislead your guests or send an incorrect impression. Long names aren’t a smart idea either, particularly for your website’s domain name. Determine the appropriate length for a memorable name that accurately defines your property and is readily recalled by everyone who reads or hears it for the first time.

6. Pick a property type.

Identify the sort of property your holiday home is in the brand name right away. Consistency in name selection is critical for your rental’s image since it must be genuinely reputable in the eyes of prospective guests. A peaceful villa or peaceful apartment by the sea with a name that conjures up images of frantic city life may mislead and confuse your visitors. Similarly, the name of a country home should be in keeping with your offer – it should be tied to the environment, nature, and the rural area surrounding it. Your visitors must be able to recognize the key qualities of your vacation rental just by reading the brand name.

7. Experiment with the name of your vacation rental company.

It’s pointless to come up with a brand name you don’t want to utter, or worse, one you can’t pronounce! Make sure it’s a name you’ll like in the future since you’ll be using it on almost everything relating to your firm. So, before you commit to a name for your holiday rental, be sure:

  • It won’t confuse your visitors 
  • It isn’t too close to a neighboring competitor’s name 
  • There is an appropriate domain name available (although this doesn’t have to be precisely the same as your brand, according to Buffer CEO Joel Gascoigne) 
  • It communicates the proper message and image

Check that Siri, Alexa, and other voice-activated software understand it as a bonus tip!

8. Consider your intended audience.

Your vacation rental name is a fantastic way to describe your company and your target market. You may incorporate it in your name if you want to attract adventurers or families! If you want to cater mostly to couples in your vacation rental, incorporate phrases like “romantic” or “secluded” in your name. The name “Love Birds Loft” will convey to customers that your hotel caters to couples and may help you keep on track. If you’re looking for a broader audience, the same is true. If you have a broad reach, your vacation rental terminology should be. More broad adjectives, such as “relax” or “picturesque,” will appeal to a wide range of tourists.

9. Make it memorable.

The idea is that the name of your vacation rental should be memorable. You don’t want to overcomplicate things, but you also don’t want to oversimplify them, as we indicated in tip five. Using literary methods such as rhyme or alliteration might help guests and future visitors remember your vacation rental. If you give your resort a name that is too general, such as “Beach Escapes,” you risk it being unmemorable and dull. Make your vacation rental memorable by giving it a unique name.

10. Expand your horizons

Feel free to include this in your vacation rental company name if you’re giving an exotic trip or simply want to play around with some foreign terms. Using phrases from other languages that English speakers are familiar with, such as casa in Spanish or belle in Italian, gives your home an international edge and may make your visitors feel as if they’re on vacation in another country, even if it’s simply a staycation! Bonus tip: Experiment with phrases in a foreign language to take it a step further. For example, a beach home named “C’est la sea” may be a humorous play on words with French idioms like “C’est la vie”!

Names for vacation homes

You don’t have to start from scratch just yet; we’ve gathered a list of vacation house name suggestions for you. Don’t worry if you’re still stuck for ideas after following these suggestions. We’ve divided the numerous sorts of vacation rental names into categories for you to select from, such as a seaside villa or a summer cabin name.

Names for lake houses

The allure of having a lake home is undeniable. Now, deciding on a name for your lake home is crucial since it serves to express that personality. You’ll play around with various lake descriptive phrases to come up with a snappy, distinctive notion, much like you did with beach home names. Here are a few suggestions for lake home names for your holiday rental:

  • Take in the Fresh Air
  • The Peaceful Lake
  • Waterfront Wishes 
  • The King of Fishermen 
  • Lakeside Getaway

Names of cabins

Cabin names may be used for a variety of purposes. You may use terms related to winter, summer, or simply nature in general, depending on whether your cabin is a seasonal holiday rental or a location that flourishes all year! When people think of a cabin in the woods, they think of a peaceful retreat, so make sure your name reflects that. The Whispering Pines, The Singing River, The Wolf Builder, The Forest Lair, The Bear Cave, and The Song of the Fireflies are just a few examples. Feel free to use words that refer to nature, animals, flowers, or anything else that conjures up images of calm and tranquility. From the time they make a reservation, your visitors will feel at ease.

Names for beach houses

The freedom to name your beach home is one of the most enjoyable aspects of owning one. If you’ve ever traveled around the Outer Banks or Hilton Head, you’ll notice that each property has a wonderfully presented, personalized sign with the beach house name. It’s fun practice for generating ideas, but it also emphasizes the significance of a good beach house name for your company! We’ve come up with beach home name ideas to help you get started if you’re feeling a bit lost at sea.

  • The Endless Summer 
  • The Bungalow of Mirages 
  • The Charming Provencal 
  • The Marine Pearl 
  • The Kiss of the Sun

Just remember to keep the themes of sand, sun, ocean or sea, and tranquillity in mind while deciding on a name for your beach home. Why would you travel to the beach for a holiday if you were the guest? Put it into the name of your beach vacation rental!

Names for your Airbnb business

Many hosts get caught up in the concept of being unique, funny, and cool with their Airbnb names. While your name should reflect this idea, many hosts get stuck while naming their Airbnb. Your Airbnb company name should be unique regardless of the sort of lodging you provide, but if you’re stuck for ideas, we’ve got some suggestions.

  • Happy Hearts 
  • Sweet Refuge 
  • Wanderlust Castle 
  • Endless Dreams 
  • Virginia DestinyYourr Airbnb name and how it fits into your overall vacation rental brands entirely up to you. What exactly are you trying to say? What kind of people are you seeking to attract? How significant is the word “creative” in your name? You’ll be well on your way to a new Airbnb name after you’ve outlined these characteristics.


There’s no denying that the name of your vacation property is important. If you’re having trouble coming up with a name for your vacation house, go through our suggestions again and see what you come up with! It is totally up to you to define your house, and it should be an enjoyable experience! Above all, it’s critical to maintain your company brand name brief and simple – and relevant to your rental! What inspired you to name your holiday rental home? We’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments section.

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