HGTV Show Vacation House Rules: Rental Renovation Tips

HGTV Show Vacation House Rules: Rental Renovation Tips

We saw real estate expert Scott McGillivray explain to homeowners how to maximize the rental potential of their homes on the new HGTV program Vacation House Rules. Each episode highlights a rental makeover to increase a property’s overall attractiveness and capacity to generate rental revenue, with recommendations offered throughout to assist property managers and homeowners as they spend money on their rentals.

Here are some of the most useful hints we discovered for you to remember while freshening up your properties:

Put yourself in your guest’s shoes

When making choices concerning your properties, put yourself in your visitors’ position and consider what you would want or need as a visitor. Then, remember to photograph the features of your homes that you believe visitors would be interested in. Show prospective visitors that you have towels and beach chairs accessible if you’re near a beach or pool. Or, if your rentals allow pets, show them that you have dog beds and bowls on hand! These little things may make the difference between your rentals and the competition.

Make an impression

Because when people reserve a rental, they want to have a memorable experience, embrace what makes your rental unique and run with it. By adding distinctive architectural or aesthetic aspects to your properties, such as an indoor slide, a zen garden, or a movie screening room, you can quickly provide a more memorable experience for your visitors – something they wouldn’t receive in a hotel or at home.

Do your homework

To ensure that your listings are always priced competitively, keep informed about your local market and how other rentals in your region are priced. To boost your attractiveness to tourists, learn what your location is renowned for and what draws visitors there, then include it into your rentals. For example, if your rental is in the mountains, give it a cabin-like vibe with your furniture and ski equipment to truly clinch the deal.

If you can, choose a theme and stick to it

On booking and search engines, themed rentals score very well. Even if you can just construct a few beautiful spots surrounding your rentals, it will entice tourists to reserve. Use your surroundings or the history of your home as inspiration, such as an equestrian theme in an ancient carriage house or a vintage theme in a renovated loft. If you can develop some picture opportunities and unique themed locations throughout your homes, you’ll have a long queue of people wishing to stay there.

Whether you’re doing a major or little remodeling, remember to keep your visitors in mind at all times. Consider what will provide value to visitors and persuade them to book your property above others. Anything you can make your visitors’ lives simpler or give them a once-in-a-lifetime experience will be well worth your time and money.

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