Vacation Rental House Rules

Vacation Rental House Rules

Whether you rent your home for a few weekends a year or the whole year, all owners and managers must have vacation rental house guidelines for visitors staying at their property.

Why should your vacation rental be different? You have specific ground rules for your house, so why should your vacation rental be different? Being a host entails engaging individuals from all over the globe, which comes with challenges. Creating a basis for handling your house can keep things going well. Property management isn’t always simple, but it’s a little easier when you know your visitors treat your house with care and respect.

Most hosts think that holiday rental restrictions are required, but many are unsure where to begin. How specifically do you need to be with pool rules? Is it self-evident that visitors are not permitted to wear shoes inside the house? We’ve got you covered if you’re a bit stuck or simply need some assistance filling in the holes in your current house rules.

It’s up to you how you write your house rules – you could choose them to be formal rather than fun, serious rather than humorous – but when it comes down to it, there are several topics that all hosts should cover.

What are the holiday rental home rules?

House rules are a formal means of putting down the ground rules for all visitors that come to your home. They provide you the chance to say precisely what you expect of them, what they can and cannot do, and what consequences will be imposed if these rules are violated.

Whether it’s your regular abode or a vacation home, we expect visitors to respect our home in a specific manner. The problem is that homeowners cannot watch their visitors’ conduct around the clock, so holiday rental guidelines are vital. It not only establishes a clear definition of what is expected of visitors, but it also establishes a professional level. Your vacation home regulations show tourists that your company has a high level of quality, and holding them to that standard helps you, your guests, and your company maintains a positive reputation.

What are the benefits of having house rules in your holiday rental?

Creating and enforcing house rules for your vacation rental is more useful than you would imagine. It might seem like there are a million things to do when you’re just starting in the vacation rental market. Why would you add to the burden by making custom vacation rental home rules? The paperwork, problems, and chores that need to be completed might seem daunting, so why would you add to the workload by developing unique vacation rental house rules? Sure, you may discover templates on the internet that establish your normal vacation house regulations, but they don’t identify your home.

You will save time by following the vacation rental guidelines.

You may not have time to address every question, inquiry, or request during your visitors’ stay if you manage numerous homes or even just one. “Is the hot tub off limits?” or “Can we have a few friends over later?” are examples of inquiries that can be readily addressed using house rules in advance.

The most time-efficient thing for your visitors is to establish and precisely clarify the vacation rental guidelines. You’re saving both yourself and your visitor’s time. Keep in mind that they are on vacation! They’d rather enjoy themselves than send you a text message asking for a million permissions.

Including house rules in your holiday rental protects both you and your belongings.

You may be a little anxious when you hand over the keys for the bachelor party weekend. If you had a decent set of vacation home regulations in place, you wouldn’t have to worry about it! Consider that your house rules not only instruct visitors on how to regard your home, but they also serve as evidence of this expectation. You’ve made your visitors completely aware of your expectations, and you’ll have official documentation to back up your claim if the rules are breached. These rules aren’t simply suggestions on how to take care of your property; they’re a contract between you and your visitors with concrete consequences if they’re broken.

Make sure you and your visitors are on the same page.

Even if a bulb breaks or a key is misplaced, you want your visitors to have the most pleasing experience possible. Even if there are errors, you can welcome these visitors again. If everyone is on the same page regarding property expectations, they could even submit a positive review.

There is a lot more clarity and comfort when visitors know what is expected of them and what they may anticipate from you. Have a comprehensive set of home rules in place to eliminate the necessity for an explanation. Guests may continue to enjoy their holiday, and you can relax knowing that your home is in capable hands.

What should your holiday rental home regulations include?

If you’ve never established vacation home rules before, you may be unsure where to start. That’s why we’ve created this step-by-step guide to assist you! You may use this house rules template to determine which rules are most beneficial for your property.

Suppose you want to keep your property secure for your visitors. In that case, we always suggest consulting professionals – people who have a lot of experience in the rental market and have seen a lot of regulations violated in their own homes.

While writing this post, we did just that. We reached out to Spire Vacation Rental Consulting’s Alex Concepcion, The Hosting Journey’s Evelyn, and Get Paid for Your Pad’s Jasper Ribbers.

We posed a few questions to them to assist you in developing your own “home rules.”

Let’s get this started!

General regulations and a kind welcome letter.

You should begin with a nice welcome message that visitors will read when they arrive to set the tone for the remainder of your vacation rental house regulations. It’s critical to emphasize the main guidelines concerning your house in this brief introduction to your property.

This will let visitors realize precisely what is expected of them right away.


Greetings, visitors!

Good day, and welcome to our house!

We’re pleased that you have chosen our holiday rental.

We’d like to make you aware of the House Rules in effect at our vacation home before you settle in and become comfy. Everyone will have a more comfortable and enjoyable visit if they understand and follow our house rules.

Please read each regulation attentively to prevent any potential hazard or deductions from your security deposit at check-out.

  • Please treat our home with the same care and respect you would your own. We’ve put a lot of work into creating this pleasant location for our visitors to enjoy.
  • Maintain a high degree of cleanliness during your stay; this will make things much simpler when it comes time to check out!
  • If there is any accidental damage, we shall investigate the situation internally to determine whether or not a deduction or repair cost is necessary.
  • We wish you a trip filled with laughter and good moments! However, we’d prefer it if you could be kind and keep noise to a minimum during the evening hours.
  • At the start of your stay, please read and understand the house rules completely. Please contact us if anything is unclear to clarify and prevent any misunderstandings.

Have a blast! This is your vacation time, so take advantage of our house, its facilities, and the chance to relax and explore the neighborhood.

1. The layout of the house and the guidelines for the various rooms

For example, you may discover a basic map of our house here, where you can see how each room is organized and learn more about its purposes.

Below are written instructions and unique regulations for certain areas of the home, so you can simply understand where items are and how to use them securely.

  • Please do not try to access the private and closed closet in the corridor.
  • Please remove your shoes before entering this room since cleanliness is a top concern.
  • The electric panel is located in the box next to the entrance door. Please only use this if there is a power outage.
  • Open windows might hamper our home alarm system. Before triggering the alarm, please double-check that all windows are closed and secure.
  • Because this room shares a wall with a nearby residence, please keep noise minimum.

2. Inventory/supply-related house rules:

For instance, in our vacation rental, we prefer to present our visitors with a starter box of essential materials that they may use throughout their stay. In our Welcome Book, you’ll discover the property’s comprehensive inventory. Here are some guidelines to follow regarding the goods found in and around our house.

  • Drinking tap water is dangerous. There are a few bottles in the kitchen for you to use, but we suggest purchasing bottled mineral water from the local market.
  • For your convenience, we’ve supplied dish soap. Please purchase the same brand if you run out since it is more environmentally friendly and will not impact our local water supply.
  • You are allowed to utilize the canned goods and other perishable items in the kitchen pantry as you see fit. Before ingesting anything, be sure it’s past its expiration date. We make every effort not to keep outdated food in the home, but mistakes can happen.
  • The candle lanterns on the balcony are only intended to be used outside. Please exercise caution while igniting them, and never ignite them inside.
  • Please do not take it outdoors to prevent misplacing or losing kitchen cutlery.

3. Noise and neighborhood norms in the house

The last thing you want as a rental owner or property manager is for your visitors to ruin the relationships you’ve spent time cultivating with the inhabitants of surrounding homes. As a result, make use of this chance to emphasize laws on anti-social behavior, such as making excessive noise late at night.

Your neighbors will be thankful if your visitors don’t disturb their pleasant night’s sleep.

For example, our community is essential to us, much as our holiday rental. The majority of the inhabitants are full-time residents, while there may be some short-term visitors occasionally.

Please consider the neighborhood and keep noise levels to a minimum, particularly after dark. Your trip will be more pleasurable if you respect the people and property around you.

  • Please refrain from creating any loud noises between the hours of 11 p.m. and 8 a.m. to ensure that your neighbors have a restful night’s sleep.
  • We may have to eject you from our property and cancel the holiday rental agreement if neighbors complain about excessive noise or disorderly conduct. This may result in the loss of the security deposit and the rental payment.
  • It is your responsibility to contact us as soon as reasonably possible if any disagreements or neighbor concerns arise.
  • There are separate locations for recycling and rubbish disposal. Please do not toss rubbish onto adjacent homes, such as bottle tops or cigarette butts.
  • While we know some adorable pets in the area, their owners would appreciate it if you would not feed them!

4. Children’s and safety guidelines in the house

For instance, we make every effort to make our vacation rental as child-friendly as possible. On the other hand, parents are constantly in charge of guaranteeing their children’s safety at all times. If you see something on our property that is hazardous or needs to be revised, please inform us as soon as possible to remedy the problem. To keep our property safe for children, we ask that you:

  • Never leave children alone on our premises if there are no adults present.
  • Children will like playing in the backyard since it is a safe environment. Please don’t allow them to play in front of the crowd to prevent harm.
  • Our holiday property is appropriate/inappropriate for children under the age of…
  • Guests are solely responsible for their children’s safety and security at all times and any disruption created to other homes in the area.
  • Please do not wear glasses outdoors or in the children’s play area for safety concerns.

5. Visitors and friends are subject to house regulations.

Make it clear to your guests that they cannot bring any more guests to the property during their stay. If there are any restrictions on the number of visitors they may bring to the rental, this should also be known.

You may be willing to allow visitors to conduct parties and other activities at your property, but many owners are not. If you have severe guidelines for events and guest counts, be sure to include them in your home rules.

For example, we want you to have the best possible vacation and experience at our property, but we need to limit the number of visitors for safety reasons. We need the names and contact information of each member of your traveling party as part of our vacation rental agreement. In addition, please adhere to the maximum number of guests and visitor guidelines outlined below.

  • Guests are limited to a total of—visitors throughout their stay.
  • Guests are responsible for making sure that their guests follow the House Rules.
  • Any extra overnight visitors must be authorized in advance and are subject to a cost as stated in our rates.
  • At our house, parties and big gatherings of any type are banned. Any modest party must adhere to the rest of our home rules, which include noise, the neighborhood, and visitor numbers.
  • Guests must provide access to the property for repairs and inspections by the owners or service. When feasible, the homeowner shall utilize this right of access fairly and provide advance notice.

6. The kitchen has its own set of regulations.

One of the most significant benefits of staying in one of our holiday apartments is the fully equipped kitchen. It’s ideal for preparing delectable breakfasts, relaxing lunches, and delectable dinners for the whole family.

We provide the essentials, such as cooking oil, basic spice, and condiments. Please handle our kitchen with the same care and respect as you would your own to ensure that it remains in excellent shape for future visitors.

  • Please ensure that the kitchen is well ventilated after preparing anything with a strong odor
  • Ensure not to wash any food that has gotten stuck in the drain. Please place any cooking leftovers in the organic trash bin beneath the sink.
  • Please only run the dishwasher when it’s full and use the eco-program whenever feasible to assist the environment.
  • Please return any kitchen products to their original location to help with inventory.
  • Under the sink are cleaning supplies for the kitchen. Please notify us if any goods run out during your stay to replenish them for the next visitors.

7. Appliance and utility regulations in the house

For example, at our house, you’ll find all of the electrical appliances you’ll need for a pleasant stay. Please use them appropriately and encourage your party members to do the same. This entails following the guidelines outlined below.

  • Please use the washer/dryer only during the day, between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. This will assist in keeping the impact on nearby houses to a minimum.
  • Please don’t put too much or too little in the washer/dryer. Separate colors and whites, and wash at a low temperature (90°F) if at all feasible.
  • In the summer (for air conditioning), the thermostat should be set to 75-80°F, and in the winter, it should be set to 68-72°F (for heating).
  • When you leave the house, make sure to turn off any lights, fans, and other minor electrical equipment. The same goes for air conditioning and heating — we’re a greenhouse!
  • Please contact us before touching the control panel in the unusual event of a power loss.
  • Any temporary disruption of power, gas, water, cable, satellite, or telephone service will not be compensated.

8. Parking and vehicle regulations in the house

Is it possible for visitors to bring their vehicles? Where will they be able to park? What is the maximum number of cars that can be accommodated? Send a copy of your vacation rental home regulations to visitors so they know this information before they arrive. You can be certain that there will be no parking difficulties.

For instance, we offer parking for up to two big automobiles on our property. Additional automobiles may also park along our peaceful, residential street, as long as they do not obstruct entrance to any of our neighbors’ properties.

  • Please park your automobiles in the proper driveway spaces, avoiding blocking the walkway.
  • When approaching our house, please do not exceed 30 mph.
  • If you or a member of your group must park on the street, please be kind and do not obstruct other people’s access.
  • Guests’ automobiles are not permitted to park in the garage.

9. Garbage and recycling restrictions in the house

Vacation rentals are popular because they provide a “home away from home” feel. That suggests they anticipate undertaking at least some tasks throughout their vacation.

It’s one thing to stack the dishwasher after a beautiful supper, but what about putting out the trash? If you don’t want to be confronted with a stinky mound of trash on check-out day, provide information on how to dispose of rubbish and how visitors should recycle.

For instance, we prefer to do our part to help the environment, and we expect our visitors to do the same! Under the sink, there are clearly labeled bins for sorting and recycling various things, as well as a conventional trash can for non-recyclables.

  • Please place rubbish and recyclables in the appropriate bins.
  • On Monday nights, you may leave rubbish and recyclables outdoors for pickup. Please carry waste to the community trash cans at the end of the block if you check out before Monday.
  • No sanitary items should be flushed into the toilet. In each bathroom, we have a container for this.
  • Any food waste should be placed in the organics recycling bin, with the suitable biodegradable liner used when replacing it.

10. Security rules in the house

Most visitors won’t need reminding to respect your house as if it were their own, but it’s worth saying just in case. Remind visitors that their goods are only safe and secure if they remember to shut and lock all windows and doors before leaving.

You might also use this as a chance to educate visitors about energy conservation, such as not running the air conditioner with the windows open and not leaving lights on when you leave.

For instance, although we have taken the essential precautions to make our vacation property secure for arriving guests, you must also play a part in guaranteeing the safety and security of your group. There are steps you can take to keep the home safe while you’re there.

  • Visitors must ensure that all windows and doors are closed and secured whenever they leave the vacation rental to preserve security and avoid rain and water damage.
  • Every time you leave the property, you must activate the alarm. 997450 is the alarm code.
  • We are not liable for the loss of any valuables or personal property. Please notify us if you forget anything in the home to keep an eye out for it throughout the changeover and vacation rental cleaning.
  • At no point should parents leave their children unsupervised. Our holiday rental insurance does not cover any visitor injuries within the home.

11. The hot tub/swimming pool has its house regulations.

If your visitors are fortunate enough to use your hot tub or pool, make sure they are aware of any limits (such as when they may use it) or forbidden goods (glass, sharp objects, etc.). This will give you peace of mind and may save you from paying a hefty pool cleaning cost.

For instance, our vacation rental customers like swimming in the pool! It’s a fantastic way to spend summer days at our house. Regarding the hot tub/swimming pool, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • The pool is open every day from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Please adhere to these schedules for the benefit of our neighbors.
  • Glass dishes and bottles should not be used near the pool. For any poolside refreshments, you should utilize the plastic cups provided.
  • Before entering the pool, guests must shower to remove any sunscreen.

12. House regulations concerning balconies and decks

Balconies are fantastic for getting a view of the grounds of the city, but they may also be a big safety threat for little children. That’s why, particularly if there are youngsters present, you should add a sentence or two describing any regulations in place about the usage of these locations.

For example, you can kick back and relax with your family or friends on our balcony and deck area. Please follow the recommendations stated below to preserve this area in the best possible shape for future guests to our holiday home.

  • Please do not hang clothes from balcony railings since the local authorities do not allow them.
  • Please use the plastic cups supplied instead of glasses if you wish to have lunch or supper outdoors on the terrace.
  • In the event of inclement weather (rain, storms, etc.), please shut and secure the deck umbrellas to minimize damage.

13. Smoking-related house regulations

Is it permissible for visitors to smoke in your holiday rental? Is it forbidden? When you set out the smoking policy before visitors come, you’ll avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Our holiday apartment, for example, is a no-smoking zone inside. This is critical to us to maintain the greatest possible condition of our property. Guests are only permitted to smoke in designated outside locations, such as the balcony or deck, as long as they follow the laws in place.

  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the premises.
  • Guests are only permitted to smoke outside in approved places.
  • Please do not discard cigarette stubs on the grounds of the property. Instead, you should place them in the supplied ashtray. Failure to do so will result in the security deposit being deducted.
  • If it is discovered that visitors have been smoking within the property, the security deposit will be forfeited.

14. Pet-related house rules

When visitors are on vacation, what can they do with their pets? Celebrate the fact that your property is pet-friendly! Your visitors will need to know if there are any limits, such as how many dogs are permitted at a time or whether pets above a particular size are forbidden.

Pets are welcome at our house, for example. If you’re staying with your pet, there are a few things we’d want you to assist us with so that everyone has a pleasant visit.

  • We understand how much you love your pet, but we respectfully request that you not allow them to climb onto the furniture, particularly couches and beds.
  • It is the guests’ responsibility to tidy up after their dogs. Please clean the spending area regularly and wash it off if required.
  • Pets must be kept on a leash while outside the property fence.
  • During the evening hours, dogs are not permitted to be outside the property (e.g., 11 pm to 8 am).

15. Rules For the use of barbecues and other outdoor equipment in the home

It’s all about the great outdoors when you spend the summer in a vacation rental: relaxing, cooking, and eating outside whenever possible. If your property has a BBQ for those nighttime cookouts, make sure to post instructions and guidelines on how to properly use (and clean!) it.

Is there anything more enjoyable on a beautiful day than eating a barbecue? No, we don’t believe so! We offer all of the essential tools for a successful cookout; follow the directions below.

  • Instead of using conventional kitchen tongs, please use the appropriate BBQ implements.
  • Make careful to clean the BBQ after each usage; cleaning the following day is considerably more difficult!
  • In the outside garden shed, there is a sack of coal. You must purchase a refill if you run out during your stay.
  • Please only use the grill until 10 p.m. to minimize noise and odors for our neighbors.

16. Damages and breakage regulations in the house

We all know accidents happen, but instead of scaring your visitors into believing they’ll lose their whole deposit over a single broken dish, just state in your house rules that breakages must be notified.

While we are certain that our visitors would not purposefully destroy anything at our vacation rental, we recognize that accidents occur. Here’s everything you need to know regarding breakages or unintentional damages during your stay.

  • Any unintentional damages or breakages should always be reported as soon as possible, particularly before check-out.
  • Please do not transfer any furniture from one room to another unless we have permitted us.
  • Please do not bring any bath towels to the beach with you. That’s why there are beach towels!
  • If our insurance does not cover any damage to the property or its appliances, the visitor will be responsible for the repair expenses out of the security deposit.

Final agreement and compliance

The house rules will most likely be summarised in the last section and what will happen if they are broken.

For example, we’ve established these house rules to ensure that every visitor to our home has a safe, secure, and most importantly, enjoyable stay. Every member of the traveling group is required to follow these regulations. We hope you enjoy yourself and get all you need at our house.

  • Any violation of these house rules violates the rental agreement’s terms and conditions of tenancy.
  • We retain the right to dismiss any guests or visitors who fail to observe these house rules from the property.
  • In any event, please exercise caution when visiting our home. Please contact us if you have any questions concerning the house rules or would like further information.

Uploading your vacation rental rules to online travel agencies (OTAs)

So, let’s suppose you’ve compiled the ideal set of home rules for visitors using our example house rules, but now what? Should you wait until the visitor arrives at your home to find out, they shouldn’t have brought their dog since you don’t accept pets? Or that the kitchen is strictly forbidden? Notifying Visitors of your house rules ahead of time not only ensures that your home is well-kept but also guarantees that your guests are satisfied. Before they enter the site, your guests should know what they’re consenting to. If you get your bookings from a listing site, you’ll have to post them there as well. Here’s how to do it:

Vrbo’s vacation rental home regulations

Vrbo already has its vacation home regulations template in place. The most frequent restrictions, such as minimum age requirements and pet policies, have already been fished out for you, which means that some of them have already been grouped into sections on the settings page and made simply modifiable. You may merely set your vacation home regulations there if you want to keep it simple.

  1. Log in to your Vrbo profile.
  2. Choose the property you want to change.
  3. Find rules & regulations from the navigation menu while you’re within the property tab.
  4. Select house rules from there.
  5. This is where you’ll put the guidelines in place that you wish to express to your visitors.
  6. Save your work, and you’re done!

Vrbo makes it simple to convey your home rules to visitors. You may always provide a complete copy or document when the visitor makes the reservation if you want to go a bit further.

Examples of Vrbo home rules

For example, the regulations you select to show on Vrbo may vary from those on Airbnb or Booking.com. Each platform tends to draw various guests, and each listing site’s laws and restrictions vary. Vrbo includes six standard home rules (overnight visitors, minimum age, events permitted, pets, children, and smoking), as well as three custom house rules. So, what are some Vrbo home rule examples that you could wish to include?

  • Use of amenity
  • Noise restrictions or a curfew
  • Cleaning guidelines

These rules apply to all reservations, regardless of where they were made; however, each rule book should be tailored to the visitor, the trip type, and even the listing site. Perhaps the majority of your Vrbo clients are families. In such a scenario, it could be better to focus on utilizing the patio and pool rather than the party and event guidelines.

The following are the guidelines for your Airbnb listing

Airbnb is utilized for various activities, including a romantic beach honeymoon, a family treehouse adventure, and a girl’s getaway to the city. Because of its adaptability, Airbnb attracts a wide range of visitors, each with its own set of expectations for house rules. In our very own Airbnb House Rules Guide, we’ve detailed everything, including examples.

Booking.com’s House Rules

Booking.com’s house rules are straightforward, and they operate on the same principle as Vrbo. The fundamental home rules are already established; you have to tweak the parameters now.

  1. Log in to your account on Booking.com.
  2. Choose the Property you wish to change.
  3. To go to the Policies page, go to the bottom of the page and scroll down.
  4. Click House Rules once you’re in Policies.
  5. Make changes to the house rules as needed.
  6. To save your changes, click Save.

Children, pets, smokers, parties, and quiet hours are among the home restrictions you may define. Any extra home regulations you want guests to know must be conveyed and delivered to them directly.


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