How to Write an Airbnb Welcome Letter

How to Write an Airbnb Welcome Letter

An Airbnb welcome letter may make a positive impression on your visitors even before they arrive. While it may seem magic, many hosts credit their success to a welcome letter. A well-written welcome letter may help you make a good first impression. It will also portray you as a thoughtful host.

Do you want to learn how to write a welcoming vacation rental welcome letter that is both warm and effective? Continue reading to find out!

What is the purpose of an Airbnb welcome letter?

A letter sent by hosts to visitors on Airbnb is known as an Airbnb welcome letter. It disseminates critical information about their vacation homes while improving the tourist experience. It should include everything you want your visitors to know about their stay.

A strong guest messaging strategy is essential for delivering a superior visitor experience. In terms of visitor communication, a vacation rental welcome letter is crucial. It aids in:

  • provide your visitors a tour of your vacation rental
  • give information that will enhance their comfort and enjoyment throughout their stay
  • communicate property instructions and how-tos;
  • provide ideas and recommendations for things to do.

An excellent welcome letter should be both informed and pleasant. It’s best to avoid using rigid, formal language. Additionally, refrain from using harsh or disparaging words. “Please only smoke outside,” rather than “No smoking permitted within,” is a better alternative.

What Should My Airbnb Welcome Letter Contain? [Checklist]

It’s a good idea to write a detailed welcome letter with all of the important information your visitors need. Learn what information you’ll need to build an Airbnb welcome letter template.

  • Directions and Address

Keep in mind that your visitors may have never visited your city or town before. Trying to explore a new location may be incredibly perplexing (particularly if you’ve just arrived after a lengthy flight or train travel).

Including instructions with your street address and door, the number will make it easier for your visitors to locate your property. Include instructions to and from the closest airport and rail and bus stops.

  • Check-in and Check-out Procedures

In your Airbnb welcome message, provide advice on how to check into your apartment. This contains instructions on how to locate your keys, as well as the code for any Airbnb lockboxes or smart locks. Also, provide explicit check-out instructions (including the checkout time and any special requests for checkout).

  • Household Regulations

Your home rules are most likely included in your listing description. However, not all visitors read listing descriptions. Including your house rules in your welcome letter is a wonderful method to guarantee that your visitors read them.

  • Instructions for Using Wi-Fi

Your visitors will most likely want to connect to Wi-Fi when they arrive to check their messages and notify friends and family that they’ve arrived safely. Including your Wi-Fi network and password in your Airbnb welcome letter will make it easy for them to do so.

You may use this section of your letter to highlight any important information regarding your Wi-Fi. Is the Wi-Fi signal better inside or in certain areas of the house? Now is the moment to inform your guests to prevent any future complaints.

  • How to Use the Appliance

Never presume that your visitors will understand how to use your equipment. Even though these are typical devices, your visitors may not be acquainted with your brand of appliances or may attempt to use them when weary or jetlagged. Leave clear instructions on using all main appliances in your rental to be safe rather than sorry. This will help you avoid any possible catastrophes or complaints from your visitors.

  • Your Address and Phone Number

You must offer contact information in case visitors need to reach you. Whether it’s an emergency or a simple query from your visitors, you should do your best to be as accessible as possible.

An international or local phone number, as well as an email address, should be included. Make it clear to your visitors that you are accessible if they want assistance or a query. This will comfort your visitors that they have nothing to be concerned about and portray you as a thoughtful and kind host.

Template for an Airbnb Welcome Letter

Hello, [insert guest’s name].

Welcome to [the name of your rental property]! I hope you had a nice and comfortable journey from [guest’s destination]. My name is [insert your name], and I’d want to introduce myself to you. I’m a [enter your occupation here]. [insert hobby], [insert hobby], and ensuring that my Airbnb guests have the greatest stay possible are just a few of my pastimes.

Previous visitors have praised [insert property highlight] and [insert property highlight]. I could give the following recommendations: [insert suggestion], it’s fantastic for [insert reason]. Another option is [insert advice], which is justified by [insert explanation].

My rental address is [enter the address of your property]. Please follow the guidelines below to get to my property.

From [enter airport name]:

[put instructions here]

From the railway station [insert name]:

[put instructions here]

From [enter bus station name]:

[put instructions here]

I can suggest [insert taxi cab company name] if you need to contact a taxi cab. You may reach them at [insert phone number here].

[insert time] is your check-in time. The rental keys are in my lockbox, located at [enter lockbox location]. [insert code] is the passcode. Please return the keys to the lockbox after you have checked out.

[insert time] is the check-out time. Please check out by the time mentioned, since the cleaning crew will come soon. Please double-check that [insert request], [insert request], and [insert request] are correct before checking out.

Please be aware of the following house rules:

  1. [Insert a rule here]
  2. [Insert a rule here]
  3. [Insert a rule here]
  4. [Insert a rule here]
  5. [Insert a rule here]

[insert name] is the Wi-Fi network’s name, and [insert password] is the password.

You are welcome to use all of the property’s appliances. The instructions are as follows:

  • [insert instructions] in the oven
  • [insert microwave instructions]
  • [insert instructions] for the dishwasher
  • [insert instructions] for the washing machine
  • [insert instructions] for the Smart TV

You may reach me at [insert phone number] if you need to contact me. Otherwise, you may contact me by email at [insert email address]. If you have any questions or want assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me. I would be delighted to assist.

I wish you a pleasant stay!

[put your name here]

What Is the Importance of an Airbnb Welcome Letter?

A pleasant welcome letter also helps to break the ice and informs your visitors that you are ready to assist them if they want assistance. This may go a long way toward making your visitors feel more at ease. Guests who had a good time at your property are more likely to post 5-star reviews and suggest them to others.

How Can I Stand Out in My Airbnb Welcome Letter?

Even though you observe people arrive and depart, keep in mind that you can have new guests who have never stayed before. You don’t want your visitors to have a typical stay at your property; instead, you want them to enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience.

Going the additional mile and customizing your message may transform a decent visitor experience into a fantastic one.

  • Always address your letter to your visitor by name and express your wish that their journey from their location was pleasant.
  • Tell us a little about yourself and what you do for a livelihood.
  • Mention a few of your rental’s highlights (easy access to transport, walking distance to a landmark, etc.)
  • Mention a few hobbies and things to do that are special to them. If a family booked your property, suggest some kid-friendly activities, or if a solitary traveler rented it, suggest the finest breakfast café nearby.

By personalizing your Airbnb welcome letter for each visitor, you can ensure that everyone who stays with you has a good time. Creating a visually appealing letter with an eye-catching design will help urge your visitors to read the message.

When Should I Send My Airbnb Guests the Letter?

As a host, you have the freedom to choose the best moment to send your welcome letter. Instead of an Airbnb confirmation message, some owners send a welcome letter once a visitor has booked their apartment. Other hosts choose to send their letters closer to the day of the guest’s reservation.

If you send your letter right after booking, remember that your visitors may forget what you wrote by the time they come. However, if you email it soon before they arrive, they may not get it because of travel.

You have the option of digitizing your letter and including it in an Airbnb welcome email. It’s best to mail it at least a week before the scheduled appointment. It’s also a good idea to leave a printed copy of your letter at your vacation property so that visitors may read it again when they arrive. If you want to leave a physical copy, make sure it is prominent at the front entrance or on a kitchen table.

Is it OK to include my letter in the Airbnb Welcome Book?

A welcome book is a book that contains the contents of a welcome letter. It often includes a guest book where visitors may sign and leave comments. You’ll be hard pushed to find a super host who doesn’t have a well-designed welcome book for their visitors to peruse. If you decide to include your guest welcome letter in your book, place it at the beginning, where it will be less likely to be overlooked.

What Software Can I Use to Write an Airbnb Welcome Letter?

Creating the ideal welcome letter does not have to be difficult. You may create your perfect letter with the help of a few internet tools, and it will be sure to wow your visitors!

  • Canva. Canva is a well-known graphic design program that includes templates and tools for producing graphics and posters. With over 50,000 free design designs to choose from, you can let your imagination run wild and have some fun! The site is free to use; however, premium memberships are available with additional capabilities.
  • Easil. While not as well-known as Canva, Easil is a popular alternative. It provides you with a variety of high-quality design templates to pick from. Text Effects, Layers, and Design Merge are just a few of the complex design capabilities available. An email has tools for creating and protecting your brand mark.
  • Stencil. Stencil is an easy-to-use graphic design tool for blogs and small companies. Although their template selection isn’t as extensive as Canva’s, their user-friendly program is ideal for novices. Because Stencil works with Google Web Fonts, you’ll have a lot of options when it comes to choosing the perfect font for your welcome message. They also offer a large collection of quotations that you may use to add a sophisticated touch to your material.


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