The best Airbnb Podcasts to Grow your Vacation Rental Business

The best Airbnb Podcasts to Grow your Vacation Rental Business

A busy host or property manager has a lot of daily obligations, which makes it difficult for you to find time for serious reading. It’s no surprise that vacation rental podcasts have grown in popularity as a way for hosts to keep up with the latest trends and enhance their hosting skills. According to Infinite Dial’s data, more than half of the US population has listened to a podcast, with about 40% having listened to an episode in the previous month.

Are you seeking podcasts that will help you learn more about the short-term rental market while also improving your property management skills? Check out our selection of the top Airbnb podcasts to see which ones are right for you.

1. Evelyn Badia’s Hosting Journey

For the last ten years, Evelyn Badia has been an Airbnb host. She is an Airbnb Superhost and coach who will provide the most up-to-date advice and concrete strategies to help you realize your maximum potential. She is presently situated in New York and releases new podcast episodes every two months and invites experienced guests to appear on her program.

You will study the following key points:

  1. Recognize your market
  2. How to get your Airbnb rentals ready for guests (and tips for renovating)
  3. Airbnb host-specific tools and products

The Hosting Journey may be found on its website, where you can listen to it immediately.

2. David Leroux’s Airbnb Investment Properties Podcast

If you don’t have a lot of time to listen to podcasts, David Leroux’s technique is ideal. He is the author of Airbnb Investment Properties Cash Flow Method and a successful real estate investor.

His podcast episodes are around 5 minutes long, and there are over 670 of them available to listen to. While hosts will benefit from his advice, his podcast is geared toward real estate investors and entrepreneurs who want to learn more about purchasing, renting, or subleasing a home.

You will study the following key points:

  1. How to identify the greatest Airbnb rental homes to invest in
  2. Managing troublesome visitors
  3. Setting up your Airbnb

This podcast may be found on Spotify under the Airbnb Investment Properties Podcast.

3. Annette and Sarah, Thanks for Visiting podcast.

Sarah has a background in interior design and hotel management, while Annette has a background in business operations. You may listen to the advice of this successful pair and their guest lecturers once a week. The women’s tales, thoughts, and ideas will help you make the most of your listing(s) and achieve rental success, whether you want to do it as a side hustle or a full-time company.

You will study the following key points:

  1. Preventative maintenance and safety
  2. The hotel industry’s secrets
  3. Marketing

Thanks for Visiting is a podcast that you may listen to on its website.

4. Jasper Ribbers will pay you for your pad.

When Jasper Ribbers co-founded the Get Paid for Your Pad community and company in 2013, he had no idea that he would end up as CEO and co-founder. After starting his blog, he joined together with STR Legends and Overnight Success to form the two companies mentioned above.

Jasper is also an Airbnb Superhost and the author of Getting Paid For Your Pad: How to Get the Most Out of Your Airbnb Listing. He began his hosting career in 2012 by renting out his Amsterdam flat. In 2017, he sold his property when the Dutch government put stricter regulations on Airbnbs. Jasper bought houses in Thailand, the Philippines, and Colombia to continue his hosting profession.

He has a wealth of expertise to give as a seasoned host and a thriving Airbnb company owner. Tune up to this popular Airbnb podcast for great tips and techniques. Once a week, a new 30-minute episode is published to the public.

You will study the following key points:

  1. How to increase the size of your Airbnb company
  2. How can you boost your search engine ranking?
  3. How to get the word out about your short-term rental

Get Paid for Your Pad is a podcast that you may listen to straight on its website.

5. Brandon Turner and David Greene’s BiggerPockets

The BiggerPockets Podcast is available to hosts and property managers every Thursday. Brandon Turner and David Greene, the hosts, speak with investors about their successes, failures, motives, and lessons learned.

Brandon and David have also co-authored many books on rental property investment. They have years of real estate expertise between them. As a result, you’ll almost certainly discover the ins and outs of the real estate market.

You will study the following key points:

  1. How to increase the size of your rental portfolio
  2. Investing over a long distance
  3. How to create a source of passive income

Where can I get this podcast? It’s available on the BiggerPockets website.

6. Heather Bayer’s Vacation Rental Formula

Heather Bayer brings tremendous expertise in managing and owning many short-term rental properties to the table as the CEO of a highly successful cottage rental organization. She is an author and a blogger, in addition to being one of the most prominent podcasters. She publishes her opinions on real estate and regularly travels in daily newspapers and periodicals.

Her podcast episodes are 45 minutes long, and she releases a new one every week. A company in the sector supports almost every episode. This demonstrates that she is one of the industry’s most well-known specialists.

You will study the following key points:

  1. Maximize the value of your peak season
  2. Taking care of direct reservations
  3. Getting your home ready for visitors

Where can I listen to Vacation Rental Formula? You may listen to Vacation Rental Formula directly on its website.

7. Mike Sjogren’s STR Secrets Podcast 

Short-Term Rental Secrets is a mentoring and training program for new and seasoned real estate investors. It also launched a podcast in May 2020. The podcast, which Mike Sjogren hosts, has included several guests, including well-known author Julie George and the co-founder of PriceLabs.

You will study the following key points:

  1. How to start a short-term rental company
  2. Providing a unique visitor experience
  3. Things to think about when renting a holiday home

Where can I listen to this podcast? You may listen to it on the STR Secrets website.

8. Matt Landau’s Unlocked

Matt Landau hosts an Airbnb podcast called Unlocked. He is not just a well-known podcaster but also the creator of VRMB. In the episodes, he interviews respected members of the VRMB Inner Circle group and forward-thinking vacation rental professionals. HomeAway’s co-founders Carl Shepherd, Julie Brinkman, and Heather Bayer have all been on the program in the past.

You will study the following key points:

  1. Automating vacation rental management
  2. Secrets to Success
  3. Housekeeping difficulties

This podcast may be found in the following locations:

On the Unlocked website, you may listen to the podcast.

9. Rob Bence and Rob Dix’s Property Hubs Podcast  

This podcast may be found in the following locations:

The Property Hub’s program geared at new and seasoned property investors is called The Property Podcast. They provide a market update on vacation rentals in the United Kingdom every month, making it a particularly important resource for hosts and property managers in the United Kingdom. They also conduct “Ask Rob & Rob” programs where listeners can ask the property investing pair any questions. They’ve added over 430 episodes so far, and the podcast has over 180,000 monthly downloads.

You will study the following key points:

  1. Where to look for excellent real estate bargains
  2. Financing options for a home
  3. The best places in the UK to invest

Property Hub may be found on the company’s website and can be listened to there.

10. The Skift Podcast 

Subscribing to Skift’s podcast will provide you with insights into travelers’ behaviors. They interview creatives, professionals, and entrepreneurs from all around the globe on various subjects every week. While the episodes do not necessarily concentrate on the short-term rental sector, they provide significant insights into the tourism industry that may assist hosts and property managers in making the appropriate improvements to their strategy.

You will study the following key points:

  1. Prognostications about the tourism industry’s future

Updates on the pandemic

  1. Trends to watch

Skift’s podcast is available on the company’s website, Spotify, iTunes, and Podbean, among other places.

10. Richard Fertig’s STRU 

Richard Fertig, one of the industry’s leaders, hosts STRU. He’s a popular motivational speaker. So, if you want a dose of hope and wisdom, listen to his podcast.

A former Wall Street Hedgefunder, he is no stranger to the world of real estate investing. He utilized long-term rentals to supplement his rental revenue before launching his short-term rental enterprise a couple of years ago.

You will study the following key points:

  1. Tax implications of short-term rentals
  2. How to run your company in the event of a pandemic.
  3. Advice on how to improve your search ranking on Airbnb

Soundcloud is where you can find the STRU podcast.

12. Sarah Bradford and Tim Cafferty’s Sarah and T

The Sarah and T podcast is entirely dedicated to vacation rental management. It’s the first podcast devoted only to this topic. Sarah Bradford and Tim Cafferty, who manage over 500 vacation homes, present the show.

You will study the following key points:

  1. How to make more money from short-term rentals
  2. Measuring essential indicators for short-term rentals

Predictions for the industry

You may listen to Sarah and T on their website, where you can find this episode.

13. Debi and Rob Hertert’s Hosting Your Home 

The Hosts of the Hosting Your Home podcast are Debi and Rob Herbert. For more than a decade, the husband-and-wife pair has rented out residences. They’ve heard innumerable tales of hospitality throughout this period that demonstrate how the sharing economy is fueled by hosts’ desire to connect with their visitors. They interview Superhosts about their challenges, triumphs, and guest experiences in their under-represented hosts series.

You will study the following key points:

  1. Advice about taking photos
  2. The cost of holding a party
  3. Creating lasting impressions on visitors

Hosting Your Home may be found on its website, where you can listen to it.

14. Jon Bell and Julian Sage’s Vacation Rental Machine

The Vacation Rental Machine podcast, hosted by Jon Bell and Julian Sage, focuses on the technologies you should use if you want to automate your vacation rental company. The length of each episode varies from 4 to 14 minutes, and new episodes are released every Tuesday.

You will study the following key points:

  1. Cleaning administration
  2. Making use of smart home technology and other PropTech technologies
  3. Co-hosting

Vacation Rental Machine is available on Listen Notes and iTunes, and you may listen to it there.

Automation Makes It Easier to Put Your Vacation Rental Knowledge to Use

Property managers and hosts must use the information they get from podcasts. Vacation rental pros could consider automation to simplify their normal processes, as several of these podcasts advocates, taking it a step further and enhancing their property management. For instance, Lodgable, one of the most popular vacation rental software solutions, can assist property managers and rental hosts with a variety of tasks, including 

  • Managing multiple accounts and listings on the most popular vacation rental platforms from a single interface 
  • Connecting your Stripe account to Lodgable allows you to receive payments and create invoices.
  • Managing direct bookings with a direct booking management toolkit 
  • dynamic pricing directly integrated with Lodgable

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