Airbnb Welcome Basket Ideas Your Guests Will Rave About

Airbnb Welcome Basket Ideas Your Guests Will Rave About

Making a visitor feel special is the finest way to welcome them to your vacation rental home, and what better way to do so than with an Airbnb welcome basket?

The benefit of a welcome basket is that it is unexpected for visitors. Regardless of how you prepare yours, it’s the idea that matters, and it’ll make for a memorable visitor experience. Continue reading to learn more about Airbnb welcome baskets.

What Is an Airbnb Welcome Basket and How Does It Work?

An Airbnb welcome basket is a present that visitors get when they arrive at your vacation rental home. It’s a modest gesture to show your visitors that you’re prepared to go above and beyond for them and that you care about them having a good time at your Airbnb.

Guests who perceive that you have gone above and beyond to make your Airbnb more hospitable are more likely to think highly of your hosting and post great reviews.

Furthermore, including items that your visitors can take home will act as a lasting memento of their time at your Airbnb, boosting the likelihood that they will book with you again in the future.

What Should I Include in My Airbnb Welcome Package?

Because an Airbnb welcome basket may include a wide range of items, deciding what to add to yours might be tricky. While the baskets’ major draw would be the presents and treats, they are also excellent vehicles for conveying critical information.

The following are the most important items to put in your Airbnb welcome baskets:

1. A handwritten welcoming letter

You should compose a customized welcome letter to your visitor, addressing him or her by name. A welcome letter is a great way to provide each visitor with important information about your property while also contributing to the overall welcoming experience.

2. A visitor registration book

Print copies of your guest welcome book might also be included in your baskets. It’s unnecessary to provide a printed version, but having one makes it easy to discover as soon as your visitors come through the door.

A guest book is a comprehensive reference to your vacation rental home, including all of the information your visitors could require regarding the facilities and the local region. Here’s how to make your welcome book and amaze your guests.

Save time by automating the distribution of your welcome letter and guest book.

A digital copy of the welcome letter and guest book may be sent immediately with your visitors before they arrive, allowing you to step up your hosting game even further. 

3. A considerate present

The wow element of Airbnb baskets is a present item. This is what makes a visitor in your house feel unique and welcome. It demonstrates that you went above and beyond your basic hosting responsibilities to provide them with a unique gift, and they will appreciate the additional effort.

It’s worth noting that this present doesn’t have to be expensive. A snack, a bottle of wine, toiletries, a book, a coffee cup, and other affordable gift options might be included.

We’ll talk about some inventive and distinctive basket ideas to get you motivated. But first, let’s go over some important criteria and pointers to remember while creating your baskets.

How to Put Together the Perfect Airbnb Welcome Basket

  • Purchase in bulk

Once you’ve decided what you want to include in your gift baskets, do some research to see what you can purchase in bulk at a low price. Just keep track of food expiration dates, so you don’t provide stale snacks to your visitors! In the long term, buying whatever presents you can in bulk saves you money.

  • Maintain a budget.

Before determining what you’d want to add to your welcome present, determine how much money you’re willing to spend. This payment is usually a tiny percentage of your nightly rate. The more you charge each night for your vacation rental, the more extravagant your gift may be.

Then conduct some research to see whether the item you want to offer as a present is within your budget. If not, look for comparable brands or goods that are connected to avoid going over budget and cutting into your earnings.

  • Personalize it

Give your welcome basket a personal touch by including a handwritten message or a company branding sticker on the present items. You may make a company logo using a free design tool like Canva or hire a graphic designer to do it for you.

It is quite affordable to print little stickers after they have been developed. When put to any food or stationery you send with your gift, these stickers seem even more professional.

  • Make an impression with your decor.

A welcome gift may go from excellent to amazing if you put a little thought into the décor. Here are some ideas for enhancing your gift basket’s appearance:

  1. Purchase the appropriate basket for the contents.
  2. Don’t only provide a physical basket as a gift. Other beautiful containers, such as a decorative box or a gift bag, may also be used.
  3. Stick to the topic. Decorate with rose petals, for example, if it’s for a romantic event.
  4. Wrap ribbons around the base and handle of the baskets and individual items such as a bottle of wine.
  5. Fill the bottom with tissue paper or shredded ornamental confetti to give it a fuller appearance and to boost the contents higher, so they are more apparent.
  6. To create a flower garden look, place fresh flowers or attractive foliage like a eucalyptus branch between the present things.
  7. Look for decorating ideas on websites such as Pinterest.

10 Welcome Basket Gift Ideas for Airbnb Guests to Make Them Feel Special

Here are some of our greatest suggestions for you to consider:

1. The Choco-Coffee Basket is number four.

It’s a marriage made in heaven when it comes to chocolate and coffee. It gives the impression of luxury and enjoyment without breaking the bank. To keep things interesting, it comes in various tastes and variations. Having gourmet chocolate and coffee in your baskets will encourage holiday visitors to relax and enjoy while on vacation.

2. The Simple and Sweet Surprise

It’s not a bad idea to keep things simple. Including a few inexpensive things in your basket still provides a nice touch. A bottle of wine, a box of chocolates, and a gift card to a neighboring café might be included.

3. A Health-Obsessed Person’s Dream

If your Airbnb offers hiking trails or other activities for athletic and energetic visitors, your gift might reflect this. Water bottles, energy drinks, and nutritious snacks like almonds, fruit, and protein bars may all be included.

This is also an excellent chance to establish contacts with local sports firms. Perhaps a certificate or a discount for sporting activity, such as a guided walk or surfing instruction, might be included.

4. The Financial Basket

This is a great alternative for the host who wants to add a personal touch with the fundamentals but doesn’t want to spend a bunch. Include a few excellent nibbles or a cup packed with cookies, chocolate, or other little sweets as a cost-effective option.

Another option is to include items that you would have placed in your visitors’ rooms normally, but instead, put them in your welcome basket. This might be anything from shampoo, moisturizer, and toothpaste to an arrangement of fresh flowers from your yard or a local flower shop.

5. The Special Occasions Celebration

Take inspiration from Airbnb guests who may be celebrating a birthday or have just married and decided to honeymoon at your vacation rental home. A cake, a bottle of champagne, and some celebration balloons might be included.

Both the balloons and cake can be personalized for the occasion, which is fantastic. Balloons with captions like “congratulations” or “happy birthday” are fairly common. In addition, if you purchase a cake from a bakery, they would gladly write a message on the cake for you.

For honeymooners, add rose petals to the basket and a “Mr. and Mrs.” cup or robe set to commemorate the event.

6. The Traveling Companion

If your Airbnb is near a major tourist destination, putting things related to that activity is a great way to entice visitors to partake.

If your Airbnb is near a great beach, for example, your welcome basket may include a beach bag with sunscreen, hats or sun visors, and an inflatable beach ball.

7. The Spa Experience for Self-Care

To encourage your visitors to rest and revitalize, you may provide them with baskets containing nice amenities during their stay.

  • Shampoo 
  • Conditioner 
  • Toothpaste 
  • Soap bars 
  • Body wash 
  • Bubble bath 
  • Body lotion 
  • Hand wash 
  • Scent diffuser 
  • Scented candle 
  • Sleeping masks 
  • Face masks are some examples of things to bring.

8. The Showcase of Local Talent

It’s a good idea to add a product that can easily double as a gift in your basket if the region where your Airbnb home is located is renowned for manufacturing it. This adds a considerate touch since it helps them to get a taste of your region’s culture.

It might be honey, maple syrup, olive oil, artisanal wine or bread, or fresh fruits and vegetables produced locally. You may be able to receive these products at a discount (or even for free) if you develop a relationship with a local shop that sells them.

Fill your baskets with local vegetables and complementing things to offer your visitors a well-rounded experience. For example, if you’re serving artisanal bread, complement it with some spreads and cheeses. Alternatively, if you’re using honey, serve it with fresh yogurt, fruit, and granola as a full breakfast.

9. The Basket for the Whole Family

Giving a welcome gift that offers something unique for each family member is a family-friendly alternative. You may serve champagne to the adults first, followed by hot chocolate or juice boxes for the kids.

You may also include something fun for the whole family, like a container of ice cream with a few toppings. Another clever idea is to offer information on family-friendly activities in the neighborhood, such as theme parks or renowned beaches.

  1. The Basket of Extravagance

An abundant welcome box with fine items adds to the rich experience for luxury Airbnbs. Here are some high-end goods to consider:

  • Fine wine or champagne 
  • A cocktail kit 
  • Chocolate-dipped strawberries 
  • A cheese or charcuterie board 
  • Chocolate or caramel-covered almonds 
  • Luxury amenities 
  • Fluffy robes 
  • A map to the area’s fine-dining establishments

Is it necessary for all vacation rental hosts to provide welcome baskets to their guests?

It is unnecessary to provide a welcome basket to your Airbnb visitors; nevertheless, even a tiny affordable present may make a great difference to your guests and is worth considering. It demonstrates to visitors that you are a thoughtful host who pays attention to the little things.

Providing Airbnb baskets, on the other hand, may only make sense if you host longer stays. It may be extremely time-consuming and not worth the effort if visitors are just staying for one night. You are providing baskets to your Airbnb guests who have booked stays of two nights or longer might be a sensible addition to your greeting ritual. Consequently, you may build a strong reputation in the vacation rental community and receive more favorable ratings on travel sites like Airbnb.

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