Airbnb Smart Locks

Airbnb Smart Locks

Locks with Electronic Codes

Both electronic and smart locks have become popular gadgets within the Airbnb host community. While replacing your deadbolt with an electronic lockbox that opens with a punch-in code or wireless signal is more expensive than a manual lockbox, it does have its advantages.

Electronic or smart locks minimize possible issues such as lost keys and forgotten passcodes, in addition to enabling hosts to control and personalize access to their homes.

Electronic Locks Basics

Although replacing your door handle and setting up a passcode might take some time (about 30 to 45 minutes), installing an electronic smart lock generally just takes a screwdriver.

Most models enable you to program several user codes, making it simple to generate and erase personalized codes for your visitors.

Electronic door locks are usually powered by batteries and have around 2-3 years of battery life.

Here are a few common models for thinking about:

$119.00 Kwikset Smartcode Lever.

$99.00 Schlage Plymouth Keypad Deadbolt

$49.99 SoHoMiLL Electronic Door Knob

Airbnb Property Rentals: Smart Locks

Smart lock devices use an electrical system that unlocks when it receives a wireless signal from an approved smartphone rather than a code-based system. Smart locks are available in a variety of designs and types. Some variants, like code locks, entirely replace the door handle and bolt, while others are mounted just above the handle. They all include an electronic system that enables you to regulate who is permitted to access the door at any particular moment from a distance.

How Intelligent Are Smart Locks?

Most versions enable you to transmit a digital keycode to other phones to wirelessly access them. They also allow you to set a time limit for how long access will be available. You may restrict a guest’s ability to open the door to the period of their stay, for example, if they are staying for precisely one week. Furthermore, smart locks will notify you when one of your authorized phones opens the door, enabling you to keep track of who is in your apartment at all times.

Keep in mind that a smart lock can only be linked to one door at a time, so if your home has many doors or a secured front gate, you’ll need to acquire and handle multiple locks.

What Happens If The Internet Isn’t Working?

Even if there is no WiFi connection, smart locks continue to work. Most models can still be unlocked via Bluetooth, and all models may be opened with a conventional key.

What Happens If a Visiting Guest’s Phone Breaks?

There’s no reason to be concerned.

A standard key may still be used to access all smart locks. Alternatively, you may open the door for your visitor from a distance.


Smart locks: How Safe Are They?

Any data transmission between a smart lock and a smartphone (sending digital passcodes or receiving signals) is safeguarded with 128-bit encryption. This is the same degree of protection used in online banking, so a government-grade skilled hacker would take it to intercept and decode it. Of course, there is a slew of additional minor technological flaws. Some individuals have expressed worry that as you approach the peephole to check who’s outside, your phone in your pocket would instantly open the door. On the other hand, more modern Smart locks can tell whether a signal is coming from within rather than from outside and will disregard it. This situation may also be prevented by taking preventive precautions like removing the auto-unlock feature that comes standard on most devices. In the end, smart locks aren’t touted as being any more secure than a standard deadbolt, but they’re also not any less safe.

What Happens If The Power Is Cut Off?

Smart locks are often battery-operated, so they will continue to work even if the power goes out. Most versions contain sensors that alert you when the batteries need to be replaced and send you an email reminder.

Smart Lock Reviews for Airbnb Property Rentals

RentingLock v5: $300

For holiday rental homes, a remotely programmable lock. Guests may access the flat simply by texting or emailing generated codes, which means no more lengthy check-ins or lost or stolen keys.

RentingLock does not need WiFi or energy; all you need is an online dashboard to create codes and a particular option to program and read your own NFC cards, much as in hotels.

Kevo Convert $149

This compact model replaces your door’s lock and detects your smartphone in your pocket, opening with a single touch, saving you the trouble of fiddling with your phone in your pocket or bag. Kevo’s free app has all of the administration features.

Sesame $149.99

Sesame transforms your phone into a set of keys! This elegant, smart key may be set to react to any bespoke knock on your door or phone in addition to the smartphone(s) to which it is linked. It may be readily put in any lock (no tools required). It has [included] batteries that last around a year and a half and will alert you when they need to be replaced.

$289 – $549 for RemoteLock

RemoteLock enables users to lock and unlock doors remotely, get notifications when codes are used, issue fresh temporary codes, and prohibit visitors’ access from their smartphone or computer using robust, WiFi-enabled locks.

August $229

The original deadbolt on the back of your door is replaced with this attractive circular lock. August can be controlled through iPhone, Android, or the web, and it provides visitors with an infinite number of digital keys. This device notifies you when the door is opened and enables you to choose which days – or even hours – a certain visitor has access. August uses Bluetooth low energy to detect when a key is nearby and may unlock automatically as you approach.

$299 – $369 for eRentalLock

Three different kinds of locks are available in three different finishes: nickel, bronze, and brass. Short-term and long-term visitors may use the code generating option, which allows them to choose between a 10-digit access code or a 3-6-digit unique code that can be produced days or months in advance. Popular features for hosts include the opportunity for visitors to establish their own simple, time-sensitive codes, as well as two backup keys for an emergency override, and the ability for hosts to deactivate the legitimate access code, giving them greater control over the property. With an inbuilt clock and a typical 3-year life cycle, the weather-resistant battery is simple to mount on practically any door.

Making Use of a Smart Lock

Most smart lock models are not available in shops and must be bought directly from the manufacturer’s website. Smart locks may usually be installed in 10-20 minutes, using a screwdriver to remove the keyhole on the back of the door if necessary. Once the system is up and running, test the authorization on a few cellphones to ensure it operates correctly. Then just add the phone numbers of your visitors to the list of approved phones. Include the phone number of a friend or neighbor who can open the door in the event of an emergency.

Guests Must Be Taught How To Use Smart Locks

Not all of your visitors will be computer literate. If you’re going to invest in a smart lock system, you’ll almost certainly have to offer instructions on how to use the app. Because most models have an auto-lock option, your visitors will just need to download the app and switch on their Bluetooth when they arrive at the property.

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