What is an Airbnb Superhost and Is it Worth my Effort to Become One?

What is an Airbnb Superhost and Is it Worth my Effort to Become One?

The Airbnb Superhost program is well-known among the Airbnb community’s hosts. It’s a highly coveted title that hosts strive for in the hopes of reaping the privileges and benefits.

A Superhost badge gives a lot of credibility to your listing since Airbnb has over 4 million hosts. But how does being a Superhost assist your company, and is it worthwhile to put in the effort?

Continue reading to discover all there is to know about being an Airbnb Superhost and how to achieve it.

What Does It Mean to Be an Airbnb Superhost?

An Airbnb Superhost award is offered to hosts who frequently get positive ratings and have positive guest experiences. Superhosts are recognized by an orange emblem on their rental listings, indicating that they have met the criteria.

How Do I Become an Airbnb Superhost?

Airbnb chooses Superhosts by considering a set of criteria. After reaching the following milestones, hosts will be able to join the program:

  • At least ten hosted bookings each year, or three reservations totaling 100 nights.
  • Achieved a 90 percent or better response rate.
  • Achieved an overall rating of 4.8, with 80 percent of Airbnb ratings being 5-star.
  • Have a cancellation rate of less than 1%. Keep in mind that Airbnb’s mitigating circumstances policy may allow for exclusions.

You’ll qualify for Airbnb Superhost designation if you match the requirements during an evaluation by Airbnb. Airbnb does these evaluations multiple times a year. Every three months, Airbnb will evaluate your listing’s performance to see whether it still satisfies the criteria for Superhost certification. So, if you don’t qualify on your first attempt, you may always try again.

The Superhost area of your Airbnb dashboard also allows you to keep track of your progress toward Superhost designation. This section will display your activities over the last year and the date of your next Superhost evaluation.

What Is the Process for Obtaining a Superhost Badge?

This distinction isn’t given to just anybody, according to Airbnb’s definition of a Superhost. To become a Superhost, you must first achieve several goals. Here are a few ideas to get you started on your journey:

1. Make it as comfy as possible and as clean as possible.

People who book with you on Airbnb prefer to stay at your place rather than a hotel. As a result, you must deliver an experience comparable to a hotel. This entails offering the facilities customers want and ensuring that your home and its contents are constantly in excellent operating condition.

Also, engage expert cleaners who will give special attention to areas of your apartment that are often disregarded. Guests are far less likely to be lenient if your residence isn’t clean to their standards since it is private property rather than a hotel.

Because 5-star ratings are required for Superhost rank, you must offer an excellent stay for your visitors and maintain your property spotless.

2. Always leave feedback.

Always post evaluations for Airbnb guests to encourage them to do the same for you. To be considered a Superhost on Airbnb, you must have received reviews from at least 80% of your guests (over the total number of stays). Your host rating must be at least 4.8 and preferably higher.

3. Continue to communicate in a timely and efficient manner.

Superhosts must maintain a message response rate of at least 90% and react within 24 hours after receiving a message. You won’t join the Superhost programme if your response rate is less than this. It’s difficult to stay on top of communications, particularly if you have many properties getting multiple messages every day.

If you’re having trouble keeping track of your communications, using automation to produce pre-set messages is a good answer. Using triggered messages and answers may help you save time while still assuring a high response rate.

4. Maintain a high level of occupancy

To become a Superhost, you must have a high occupancy rate and host at least 10 bookings in a year. To boost your occupancy, concentrate your efforts on raising your booking rate.

If you want to increase your occupancy rate, you should: – Be practical when it comes to price.

Prices may change throughout the year, depending on your local property market. You’ll need to be savvy with your Airbnb pricing if you want to increase your reservations while also improving your income.

To be competitive, you should regularly compare your prices to those of your rivals to determine how well they match yours. If your pricing is much higher than theirs, make any required modifications.

You may raise your prices during your peak season, when your booking rate is at its highest, to optimize your income. You might provide discounts and special deals during your low season to increase bookings. You may use the same method throughout the week to generate additional reservations. – Market your home to keep your calendar filled.

If you don’t have a target audience in mind while generating your Airbnb listings, you won’t go very far. Create a listing that will appeal to both foreign and domestic visitors. This might include both business and family travelers.

Make the most of social media to reach out to as many people as possible. Marketing your listings on visual sites like Instagram and Pinterest is a terrific approach to get new views on them.

You may also team up with local companies to provide bundled discounts or promotions. You will get greater exposure from other companies due to this while also providing more visibility for them. – Avoid cancellations

You must have a cancellation rate of more than 1% to be eligible for the Superhost program (meaning only 1 cancellation for every 100 bookings). It may seem tough, but avoid canceling reservations unless they fall under Airbnb’s mitigating conditions.

5. Take good care of your possessions.

It’s great to have guest-wowing ideas, but they won’t go you very far if you don’t have strong property management procedures in place. What strategy will you use to deal with incoming and outgoing messages? How will the Airbnb check-in process work? Who will be in charge of the property’s cleaning and maintenance?

Lodgable vacation rental software is the right choice for ensuring the smooth administration of your company.  You’ll be well on your way to being a Superhost with Lodgable managing your business chores, and enhancing your response rate!

Is Getting Superhost Status Worth It?

You may ask whether being a Superhost is worth the time and effort, even though you should constantly aim to deliver the finest possible service. Take a look at the information provided by AirDNA:

  • Becoming a Superhost does not guarantee an increase in listing views. On average, hosts who became Airbnb Superhosts saw just a 5% boost in weekly views of their properties.
  • Despite having a lower average daily rate (ADR) of roughly 11% than ordinary hosts, Superhosts have an 81 percent greater occupancy rate and make 60% more daily income than regular hosts.

It’s clear from the facts and numbers above that gaining Superhost Status won’t result in an immediate rise in income. Superhosts are also clever when it comes to pricing and market placement.

They may keep a competitive advantage by adopting flexible pricing and optimising occupancy rather than rates. Although being a Superhost does not guarantee you extra money, it is the first step toward increasing your earnings.

What Are the Advantages of Being a Superhost on Airbnb?

While being an Airbnb Superhost typically results in a bump in your Airbnb SERP ranks, there are a few additional advantages to consider.

  • Increased Bookings

You’ll be able to get more reservations as a Superhost. This is because your host profile and each of your listings will display a Superhost badge.

Guests will automatically evaluate your listings since they look for the most dependable hosts to rent from on Airbnb. You’ll also be added to a Superhost search filter, which exclusively restricts search results to Superhost listings.

  • A Rise in Airbnb Earnings

Because of your reputation for exceptional service, having a Superhost designation allows you to charge a slightly higher premium. A boost in Airbnb revenue is another advantage of becoming an Airbnb Superhost. Your rental income will rise as a result of the increase in bookings.

If you can keep your Superhost status for a year, you’ll get a $100 travel voucher to use on your own Airbnb vacation.

  • Airbnb’s unwavering support

When you phone or submit a tweet to @AirbnbHelp as a Superhost, you’ll receive priority service from Airbnb. This may be very beneficial to your company, enabling you to better assist your Airbnb visitors.

You’ll join Airbnb’s elite club, which will provide you early access to future product launches and invites to corporate events.

While you may not believe that achieving Superhost status is significant, it is apparent that it has several advantages. However, most significantly, it ensures that you perform admirably as a host. This may alleviate any concerns about fulfilling Airbnb’s hosting requirements.


As you can see, being an Airbnb Superhost requires a significant amount of time and effort. On the other hand, the long-term outcomes and advantages may well be worth the ongoing efforts.

Automation is another wise investment for your company. Use vacation rental software like Lodgbale to manage your listings and increase your revenue all at no cost to you! Schedule a demo today to learn more!

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