The best Airbnb Interior Design Trends for Inviting and Stylish Rentals

The best Airbnb Interior Design Trends for Inviting and Stylish Rentals

Want to increase the number of visitors to your Airbnb? As an Airbnb host, you should be aware that making your rental as appealing as possible by implementing the latest interior design trends is essential to filling your calendar with reservations.

This is particularly true if your home is located in a well-known area. Remember that you will be competing not just with other Airbnb units but also with other vacation rental types and hotels.

In essence, your product must stand out among the many others. Hold up, however, before you rush to make house changes. You don’t want your Airbnb to appear outdated, uninviting, or worse, like a patchwork of several design trends.

Knowing the interior design trends for Airbnb properties can help you make your rental more fashionable and welcoming. The best interior design suggestions from interior stylists are listed here.

Beach-themed style

Yes, a design with beachy influences is the exact opposite of minimalist design. But if you own a beachfront home, it’s still a well-liked design style. Like every trend in interior design, there is a way to do this well. Don’t start stuffing your home with anything beachy you can find.

Instead of turning your vacation rental into a surf store, concentrate on adding beachy details to keep it fashionable. Numerous posters, wallpapers, pieces of furniture, and other decorations that go with this concept are still in style.

You may even create a welcome box or welcome book with a beach theme for your visitors. A fast Pinterest search can help you if you’re at a loss for inspiration.

Minimalist style

Home stylists have long used the strategy of taking a simple approach to decorating homes. Choose a more all-encompassing minimalist style if you enjoy the idea of Scandi design but find the color pallet to be very limited. You may still add a little color, but try to keep things simple.

Decluttering the area is a simple method to make your Airbnb resemble a minimalist style. Your property will be much more welcoming and pleasant for visitors if it is clutter-free and doesn’t seem crowded.

Remember that customers often search elsewhere for lodging due to crowded, constrained, excessively customized, and outdated houses. So give property decluttering priority and adopt the “less is more” philosophy.

A straightforward and reliable color scheme

Be very picky about your color scheme if you want your Airbnb to seem more fashionable and welcoming. However, it may seem like a simple method to make your Airbnb stand out, using a lot of colors and accent pieces will probably make it seem cluttered and may overwhelm some visitors.

Your visitors must get a feeling of unity across the whole site. Remain consistent with colors from the same family. By doing this, you may include some intrigue without giving your Airbnb design a muddled appearance.

While it’s OK for the color scheme to shift a little bit as you go around the building, the colors should be near enough so the transition to a new area won’t be abrupt.

Scandinavian design

The Scandinavian design emphasizes elegance, utility, and simplicity. This interior design style is characterized by plenty of natural light, hardwood flooring, neutral colors, and soft furniture. It’s a trend that has spread widely and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

Consider the color white as the essential foundation for everything in your home to get the Scandi look, and then add subtly colored accents on top. Consider your Airbnb a location to promote communication and a relaxed, basic way of living.

Don’t overuse texture.

Interior designers often advise adhering to straightforward forms and lines. Therefore, you may need to part with things with too detailed components. With blankets, pillows, and other items in the same color family, concentrate on amplifying the texture in your house.

Pick carefully what artwork you exhibit.

You may employ plants and art to make your area come to life, but be careful that your art doesn’t command and dominate the whole room. Interior designers know the power of using enormous photographic works as room anchors.

In real estate styling, striking images in subdued tones are in style. Consider imposing black-and-white works and softly muted desert vistas. These works may seem just as good as original paintings and are often less expensive to purchase.

Use green.

It would be difficult to find an interior decorator who didn’t suggest including at least a little greenery. Plants are a favorite way for stylists to enliven a place. Studies show that plants around a room may boost productivity, creativity, and general well-being.

Thus, it is no surprise that they are so well-liked in both houses and Airbnbs. Depending on your upkeep preferences and personality, there are many indoor plants to choose from. You’re sure to discover something that fits nicely with every space, from the modest fiddle leaf fig to cactus, orchids, succulents, and peace lilies.

Areas that are ecologically friendly and sustainable

Airbnb visitors are becoming more interested in two design trends: sustainability and environmental friendliness. Some people may even be ready to pay more to stay in an environmentally friendly and sustainably run Airbnb.

What can you do to change your Airbnb in this manner? Here are some suggestions for you to think about. Consider making an eco-friendly investment in insulation, sunroofs, windows, and decorative drapes rather than installing an air conditioner. These may significantly impact your feelings during the sweltering summer days while lowering your utility costs.

A house becomes bright and welcoming by letting in natural light via sunroofs and open window designs. Meanwhile, insulation is the most practical and economical approach to increase a building’s energy efficiency since it can keep a home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Even so, insulation may reduce your heating and cooling costs by more than 40%.

Newly renovated outdoor living areas

You’re in luck if your Airbnb has an outside living area. Rentals with outdoor living spaces are often preferred by travelers looking for lodging. Families will seek this feature in particular. It goes without saying that if your outside area is unattractive, it will likely repel rather than draw in visitors.

Several easy methods highlight your outside living area and demonstrate to visitors that your Airbnb has something unique to offer. When an outdoor space, such as a patio, balcony, or porch, is planned in a manner that provides the convenience of a living room and the advantages of being outdoors, it may be described as “a living porch.”

Homeowners may transform the transitional area between the interior and outside by using soft furniture, drapery panels or curtains, and outdoor lamplights.

The work put into your design improvements will be well worth it!

You should find lots of inspiration from the Airbnb interior design ideas mentioned above to make your rental a more fashionable and welcoming space. It may seem intimidating to consider enhancing your Airbnb, but it doesn’t have to be.

Work your way up to significant changes by beginning small. Decluttering and other essential tasks may significantly impact the atmosphere of your home. A well-known house’s excellent Airbnb interior design is likely to draw visitors. We thus believe that you would concur that making a few adjustments to your Airbnb design will pay off in the long term. 

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