Airbnb Interior Design Ideas to Style Your Rental

Airbnb Interior Design Ideas to Style Your Rental

Working on Airbnb interior design for every short-term rental owner is a must. Travelers nowadays are getting more discriminating and spoilt with choice. Interior design that is unappealing and impractical can impact your occupancy rate and, as a result, your ROI.

A well-thought-out, appealing design, on the other hand, may encourage additional reservations. We’ve selected the top tips for styling your vacation rental that will help you create a beautiful location that will attract more visitors and provide a memorable guest experience every time.

What Is the Best Way to Pick the Right Airbnb Interior Design?

1. Keep your property’s location in mind.

The interior decor of your Airbnb should represent the location of your house. For example, if you have a rustic mountain home, it makes little sense to provide beach towels. In other words, you want to make sure that your style is appropriate for the location of your property.

2. Determine who your ideal visitor is.

When it comes to Airbnb interior design, it’s critical to keep your visitors’ wants in mind. To make this assignment more feasible, you should identify a particular type of visitor to target.

This should be done before you start looking for furnishings since the sort of visitor you choose will influence the design and furniture options. You might, for example, target the following categories of visitors with your rental:

  • Workaholics
  • Families with children
  • Generation Z
  • Pet-owning travelers
  • Snowbirds
  • Millennials

In other words, it should be created with the comfort of the niche in mind. Workationers, for example, will enjoy a comfortable working desk, while travelers with dogs (or children) may value a well-organized outside space.

3. Search for design ideas.

On platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, you may get inspiration. You don’t have to search far or spend a lot of money to get the correct style. Users may save pins and arrange them into boards on Pinterest.

Several Instagram accounts are dedicated to interior design and the most recent design trends. Create a mood board once you’ve chosen your top design ideas to help you see your possible design more consistently. Users may also store posts and organize them into folders on Instagram.

4. Think about putting together a short-term themed rental.

You may choose a themed design to transform your house into something spectacular. For example, if you have a seaside home, you may go with a pirate or mermaid motif. This strategy might also work well in a crowded market since it will help you stand out. Essentially, choose a relevant topic.

Even if your area isn’t very congested, you may want to consider using this Airbnb interior design strategy since the demand for distinctive homes is growing. According to Airbnb, searches for unusual stays outnumber searches for more typical choices.

Barns, cabins, and cottages are becoming more popular among visitors. While you may not have such a property, it is apparent that vacationers are looking for unique accommodations.

As an Airbnb host, how can you improve your interior design?

There are numerous inexpensive methods to create attractive interiors, from flooring to ceiling lighting. Even if a property doesn’t have the finest location, these clever decorating tactics may make it seem like a first-class rental.

1. Use interior design to create an experience and convey a narrative.

While many hosts believe that developing a general design that can appeal to visitors is a smart idea, this is not what guests desire.

Rather, houses with personalized touches that communicate a narrative about the host and place are more popular with visitors. You may accomplish this impact by including a few odd, amusing pieces that inspire attention and excitement, such as a little figure or local pottery.


However, don’t mistake this for a license to fill your area with your belongings. Your visitors may get uncomfortable if you have too much personal stuff, such as family pictures. It may make them feel unwelcome and as though they have intruded on your personal space. It’s also problematic from a security standpoint.

2. Incorporate strong accents

Adding vibrant touches to your home may help it stand out. There are several ways to go bold, from wallpaper to wall paint (er).

If you live in a condo and cannot paint the front door, choose an accent color for one internal wall or paint an unusual color around the window frames. For example, you may paint your entrance door a bright blue or a deep crimson. It’s a pretty low-cost approach to make your home stand out (plus, it makes it easier to find too).

Bulky art pieces or the addition of a lighting fixture are two more methods to integrate strong accents. For example, landscape paintings can really make a white wall look colorful and airy, or give off a bohemian feel in a bold condo. Aboriginal art on the other hand has vibrant colors and intricate patterns which can bring warmth and energy to any room. Using bold accents will help your listing attract more views, regardless of your approach.


If you’d prefer to go with neutral hues, simply don’t make it completely white. White furnishings and furniture may seem appealing and elegant, but they are not ideal for a short-term rental. They are easily discolored, which might result in a larger cleaning charge.

3. Make the most of tiny areas

It’s not always true that bigger is better. A modest room may be converted into a pleasant, intimate environment that visitors can’t wait to enjoy with the correct furnishings. If you have a little room that you don’t use much, you may make it into a reading nook, for example.


An overabundance of patterns and images may make a room seem smaller. While you want to appreciate tiny spaces, your objective is to create a pleasant and intimate area rather than too cluttered and confined. Instead of going for logos or patterns, you may utilize rich color schemes that offer a touch of luxury.

  1. Invest in long-lasting, high-quality furnishings.

Hosts often overlook that what works well for them at home will not impress their visitors. Furthermore, since your rental will see a lot more traffic, investing in long-lasting, high-quality furniture can save you money in the long term.

It will not only improve the appearance of your home over time, but it will also save you money on the cost of replacing worn-out furniture.


Choose a combination of standout furniture items and interesting second-hand pieces to create a listing that attracts attention. When your objective is to create an experience and a design that will tell an exciting tale, a furniture set is not the ideal investment.

So, if you’ve ever needed an excuse to get lost at a neighborhood antique store, you may use this as an excuse to look for unique and unusual items.

5. Bring in some greenery

Indoor flowers and plants may breathe new vitality into your home. Place a bouquet on the kitchen counter and a few low-maintenance plants in strategic locations such as next to a window or on a coffee table, for example.

Indoor hanging plants are really hot right now. They may assist in offering a distinct depth in addition to providing greenery. If you want to go for a more modern style, floral hanging is good.


While plants may enhance air quality and contribute to the environment, certain plants might cause allergies or skin rashes. Some of them may be exceedingly hazardous to both animals and people.

6. Create a relaxing work environment

A comfy office is necessary if you’re primarily targeting staycationers and workationers. Ideally, it should be a peaceful, isolated location (but not too secluded that they lose Internet access).


Although some of Ikea’s goods are long-lasting, its plastic and temporary furniture will not last as long as furniture in short-term rentals, which are prone to increased wear and strain. If you want to appeal to staycationers, you should consider more long-lasting options.

7. Beautify your outside space

Your property’s exterior space might disclose a lot about how effectively you manage it. If you don’t have green thumbs, hire a landscaper to design an enticing garden for you. You should also invest in outside sitting space, in addition to water-wise, low-maintenance flora.


If you want to go a step further and bring your furniture and appliances outside, make sure they are water-resistant. You won’t have to replace your stuff as frequently if you choose water-resistant products, and you could even avoid a horrible mishap. The last thing you want to happen is for a rusted chair or table to fall apart.

8. Provide enough lighting

It has a dual duty when it comes to illumination. It not only sets the correct tone but also helps to avoid mishaps. Placing a large mirror close to a window is one technique to bring in more natural light. Try using hanging lights for a more distinctive effect. A glass pendant might generate a more distinctive ambiance depending on the sort of person you wish to invite.


Whatever you do, don’t limit yourself to just one light source. Instead, experiment with combining many light sources. Place overhead, task, and accent lights to provide a variety of lighting choices. It will not only assist in achieving a more trendy and less dull appearance, but it will also guarantee that all areas are well illuminated.

Is it Necessary to Hire an Interior Designer?

While hiring a professional interior designer is an additional cost, they are more knowledgeable about arranging a vacation rental house for a certain sort of tourist. This will assist you in increasing your nightly charge and your occupancy rate. They may also make your property stand out and provide a better visitor experience and degree of comfort by saving you time.

The going pay for Airbnb interior designers, according to web sources, is from $75 to $125 per hour. If feasible, you might also agree to pay your interior designer by the project rather than by the hour. Experienced hosts and property managers would advise you to use this strategy.

You have the final say on whether or not to employ a professional. Allow your decorating abilities, money, and available time to lead you.

Increase the Profitability of Your Short-Term Rental Business with Lodgable.

After spending so much time, money, and effort on your Airbnb interior design, you shouldn’t let things like unanswered guest messages or lack of cleanliness detract from the overall experience. Interior design is merely one of the aspects of making your visitors’ stay unforgettable.

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