Your Vacation Rental Interior Can Benefit from a Splash of Color

Your Vacation Rental Interior Can Benefit from a Splash of Color

A holiday rental home can be entirely functional without a single coat of paint on the walls, plain furniture, or even no furnishings at all. But something would seem to be lacking to your visitors. Without color bursting throughout your home, the walls feel empty, and the space feels unfinished.

Colors can trick our brain by providing it with a tonne of data to comprehend, which is why it feels this way. It shapes our perception of a space significantly because it is the first thing we see when we enter a space.

In addition, colors can change how we feel in a room by establishing the mood. You must always bear this in mind if you own holiday property. Here are some reasons why the brain enjoys vibrant environments and how you may take advantage of them:

1. They influence our emotions.

A room’s appearance is only one aspect of color; color also affects how we feel in a space. The reason for this is that different hues can affect our emotions. Because of this, you should employ color to establish the mood in each room of your vacation rental house.

For instance, your guests will congregate and socialize in the living room. You want a hue that will animate the area, give the impression that it’s a lively place to be, and elicit conversation. Red, orange, and yellow are warm, striking hues that work well in this setting.

On the other hand, you want to provide a tranquil and restful atmosphere in the bedroom. Purple, blue, and green are excellent alternatives because they are calming colors.

2. They produce a balanced influence on one.

A lack of color makes a space seem unfinished, as was previously said. On the other hand, a space that features several bright accents looks and feels well-rounded. Because of this, a space with a color theme throughout (that is, touches of the same hue on furniture, throw cushions, window treatments, rugs, and flooring) feels cohesive. In interior design, color acts as a balance element.

When choosing colors for your vacation rental, start with hues that complement one another effectively in each space. Starting from the outside, you can establish equilibrium by matching the siding’s hue to the inside. Consider your preferred theme color when selecting the siding. For instance, if you’re considering changing your siding in Sacramento, talk with the contractor about the color that will give your entire property a sense of harmony.

3. It accentuates our personality.

Rooms feel unfinished and bare when their walls are vacant. Wall art that creates a captivating and unified aesthetic can decorate your holiday home. What kind of art is that, exactly? Well, since everyone is different and you cannot possibly know what kinds of art your visitors would enjoy and which ones they won’t, it is better to follow your gut on this one.

Pick any local artists’ objects or paintings that speak to the culture of the area. You can say whatever you want as long as it doesn’t offend or disrespect for other controversial factors like sexual orientation, race, politics, or religion.

Remember that the colors you choose and the artwork you hang will convey to your guests the kind of host you are. If your guests feel welcome and at ease, they will be more inclined to write a favorable review of your establishment.

4. They engender various interpretations

Most visitors like to stay in roomy, well-lit accommodations. Unfortunately, not all vacation rental owners can afford to provide their guests with large residences. Fortunately, colors have a way of making it appear as though a small area is big. You only need to use your imagination when experimenting with them.

For instance, painting the walls and ceiling a light color gives the impression that the room is taller. Likewise, having furniture that is the same color as the walls makes the two merge together visually and gives the room a more open appearance.

A home’s brightness can also be improved with the use of color. A room appears brighter when painted in a light color because it reflects outside light. Plus, rooms with more light visually seem bigger.


As was already mentioned, colors can influence how our brain interprets various interior design and decoration elements. Don’t only pick the newest colors while designing your color scheme!

Consider what the color will say about your rental property, how it will enhance your guests’ experience, and whether it will tie the overall décor together to create a sense of balance in your vacation home.

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