Standard Property Appearance Checklist for Your Rental

Standard Property Appearance Checklist for Your Rental

In vacation rentals, first impressions count for a lot, so you want to wow your visitors as soon as they arrive. This will set the tone for the remainder of their stay.

To guarantee that any cleaners or housekeepers who prepare your rental home for the upcoming visitors know precisely how to add those particular finishing touches that make all the difference between a so-so and a five-star guest experience, we advise using a Standard Property Appearance (SPA) document.

Think about the little things that make a vacation rental home feel special to you as a visitor, such as a vase of fresh flowers in the foyer, spotless kitchen surfaces and floors, neatly arranged cutlery and crockery, new firewood neatly stacked in the fireplace, and high-quality toiletries in the bathrooms.

A Standard Property Appearance Checklist: What Is It?

A Standard Property Appearance (SPA) checklist is used to ensure the housekeeping staff is aware of precisely what must be done in each room to fulfill your expectations for appearance. Everyone will understand each other and nothing will be lost in translation as a result.

The precise standards of appearance you anticipate from housekeepers, cleaners, or a cleaning service who prepare the vacation rental home for the next group of visitors are often outlined in a written or printed document or folder. The better, the more specific.

Even better, add pictures of each area in the home to demonstrate how you want, for instance, the kitchen equipment to be set up or the linens to be folded.

Why is a Standard Property Appearance guide necessary?

It’s accurate to argue that because a SPA isn’t a legal document, you don’t necessarily need one for holiday rentals. But SPAs, which are often used in hotels, are now becoming popular in the vacation rental sector as a practical approach to properly planning and establishing standards for the cleanliness of your home.

Even if you just have one rental, you can find it more convenient in the long term to have this kind of paperwork on hand as a reference when introducing a new cleaning crew or housekeeping staff.

It not only provides uniformity in aesthetic standards but also conveys professionalism and lowers the possibility of misunderstandings.

What should be included in your SPA?

Your SPA will never be the same as that of another vacation rental home, much as a vacation rental inventory checklist or vacation rental house regulations for visitors.

The dress code requirements may vary depending on your tastes and style as well as the sort of rental you own. For instance, if you manage a high-end vacation rental, the SPA would likely include extra information not included in the cleaning instructions for a typical home.

Even while there is no one-size-fits-all solution, the SPA would normally include some of the components listed in our piece below.

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Warm greetings and rules for the foyer!

Here is where you warmly welcome visitors and give them a sneak preview of what to anticipate from the remainder of their stay. Tell the housekeepers to focus extra care on this area since this is your chance to really wow them.

Pay care to this area’s lighting, fresh air, appropriate temperature, and lovely touches like a vase of recently cut flowers or a welcome book.

Observe these living room guidelines and feel at home

With a capital C, comfort. That is what this conversation is about. Your visitors should feel completely at home, seeing themselves kicking back on the couch to watch a movie or sipping wine in a candlelit environment.

Maybe you’d want the housekeeper to set some logs next to the fireplace to encourage people to build a fire on cold nights or to throw open the patio or balcony door during the summer to let in some fresh air and encourage people to go outdoors.

Otherwise, keep clutter to a minimum by giving the housekeeper instructions to discard obsolete publications and newspapers and to store any games, DVDs, or other items.

Another helpful tip is to pay attention to the temperature, which entails making sure the space is well-ventilated and setting the air conditioner to a pleasant temperature for when visitors come.

Guidelines for the kitchen, the center of the house

Friends and family gather in the kitchen to prepare shared meals there. Nothing is more appealing than a spotless, well-stocked kitchen with high-quality equipment to inspire your visitors to cook up a storm, even on their vacation. For instance, a cooking table with some contemporary cookbooks would be a lovely addition.

Used sponges or cloths, for instance, should be thrown away and replaced with new ones, and cleaning supplies should be stored away neatly, securely, and out of the reach of young children and dogs. For instance, tell housekeepers or cleaners to replace broken glasses or plates and keep silverware properly arranged in the available drawers.

Perhaps you give housekeeping instructions to place a welcome basket or welcome pack with delicious local treats and a letter of welcome for your visitors on the kitchen table.

Norms for the bedroom for the greatest possible sleep

This is one of the most crucial areas when it comes to housekeeping elegance as lie-ins and a restful night’s sleep are essential components for a wonderful vacation.

To make sure the housekeeper understands precisely what is anticipated, specify how the beds should be made, the kind of linen to be used, the number of pillows per bed, and how to fold additional blankets.

When your visitors first come, make sure the blinds are open to let in as much natural light as possible, and check that the temperature is comfortable. Minimize your clutter.

Rules for the bathroom: Maintaining a basic, clean environment

Everything you need to know about a home may be found in the bathroom. You may include rules for how the towels should be arranged, how the toilet paper should be displayed, and information regarding cleaning and replenishing the amenities.

Signage requirements for visitors – Send the intended message.

You might advise the housekeeper to make sure that any instructions for visitors, such as those for operating the hot tub or the air conditioner, are put correctly and to let you know when they need to be updated.

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