The Most Important Short-Term Rental Tools Every Host Should Have

The Most Important Short-Term Rental Tools Every Host Should Have

It’s not simple to own or run a short-term rental. Year-round maintenance of the property, management of your listings, booking security, and guest care are all responsibilities that need to be completed.

A vacation rental’s smooth operation might take a lot of time. Fortunately, there are several technologies available nowadays that allow you to take charge of all these responsibilities. Let’s discuss some short-term rental equipment that may make operating your company easier for you.

Why is it necessary for your firm to rent equipment temporarily?

When it comes to your vacation rental company, short-term rental tools are a big assistance. You can manage your company without them, but doing so will take a lot more time and effort, and time is a precious resource. Learn how tools for short-term rentals may help you with pricing, planning, property management, channel management, and more.

For your short-term rentals, we’ve compiled a list of tools that may make these laborious activities simple and quick. Check out which ones were chosen.

Best resources for short-term rentals for your home

Site Resources

Utilize tools for short-term rental websites to create, manage, and optimize your website. Boost website traffic to your holiday property and encourage direct reservations.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most popular tools for examining the performance of your website. To get stats like clicks, visits, users, and top-performing content, enter the domain of your website. You may enhance and develop your website using the data offered by Google Analytics.

Data Studio by Google

Utilize Google Data Studio to visualize your data. Your website analytics will provide you with dynamic dashboards and simple-to-read reports, making your data accessible and intelligible for you. You can import data from Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google BigQuery, Campaign Manager 360, MySQL, and more via their data connectors.

Google PageSpeed Insights 

Check your website’s loading speed on both the desktop and mobile versions since a quick website attracts more visitors. This data is provided by Google PageSpeed Insights, along with advice for how to speed up your website. Websites with quick page loads are less likely to lose visitors due to annoyance.

Mobile-Friendly Test by Google

With the majority of people utilizing their mobile devices to do online searches, being mobile-friendly is now more crucial than ever. Test to see whether your website passes. If not, you will be provided with a list of usability issues to fix.


All of your third-party applications (such as MailChimp, Google Analytics, etc.) may be easily connected using Segment. Utilize their data toolbox to gather, purge, and activate your consumer data. Every action taken in Segment is made available to every team in your company, serving as the ultimate communication channel.


Mixpanel is a platform for product analytics that focuses on tracking certain user behaviors and actions to assist you in optimizing your product. Find out which of your features are used the most, as well as who your users are and how long they stay on your site on average.


Utilize SimilarWeb to get competitive insights into everything occurring online. By obtaining information from online sources, they estimate the traffic, location, and referral status of your website or mobile app so that you may understand how to enhance your digital performance and hasten the expansion of your company.

Website Grader

Enter your website on Website Grader to obtain ratings for speed, SEO, security, and performance as well as advice on how to make it better.


You may explore behavior analytics with Hotjar to learn vital details about your consumers’ experiences and interactions with your website. Use heatmaps, click maps, and scroll maps from Hotjar to see how website visitors are engaging with your page.


Ptengine is a program that provides analytics information for your website and includes heatmaps and scroll maps. You may also compare numerous pages with this tool.

Tools for social media

It is essential for your short-term rental to have a social media presence in the era of information and internet sharing of everything. Here are several social media channels, as well as research and management tools, to help you market your short-term rental.


Facebook needs no introduction since it is perhaps the most well-known social network worldwide. Facebook is a great internet marketing tool for businesses. For free, you may create a Facebook page and account for your company, where you can publish information about your products, services, and industry.

They enable Facebook Groups to interact with other companies and people like yours as well as timed postings for a consistent stream of material.


More than 217 million active consumers worldwide may access your material thanks to the well-known microblogging service Twitter. To attract followers and participate in the industry debate, create a series of succinct tweets. Engage your fans and influential people in your business with ease.


Linkedin is the most effective network for connecting professionals. Its somewhat more official setting compared to the other platforms makes it perfect for information exchange and establishing your company’s online image.

There are short-term rental business organizations that you may join to have conversations with like-minded individuals, much like Facebook.


The well-known photo-sharing app Instagram, which is a part of the Meta world along with Facebook, is ideal for building your company’s brand.


You may pin your hobbies on the digital marketing pinboard known as Pinterest. It’s ideal for increasing website visitors, particularly if you are in the fashion, culinary, or tourism industries.


Sharing videos of your rental on Youtube, the most popular video-sharing website, is a terrific idea. Post short films of your rental home, interviews with pleased visitors, or advertisements.


A relatively new platform, Tiktok is notably well-liked by younger generations. Join the trend by creating a few short movies showcasing your short-term rental while playing noises on repeat.

The likelihood that an interested person will see your video increases since their algorithm may display it to any of their users anywhere in the globe that they consider relevant.


With the help of the social publishing tool Hootsuite, you can manage all of your social media accounts in one location. Post stuff to your social media accounts and monitor your alerts.


Utilize Tweetdeck to manage your Twitter activity and feed. Utilize Twitter scheduling features to maintain a constant flow of tweets and engagements.


Buffer is another social media management tool for posting and responding, but it also offers metrics to evaluate your social media success. Monitor your development, reach, interactions, and followers to see what your social outreach is succeeding at.


Your material is discoverable on social media, thanks to hashtags. Use Hashtags.org to find and follow hashtags. Find the hashtags that will help you connect with people, generate engagement, and increase exposure.

Insights into Facebook’s audience

Facebook gives you insights into your audience and other Facebook users, which makes it simpler for you to create content that resonates with readers and locate new contacts to increase your audience. To better tailor, your content, learn more about the demographics, hobbies, and lifestyles of your audience.

Launch Social

For your social media accounts, Sprout Social provides in-depth statistics and insights. It’s an all-in-one platform for managing social media that can help you reach your maximum potential.


To determine your potential and effectiveness on Facebook, LikeAnalyzer analyses and tracks your Facebook pages. It will assess the activity on your Facebook page and give you the chance to compare and research your options for success on the site.


Have you ever seen a lengthy URL on a social media post that detracts from its neatness? Avoid overwhelming your visitors with lengthy links that detract from the material and use Bitly to shorten your URLs.

Bitly is excellent for posting links to Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.


Yelp is a business listing website that compiles a local business list for the user’s location. Make a page for your short-term rental to increase the exposure of your company locally.

SEO tools

For your website to obtain organic traffic by being at the top of the results page, search engine optimization (SEO) is essential.

Search Console by Google

Google Search Console allows you to maintain and enhance the SEO of your vacation rental website by simply inputting the URL of your website and providing full information on its performance. The fact that this tool is totally free is its biggest feature.

Yoast SEO

A WordPress plugin called Yoast SEO checks your blog content for the appropriate keyword density. While giving you the resources to optimize your content, it ensures that your website complies with the strictest SEO criteria. Check out your keywords in the organic search results before posting.


With the help of the free Chrome Extension Mozbar, you can get an immediate SEO analysis for every website you’re visiting. Look at the domain authority, page authority, backlink count, and other metrics! An excellent approach to research rivals or get ideas for your website.

Open Site Explorer for Moz

You may verify your domain authority and the number of backlinks, complete with the sources, using Moz Open Site Explorer. You only need to input the URL of the website whose data you are interested in, and you will get a comprehensive analysis of that website.


Enter the domain of the website to instantly get a website analysis and begin WooRank optimization. They’ll even provide you a list of urgent problems to address.

Quick Sprout

Everything you need to launch, develop, and expand your company is provided with Quick Sprout. To cover all facets of a company, they provide a variety of website categories, including marketing, entrepreneurship, blogging, and others. In particular, their free website analysis aids in SEO. With their Competitive Analysis tool, it offers website comparisons with your rivals’ websites in an easily understandable format.

Tool for On-Page Optimization

For information on keyword optimization, internal and external linkages, metadata, header, and page checks, and source codes, enter the URL of any website.


Your whole website is scanned by Siteliner, who also provides a wealth of information on linked sites, broken links, skipped pages, and duplicate material.

Local Moz

Utilize Moz Local to enhance your local SEO. Your name, address, and phone number will be verified using this tool to ensure consistency across all platforms. Businesses will get more trust from search engines and start to appear higher on the results page for local businesses if they are consistent in these three areas.


Use Keyword.io to find the ideal keywords for your company. To get a list of keyword recommendations, first choose the platform you’re aiming to rank on, then type in your primary keyword, and then choose your nation. Find possible keywords to write about for your blog or any other piece of writing using.

Design and Content Tools

In order to captivate your audience and make them take notice of your short-term rental, it is important to build a wonderful user experience that is aesthetically attractive to capture customers’ attention on your website or any other form of media or content provided.


Canva makes design simple and chic. Canva is a reliable editing program that enables users to produce their own social media posts, presentations, ebooks, and pamphlets without any prior design knowledge. They provide a selection of images and templates that are prepared for usage in your campaign.


With Pixlr, you can resize, and apply effects, overlays, or borders to photos. Start with a blank canvas or choose one of the numerous well-crafted templates available. Their tools are interoperable with PC, mobile, and browsers, so you can edit from anywhere.


It’s simple to edit, create, and spice up your feed on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and other social media platforms with this free online picture editing tool.


Use the content production tool Feedly to get Leo, your very own AI research helper. Leo will search the web for structured material for you to share with your audience when you inform it of your likes and preferences.


You may download Snapseed, an online picture editor. Add compelling photographs to your listing to make it stand out.

Inkscape Express

To edit your photos, use Photoshop Express. They also provide automated repairs and filters based on their suggestions if you don’t feel like doing it yourself. Use this free Adobe tool to make your photographs shine.


Don’t be concerned about copyright or source when using images. Beautiful free-to-use picture galleries are available on Unsplash for use on your website or social media. Simply enter in what you are looking for, and they will display all of the results that match your search term.


Another excellent resource for obtaining stock photos to go with your writing is Pexels. Similar to Unsplash, Pexels is totally free, and you may use the photographs as you choose.


Wordswag lets you add stylish text to your photographs. Perfect for sharing a lovely and educational Instagram photo.

Blog Topic Maker

It may be challenging to come up with fresh blog post ideas, particularly if you have been writing them for some time. The Blog Topic Generator will provide you with a list of blog post topics once you enter a few nouns.

Generator of Portents

You may come up with intriguing and attention-grabbing titles for your blog entries with the aid of Portent’s Idea Generator. Simply enter your subject line into this tool, and it will do the rest.

Respond to the public

With the help of the helpful tool Answer the Public, you may learn what queries people are asking about your keywords. To gain ideas for your blog, find out what topics are being discussed by your audience.

Email programs

It’s important to communicate with your consumers. Inform them of your blog entries, any special short-term rental announcements, and any information they should know before renting your home. Emails are the best formal means of communication.


One of the most well-known email marketing platforms is MailChimp. It has a variety of wonderful features and is an easy, affordable method to send and handle a lot of emails.


MailerLite offers a free email marketing solution for up to 1,000 subscribers, making it ideal for small enterprises. Create your own email using one of their templates, then send it to your subscribers.


Mailjet is the ideal email solution since it allows complete automation of emails and offers a large selection of themes.

Financial Tools

Short-term rental financial tools may assist you to manage your finances. They assist short-term rental owners in pricing their listings, increasing their profit, collecting income, and more. They may be yield management tools, short-term rental pricing tools, or vacation rental revenue management tools.

Beyond Pricing

A dynamic and automated pricing solution for vacation rental websites is called Beyond pricing. Beyond uses current market data to provide accurate price rate recommendations that can help you increase your bookings, profitability, and time savings. It maintains track on market trends and dynamically modifies your pricing in response to changing demand and rivalry, ensuring that you are consistently obtaining bookings at the most competitive rate. They claim that by using their short-term rental pricing tool, they may increase your income by 10% to 40%.

Why is there a catch? It costs money to utilize this tool. Every booking made via Beyond Pricing throughout a month is subject to a 1% fee, which begins to accrue on the day of the month you signed up. You will only be charged when visitors are actually on your property because if any arrangements alter or visitors cancel, they will credit your account.


A dynamic pricing solution for short-term rentals is PriceLabs. It is accessible anywhere and integrates with your own vacation rental website as well as Airbnb and VRBO. Simply link your listings to the site, and it will examine each one and suggest daily pricing for you. Don’t concur with their advice? Adapt the algorithm as needed to your pricing plan.

You don’t have to keep up with market analytics since they do. To obtain a clearer picture of your current total performance, you may even compare your performance to that of the market. Find an optimum rate by being the first to detect market trends and thereby boost your reservations. Join the pricing platform used by thousands of owners of short-term rentals.


When it comes to sending and receiving money online, Paypal may be the most well-known and often used financial instrument. Though it’s likely that you’re already acquainted with this service, Paypal makes it simple to request and send money straight to your account in case you aren’t. The funds may then be taken out immediately and deposited into a bank account or held on your account as credit.


Another payment processor for online transactions is Stripe. For monitoring and collecting money for your short-term rental, it’s an excellent substitute for Paypal. You may monitor company funds and expenditures, obtain a real or virtual card, and issue invoices using this application.


A tool for managing invoices called Invoicely may help you manage the finances of your vacation rental company. They provide a free plan in addition to various options that cost up to $30. Make invoices, take payments online, keep track of your time and costs, and manage all of your money in one location. For your vacation rental to keep on track, Invoicely delivers dynamically created reports, monthly and annual statements, revenue and expense summaries, and accounts receivable and payable.


Use DocuSign to digitally sign legal papers. Send and get copies of contracts from visitors. DocuSign is safe, honest, and compliant.

Organizing resources

It may be incredibly stressful to juggle all of your company demands, and it also gives you space for mistakes. By organizing and streamlining your life, vacation rental organizational tools make it simple to keep track of everything that occurs in your company.

Google Keep

Google’s own note-taking app is called Google Keep. You may take and manage your notes with it.

Calendar on Google

On all of your devices, Google Calendar makes it easy for you to keep track of your commitments, appointments, and to-dos. When working in teams, each participant may effortlessly submit meeting requests while viewing your calendar. Receive alerts for all of your events so you never again forget.

Google Drive

All of your documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and forms are collected and organized in one place by Google Drive. It automatically saves so that you can access it on all of your devices and makes sharing with others simple.

Google Docs

With its cloud-based infrastructure and ability to view your files from anywhere, Google Docs is a dream for folks who work on the move. Work on papers with others at the same time and provide suggestions for changes to the other team members.


Todoist is an organizing application that short-term rental owners who need a location to list their activities and consolidate their workspaces may find to be of great help. They provide a weekly planner in addition to other tools like priority levels, reminders, filters, and interfaces with email and calendar. You may even assign jobs and projects to other people when more than one individual is engaged.

The fact that this tool’s base plan is free is one of its greatest features. If operating your firm is a shared responsibility, they provide pro and business plan alternatives. These cost $3 to $6 each month.


Running a company takes a lot of effort, particularly if you’re doing it alone, so if you’re working as a team, Trello can help you effectively manage projects, organize collaborations, and operate at your highest level of productivity. They provide boards, lists, and cards so that you may get your short-term rental company organized.


Use Dropbox to send property photographs to guests who are interested in visiting and contracts after a booking is confirmed. Dropbox is a cloud-based file-sharing platform that makes it simple to share and receive documents and photos. Dropbox provides safe access to data and streamlines team collaboration with visitors.

Scannable and Evernote

At this point, Evernote is a very well-known tool for organizing. Organize your digital notes using it, or even bookmark webpages to read later. Additionally, they provide cross-device synchronization, enabling you to always have access to your notes, whether they are stored on a computer, tablet, or mobile device.

Evernote now provides document scanning with its Scannable app. Scan your documents to digitize your life and save time and resources while managing your vacation rental company. Scan your notes, bills, invoices, contracts, and more. Use Scannable to get rid of the paper clutter in your workplace.

Genius Scan

Eliminate paper by using Genius Scan. Users may digitize documents with the aid of this organizing tool and save them in their Genius Cloud. They include business-grade export choices, batch scanning capabilities, and an Expensify connection for accounting requirements. Genius Scan organizes everything for you so you don’t have to worry about losing invoices or contracts for short-term rentals.

Tools for managing properties

For them to remain in prime condition and be ready to receive visitors, vacation rentals need round-the-clock maintenance. We are aware that managing reservations, visitors, repairs, and maintenance of the property are time-consuming; this is where vacation rental management solutions come in.


Handy is the short-term property management solution for you if you want to handle cleaning and maintenance. With Handy, you can find qualified cleaners, handymen, and other home service providers to meet your maintenance requirements.

Simply download their app, and you may quickly hire someone to do that task. Bookings may be made as soon as the next day! You don’t need to worry about anything; just be sure to be there to allow the employees in. The workers will bring all the necessary tools and equipment.

Prepare your holiday rental without doing any cleaning for visitors, without any trouble, all the sparkle.


It might be uncertain about exchanging keys for check-in and check-out, particularly when there are canceled flights or severe traffic. With Lockitron, a keyless entry system for your holiday rentals, you can open doors with the touch of a phone, simplifying check-in and check-out procedures. All you need to do to lock and unlock your doors and give your visitors a virtual key is download the app.

The Bridge connects through WiFi, the Bolt utilizes Bluetooth, and a keypad add-on is available from Lockitron if you want to manually input a keycode combination. The location is available for short-term rentals beginning at $179.

Smart Rental Home

You may remotely lock or unlock your short-term rental using your smartphone and Recently Smart Home. Additionally, you will be informed every time someone enters your property. To protect your short-term rental, they also come with lighting, door, and window motion sensors as well as smart thermostats.


With Houzz, you can realize all of your interior and outdoor design fantasies. You may search through Houzz’s design ideas for every room in your house to discover the ideal décor style. For inspiration, they’ve got more than 10 million photographs if you’re feeling a little artistically uninspired.

You have two options: either purchase straight from their website and do everything yourself or engage experts to design and install everything in your holiday rental. Make your project a reality.

Magic Measure and MagicPlan

Yes, we are aware that they are two distinct tools, but because they complement one another, we are grouping them. These two temporary organizing aids make measuring and setting up your holiday rental much easier.

Simply snap a photo of the room corners on your property, and MagicPlan will turn your area into a floor plan. The rooms may then be put together simply by moving them around on the app, and boom! Your floor layout is expertly drawn.

The distance is then magically determined by MagicMeasure based on an item shown in the picture. There is no need for tape measurements. By doing this, you can determine what will fit in a room when choosing furniture or accents for your rental.


Utilize Fibaro to automate your short-term rental. They provide a variety of devices for home security, including smoke detectors, floor sensors, and window and door sensors.

You will be notified of everything that occurs with your rental by receiving a notice on your phone if any of these sensors are activated. When it comes to security and maintenance, particularly with many homes, this software is a lifesaver.

Party Cutter

Renters may stop worrying about party visitors destroying their property by using Party Squasher. This application adds up all the mobile devices in your rental to inform you if there are more visitors than was first thought. For an accurate count, mobile devices don’t need to be linked to WiFi.

Tools for Channel Management

Using a channel manager is the most straightforward approach to keep track of all your listings and prevent duplicate bookings. Tools for managing vacation rental channels link your listings and coordinate your calendars.


With Lodgable, building your website and taking online reservations have never been simpler. Short-term rental owners may manage all of their listings using Lodgable, a fantastic vacation rental channel management solution. To make operating your short-term rental company easier, we provide cross-channel synchronization of property information and booking calendars to prevent duplicate reservations. There are always options available to you and your business, thanks to Lodgable’s customizable website layouts. See for yourself how Lodgable help grow your business, sign up for your account today!

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