Logo Maker Tools for Vacation Rental Businesses

Logo Maker Tools for Vacation Rental Businesses

No matter what business they are in, all successful brands have recognizable logos that enable customers, users, diners, and shoppers to easily recognize who they are.

Because of this, all businesses—even those that offer vacation rentals—should have a polished logo. A logo will not only help you develop your brand in the larger vacation rental market, but it will also increase trust, draw in more visitors, and help your rental stand out from the crowd.

Before we give you our choice of eight free tools for creating logos that you may use to create your company’s logo, let’s take a closer look at what makes a good logo.

Why is a vacation rental logo effective?

The effectiveness of a vacation rental brand’s logo is influenced by a wide range of factors. Here are some of the most crucial factors to consider while coming up with the ideal logo.


When creating your logo, simplicity is essential. Consider the applications for it: your website, your business cards, or even some individualized products like toiletries at your rental. Avoid making things too complicated with a complex design that won’t copy well.

Therefore, keep it straightforward, choose one or two colors, and make it so that it can be recognized even at a tiny scale.


Even if the name has nothing to do with the symbol or image on their logo, all of your favorite firms’ logos probably immediately come to mind when you think of them. Just in this sector, some of the leading players’ logos quickly come to mind, such as the HomeAway birdhouse, the TripAdvisor owl, and the Airbnb Bélo.

Even while your vacation rental might not become as well-known as those in the list above, you still want everybody who sees your logo to remember it.


What causes some businesses to redesign their logos? to continue to be current, relevant, and fresh. You won’t experience these issues down the road if you start with a vacation rental logo that is current, appropriate for the sector, and representative of your business.


When managing and marketing your vacation rental, your logo needs to be flexible enough to work across a variety of contexts and media. Make sure your logo is adaptable enough to fit on everything from staff uniforms to websites and social media platforms.

How and where should your vacation rental branding be displayed?

Consider where and how you’ll utilize the logo if you’re still debating whether it’s worthwhile to spend the time designing and creating one for your vacation rental or bed and breakfast.

Everything associated with your property should serve as a visual reminder to visitors of your brand and vacation home because it is the most significant graphic feature of your property.

Remember that a picture or an image has a particularly significant influence, so if you can show your guests your vacation rental’s emblem more than once, the likelihood that it will stick in their minds grows.

Do you know what the “Rule of Seven” is?

According to a well-known marketing tenet, potential customers must interact with or see your brand at least seven times before they genuinely notice it and decide to act.

Let’s attempt to apply this idea to your vacation rental company. You must be successful in displaying your brand at least seven times for it to be genuinely ingrained in the minds of potential guests.

Yet how? Most importantly, where? Don’t worry, you can utilize your logo in a variety of locations.

The first is unquestionably on your website for holiday rentals. Use your rental company’s logo on the homepage, menu, header, and footer of the website to ensure that it is always easy to see.

Do you advertise your vacation home on social media sites? Use the logo on your Twitter account, YouTube channel, Instagram, or Facebook page. The logo can be used as a cover photo or as your profile picture. Additionally, if you choose to advertise your company on social media, your logo will help you stand out and ensure that users can easily recognize you.

Utilizing your logo in all marketing materials for your bed and breakfast or vacation home is another strategy to maximize its utilization.

Use it in your rental agreement, welcome letter, or welcome book that visitors will see when they arrive.

And why not utilize it inside your house as well? Use the logo you created for your rental on the walls, hand towels, mugs, and notepads. You may even hire a painter to create a mural or do anything else lavish that comes to mind. This will give your home a true brand identity!

The story doesn’t end there, either, as the same logo can be used to advertise your vacation rental on OTAs like Booking.com, Expedia, or Airbnb, helping to instantly set your listing apart from the competition.

Tools for Free Logo Creation to Get Started

Want to design a logo for your vacation rental company but don’t know how or even where to begin? Let us assist. This collection of six free logo creation tools will let you get inventive and start turning your brand concepts into reality.

1. Looka 

When using Looka to create a logo, it first poses certain questions to the user depending on the styles, colors, and icons they choose. With the help of this data, Logojoy creates some free logo alternatives for you to begin customizing. The ability to get a precise preview of how your logo will appear on t-shirts, business cards, and other items is a delightful feature of this logo builder. The creation of the logo is free, but once you’re ready to download it, the price will be between $20 and $65 for a complete package that includes logos, copyright ownership, brand guidelines, and modifying rights.

2. Free Logo Design

A fantastic internet resource for generating your vacation rental business logo is Free Logo Design. Simply enter the name of your business to get started, then select the category it falls under (we suggest selecting “travel and hotel”). The website will generate a ton of pre-made logo templates that you can start modifying right away. Once finished, you can save the no-cost logo or purchase a high-resolution version for $59 to download.

3. Logo Maker

Don’t be misled by the website’s retro appearance; more than 3.5 million businesses have used it to create their logos. Choose your industry (we’d pick travel & hospitality), then type the name of your business. The Logo Maker will then generate several templates for you to choose from almost immediately. Just scroll through and pick the one that appeals to you. Before saving your logo for use, you can make changes to elements like colors and fonts.

4. Logoshi 

The idea of Logoshi was born out of the founder’s irritation at having to pay hundreds of dollars for a logo he didn’t like. Users can quickly create a text logo for no cost, and after they are satisfied with the design, they can pay to acquire the whole logo package. The standard cost is $49, although occasionally there are deals available that make it only $25.

5. Design Hill 

Anyone can create a logo fast and easily using the Design Hill free logo builder by selecting from a variety of pre-made icons and frames and personalizing all the fonts, colors, and styles. Although you can download these logos for free, Design Hill also provides custom logos for businesses starting at $199.

6. Canva

The free Canva tool is a one-stop shop for all your design requirements and makes great company logos. You must create a free account to use Canva. Once you’ve done that, all you need to do is select “Logo” from the “Marketing Materials” section, click the “Create a design” option, and then browse the templates. By selecting the best fonts, colors, and icon sets, you may personalize them.

7. Hatchful 

Last but not least, Hatchful can assist any owner of a vacation rental in producing a professional logo in a matter of clicks. You can choose from hundreds of industry-related and niche-specific templates to start designing your home-renting logo. Select the location of your company, your visual identity, your name, your tagline, and the context in which your logo will be used. You may have hundreds of logos prepared for your vacation rental in less than a minute!

8. Tailor Brands 

Tailor Brands is a tool for creating custom logos for your brand rather than using pre-made templates. You can create a brand-new logo for your vacation rental business in just six easy steps in under three minutes. When the logo concepts are complete, you may edit and resize them for use on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube.

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