Airbnb Business Card Ideas That Will Leave Your Jaw-Dropping

Airbnb Business Card Ideas That Will Leave Your Jaw-Dropping

Nowadays, do you still need an Airbnb business card to advertise your vacation rental on Airbnb or other OTAs? This is a legitimate question since you virtually solely advertise your home online, and that’s where your clients discover you.

We think one of the best methods to spread the word about your company and brand in most sectors is a well-designed business card. The industry of vacation rentals is not an exception.

What has changed, though, is that you no longer have to spend a lot on custom-designed business cards for vacation rentals.

Even if you lack any creative ability, there are several free and inexpensive tools available that you may use to make your own fashionable and expert business cards.

We’ll get to it later, along with some fantastic Airbnb business card inspiration and even a few layouts you can download and quickly modify.

There are alternatives if you’re concerned about the environmental effects of producing business cards. Some individuals don’t send out tangible business cards at all; instead, they allow prospective clients to snap pictures of them.

How do business cards work?

With the use of a business card, you may attract new clients and business partners and help them remember you after doing business with you in the past.

Additionally, a business card offers your contact information so prospective clients can contact you. You may distribute them at gatherings or keep them on display in your vacation home so that visitors can take them home and share them with their friends.

Why is a business card for Airbnb necessary?

When you distribute your business cards to potential clients at networking events, at trade shows, or just while going about your regular operations, they will see you as a qualified expert who knows what you’re doing. In a time when individuals are inundated with virtual information, which is perhaps easier to ignore, they act as physical reminders of your brand and your company.

Not all of your visitors will find you online. Some people could find out about you through travel expos, tourism conferences, informal get-togethers, or other in-person interactions. A standout business card can be the one thing that sets you apart from your rivals.

What should your Airbnb business card contain?

One of the most frequent issues with business cards is that they may be badly made and sometimes lack the necessary information to be of sufficient value.

Fortunately, as we already indicated, making vacation rental business cards no longer requires hiring a pricey design firm.

But even if you want to design them yourself, there are certain fundamental rules to follow to prevent your business cards from going into the garbage. These are a few of the crucial components an Airbnb business card has to include.

Mark and slogan

Your brand, logo, and slogan should be included on your Airbnb business card, and ideally, they should match the branding on your vacation rental website. In this manner, prospective visitors will remember your brand identity better.

The brand unites your company’s marketing strategies as well. Making a solid first impression is important since a guest’s engagement with your company will often begin with a business card.

Names, and occupation

People like doing business with others. Your name and the position title associated with your vacation rental company should be included on your business card. Listing your additional titles, day jobs, or interests here will confuse your visitors. Remain relevant.

Consider including a short professional headshot to “humanize” the transaction and help consumers understand who they will be working with.

Contact information

Your contact information may seem simple, but it is very crucial if you want people to contact you. You should make it as simple as you can for prospective customers to contact you.

The best contact information, preferably both, is straightforward, such as your cell phone number and professional email address. In case you miss a call from a potential client, make sure your answering message is professional.

Include your city as an additional reminder for anybody looking at your card if your property name doesn’t already indicate where it is if it doesn’t already.

To ensure that visitors can locate your house, it’s also advisable to provide the whole address of your Airbnb.

Your web page

If you don’t already have one, now is the time to think about getting one since it will offer you more control over your brand and may also increase your revenue from direct reservations.

On your business card, provide the URL or website address. A landing page with a URL unique to this page might potentially be made to draw in website visitors who arrive through your Airbnb business card.

A neighborhood map for your rental location, a special offer or money-off coupon, or the addition of a video (of you discussing your property or of footage of your home) are a few suggestions for such a landing page.

Keep in mind that a short, catchy, unique URL will perform better in driving traffic from your business card to your website. Nobody wants to type a website URL for 20 minutes, after all! As an alternative, you could also include a QR code, allowing visitors to see your website by just pointing their camera at the little black square.

Using your social media accounts

If your hotel has social media accounts, using your handle—the part of the username that comes after the @ sign—or a link to your profile will make it easier for visitors to locate you online and increase the number of followers and interactions you get. Owners of vacation rentals often advertise their homes and interact with prospective tenants on Facebook and Instagram.

White room

Less is more in this situation. Keep your business card simple and provide enough white space around the material to attract the reader’s attention to the most important information. Keep things simple and uncluttered.

Best suggestions for creating an Airbnb business card

We provide some guidelines for developing your own Airbnb business cards, including dos and don’ts.

Simple is best.

Less is more, as was just said. Avoid using too many colors, typefaces, or pictures.

Put readability first

Avoid the temptation to use a beautiful, ornamental font since they are often difficult to read. Additionally, avoid using a font size that makes it difficult to read your text.

Use both sides of your card

Why squander it if you can utilize that extra room to include and space out the most significant elements?

Avoid using too many colors

Bold colors may draw attention, but make sure they are consistent with your brand and are not too obtrusive.

Check your content again

You will quickly lose credibility if you make a typo. Check everything once again. Better still, get the help of a few friends to proofread your card and make sure it is error-free.

How should your business card for Airbnb look?

Here are some free online DIY tools that you may use to make your great business cards, as promised. Additionally, they provide some fantastic samples and ideas for Airbnb business cards.

Additionally, you may print or purchase your Airbnb business cards using most of these platforms. In our explanation of the tools below, you’ll discover some recommendations.


More than 50,000 templates for every kind of design are available on Canva. You may quickly go through their templates by profession and edit them to your preferences or create your own from the start. Additionally, in certain areas, you can now purchase your prints straight from Canva. Visit their support sites for further information.


Moo provides high-quality designs with various accessible finishes and templates or the option to create a unique one. They provide a variety of options, including square business cards, recycled cotton t-shirt offcuts, and even the conventional rectangular business card!

Immediate print

Like Moo, instant print lets customers create their custom business cards or choose from various colorful, double-sided designs. Even the largest business card set from Instantprint broke the Guinness World Record! However, we don’t advise you to use that size template for your vacation home.


PsPrint, a company with more than 750,000 clients, provides affordable rates for their business card bundles as well as hundreds of predetermined designs. Customers may also choose to have their business cards printed in a unique form.

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