Airbnb Marketing Strategy: Stay on Top of Your Competitors

Airbnb Marketing Strategy: Stay on Top of Your Competitors

It’s no longer enough to provide a fantastic guest experience to increase your occupancy rate. Now you must create and implement an Airbnb marketing plan to attract visitors and keep your calendar full for months to come.

According to the Search Engine Journal, 50% of small and medium enterprises do not have a marketing plan to reach out to clients. Another 25% are unclear how to expand their business.

So, how can you create an Airbnb marketing plan that works? Continue reading to learn how to apply the finest marketing tactics for your short-term rental company to outperform the competition and seize the lead.

What is the definition of an Airbnb marketing strategy?

It is vital to promote your rental properties to attract prospective visitors to reach the largest audience feasible. Your Airbnb marketing plan determines how you will get your company in front of prospective visitors and convert them to bookers. This is a strategy for how and where you’ll advertise your vacation rental, which may involve both online and offline efforts. It’s an important component of a successful rental management plan that should never be disregarded!

What Are the Benefits of Digital Marketing for Your Vacation Rental Business?

Although physical marketing might help you increase your booking rate, most transactions now take place online. As a result, digital marketing is critical to your success as a host. It’s a major risk to ignore it since it might lead to your company being eclipsed by rivals with a marketing strategy in place.

Furthermore, when it comes to digital marketing you want to use, you must be strategic. You don’t want to waste time on digital marketing strategies that don’t provide the desired outcomes! After all, your efforts don’t belong simply somewhere. So, let’s take a look at some of the tactics that many hosts and property managers have found successful.

1. Use Facebook to Grow Your Business

According to the most recent research, 52 percent of tourists use social media to get suggestions while booking a vacation. Surprisingly, 42 percent of Facebook postings are about travel, making it an ideal platform for promoting your vacation rental company.

Create a Facebook business page for your Airbnb rentals to begin using Facebook in your marketing plan. Link the newly made entries on your new page to your vacation rental listings on the various sites.

You should utilize your Facebook business page to offer relevant material for tourists in addition to posting about your short-term rentals. This might include suggestions on the best places to visit, activities to do, or sights to see in your area.

Finally, you have the option of using Facebook advertising. You may create sponsored ad campaigns to increase brand exposure, engagement, and followers all across the globe. Facebook will inform you how much interaction a sponsored ad campaign may bring you and how much boosting your post will cost you right on your company page.

Create a logo and a name for your company to help develop your brand. To simplify your Airbnb digital marketing plan, use your brand name and logo across all of your social media accounts.

1. Learn how to use Instagram

Even though Facebook may provide excellent results, Instagram is the place to be right now. It’s beneficial if you’re trying to reach out to a younger demographic. Every day, more than 500 million individuals use Instagram. Instagram is the place to go if you want to reach out to millennials or Gen Z travelers.

It’s also a very visual site that’s great for sharing exciting and timely photographs and videos. This is the ideal platform for exhibiting your rentals and the kind of experience visitors may expect if they book with you.

Attempting to make your company profile appear professional and attractive is a smart idea. As a result, you should learn how to edit and improve your images using smartphone applications (Snapseed, Lightroom, VSCO, Afterlight, etc.).

You may save a lot of money by creating unique content for your Instagram account yourself with the help of an app. However, don’t go crazy with picture manipulation; you don’t want to set false expectations in the minds of your potential visitors.

Take the time to try out the various content types accessible on the site. Posts, articles, Highlights, Reels, and ITV videos are now available. You may use each of these in a variety of ways:

  • Posts

Posts are a terrific method to highlight one prominent feature or amenity on your property. Maintain a straightforward tone in your articles and avoid cramming too much information about your complete property into a single post. Instead, encourage the customer to learn more by clicking on other content options on your website (such as stories and reels).

  • Stories

Stories are 24-hour-long content pieces that appear on a user’s profile, such as images or videos. You may save the tales by adding them to your Highlights collection. By organizing your tales in Highlights, you’ll be able to construct a collection of stories that will stay on your profile indefinitely and may be rewatched at any time.

You may use Stories to document new changes, such as renovations or installations, or take a virtual tour of your house. You may also make a list of local attractions and entertaining activities in the region, then categorize them in your Highlights by theme.

  • Reels

Is there a jacuzzi or spectacular views in your rental? Capture it in a reel that will encourage viewers to learn more or book a reservation! Reels may be used in the same manner as Stories to keep track of ongoing events or highlight a particular selling element of your rental property.

This format now provides the greatest reach since Reels are pushed into Instagram’s recommendations, where people may discover them.

  • Videos on ITV

Longer footage, known as ITV videos, may be used to produce more detailed records of your property and its environs.

3. Create a Personal Brand

In a congested market, differentiating your Airbnb company from the competition begins with your brand. Effective Airbnb marketing relies on a well-established brand to foster long-term trust and loyalty.

It is also simpler for your visitors to recall your vacation rental home if you have your brand. When they’re ready to schedule with you again, they’ll locate you quicker.

4. The Best-Kept Secret Is Local Partnerships

Local collaborations may add a lot of value to your vacation rental company. Your partners may also be able to assist you in spreading the word about your vacation rental company in the neighborhood. Most of your rivals will not take advantage of collaborations with local eateries, amusement parks, or equipment rental providers.

Make unique deals and discounts for your visitors by forming local relationships. This will result in mutually beneficial cooperative ventures that will also help local firms. Your visitors will enjoy that booking with you allows them to save money on local special deals during their stay.

5. Make a video to advertise your rental property.

Making a promotional film for your vacation rental is a terrific approach to get people interested in it. A video gives people the opportunity to see and feel your property in a way that images just cannot.

You may use your movie to promote your property’s primary features and attractions, as well as neighboring landmarks and points of interest. However, be sure to concentrate the bulk of your film on your vacation rental house since this is why people are watching.

Filming a virtual tour of your house both inside and out is one of the best ways to make a unique video. A drone camera may also be used to get an aerial image of your rental property.

6. Collaborate with Influencers on Social Media

Airbnb’s digital marketing approach includes collaborating with well-known influencers. Many travel bloggers can help you acquire awareness for your company by posting on Instagram or YouTube.

A collaboration with an influencer, on the other hand, can only provide benefits if you accomplish the following first:

  • Choose the Correct Influencer

To guarantee that the influencer is a suitable fit, you should know your audience through and out and understand the influencer’s audience. Consider the influencer’s followers’ age as well as their prospective interests.

  • Establish clear objectives and goals.

You should plan whatever features of your vacation rental company you wish to market ahead of time. And, maybe more crucially, how you plan to evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

  • Use a contract to define the terms and conditions.

In exchange for endorsing your company, what will the influencer get? What are the minimal requirements for an influencer to get reimbursed for their services? How will you discontinue your Airbnb marketing campaign if the partnership doesn’t go as anticipated? Make sure everything is written down in a contract.

Finding influencers will most likely take some time. For the greatest outcomes, be sure you prepare ahead of time.

7. Make Your Own Youtube Channel for Your Business

YouTube is not only the most popular video site, but it is also the second most popular search engine on the internet, behind only Google. YouTube has 1.9 billion users worldwide, and their consumption of video material is increasing.

Creating a YouTube account is a great method to make your company stand out. Make movies, for example, on the main attractions in your area and what makes it a must-see destination. Create films that highlight your properties as part of your YouTube marketing plan. Create intriguing material that will help visitors learn more about your location.

Travelers expect actual value from your video content. They will value insider advice and suggestions from someone well-versed in the topic.

Videos with names like “Top 5 Beaches to Explore” or “Top 10 Things to Do in (Your City)” are more likely to be popular with your target audience. The more popular your video is, the higher it will appear in search results on YouTube.

Your Airbnb YouTube marketing plan should also emphasize growing your subscriber base. Cross-promote your Youtube channel on other social media platforms to increase your subscriber base.

8. Use content marketing to its full potential

“Content is king,” as the cliché goes, and content marketing is essential for generating continuous reservations. A marketing approach centered on developing and distributing relevant material is known as content marketing. The goal is to draw in and keep an audience that will generate leads and, eventually, conversions (customers). Conversions would be either a first-time or repeat visitor in this situation.

If you have a direct booking website, creating and maintaining your blog is an excellent content marketing method. Creating fascinating and relevant material for your blog will connect with your readers, resulting in followers and consumers.

A blog that is search engine optimized may also aid in the generation of fresh visitors and leads. The more SEO-optimized entries you have on your blog, the more likely it will attract new readers who may want to book with you.

Make Your Airbnb Marketing Strategy a Work of Art

Getting a leg up on the competition necessitates a unique strategy. You can attract more reservations and establish your position as a top Airbnb host by going the additional mile to deliver genuine value to your audience.

Enhance your Airbnb listing to start advertising your short-term rental home. Read our guide to discover how to maximize the potential of your listing to increase bookings and income.


While Airbnb marketing is critical for company development, you can only go so far without the correct property management tools on your side. Vacation rental software, such as Lodgable, enables the smooth functioning of your company by simplifying everyday activities. Property managers who utilize the full capabilities of Lodgable see a 30% increase in revenue.

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