Content to Wow Potential Guests on Vacation Rental Websites

Content to Wow Potential Guests on Vacation Rental Websites

Your vacation rental website is often where visitors first learn about your home and company. They may see a sizable picture collection that displays your house’s greatest aspects. They will find out about the facilities you provide (or don’t). And eventually, that’s where they’ll decide whether or not to make a reservation.

There are many best practices for turning website visits into reservations, but where should you start? Enhancing the material of your vacation rental website to give visitors all they want to read and more

This breakdown of the topics you need to address will help you wow potential customers and obtain those appointments.

1. Exceptional Vacation Rental Information

Your property description’s main goal should be to lure prospective guests and get them excited about staying at your house. Each property’s description varies since each one is unique.

“There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for how to design the perfect description,” say vacation rental copy gurus Guest Hook. Although there isn’t a single formula for creating a great description, you may play to your skills to give visitors the most accurate picture of your house. This involves using the most relevant keywords for SEO so that more people will find your site more quickly.

Don’t be hesitant to let your owner’s personality come through in your description since doing so will establish trust and help the visitor picture their trip. Make visitors feel at home before making a reservation by adding a dash of your sense of humor or a few personal experiences.

We can’t tell you precisely what to write, but we can give you some terms to stay away from while describing your vacation rental.

2. Section About Us

Similar to your description, including an “about us” page on your website may make visitors feel more connected to you and give them a clearer idea of your company. This may also serve as a persuasive factor for tourists who aren’t sure about a certain property.

It demonstrates your concern for your company and the kinds of visitors who remain with you when you take the time to introduce yourself to your audience. Describe the origins of your residence and the factors that led to your decision to make it a shared space. Maybe it’s a family-owned company?

Include a brief description of any local projects your company is associated with, such as sustainable tourism programs, in addition to your bio.

3. The Guide to Hidden Treasures

Every visitor may Google “what to do in [city]” and make a plan for their trip. They will have already made their travel plans based on what they have read or heard about their location. However, they won’t have access to the insider tips only locals are aware of; here is where you come in.

You’ll win huge points with prospective tourists by creating a guide listing the undiscovered attractions, off-the-beaten-path landmarks, and independent restaurants exclusively frequented by locals in your region. Additionally, it will establish you as a local area authority, assuring visitors to take your advice.

Furthermore, visitors will find your website to read the material when they search for activities to do in your neighbourhood while making travel plans. They may simply reserve your holiday home from there. Simple.

4. Clear Instructions

Whether your resort is close to airports, railway stations, or a well-known drive-to location, provide visitors clear instructions to the main transportation hubs. When prospective travellers have queries like “how long will it take us to get there?” having this information in advance may provide an answer and influence their decision to book.

So that visitors can zoom in and out and see the actual location of the home, you may even put an interactive map on your vacation rental website.

5. A directory of places to buy

Making a tiny directory of places where visitors can buy the local goods they’ll discover at your property is another way to generate excitement about your vacation rental before arriving.

Check out the sample from AC Thomas House above. This may be anything from independent furniture stockists to handcrafted soaps and local specialities. When a visitor departs from a vacation rental property wanting to purchase a replica of what they have experienced while travelling, it indicates a terrific place to stay.

6. Offers for Exclusive Partnerships

Creating local alliances with other companies in your neighbourhood is an essential tactical marketing approach for any vacation rental. They may enhance the guest experience you provide your guests, boosting revenue and creating a better sense of community.

Therefore, showcase any exclusive deals that visitors are staying at your facility have access to on your website. They may use this information to better organise their vacation and take advantage of the unique possibilities of renting your house. This may be a special bargain for breakfast or supper, cheap admission tickets to nearby sights, or even private tour guides who can show visitors the greatest parts of your community.

7. Reliable Reviews

More than seventy-five per cent of tourists, according to research, read hotel and other lodging reviews before booking. So that prospective customers may read about other people’s experiences, your website must have a collection of authentic guest evaluations.

This is one area of your website that needs regular updating and refreshing. If the most recent review was written more than three years ago, a visitor who wishes to make a reservation for a year would probably be turned off. Even while we’d all want only to get great evaluations from customers, a bad review isn’t the end if you know how to handle it.

8. Original content

Wherever your vacation rental is located around the globe, you must use creativity in the content of your website to stand out from neighboring homes.

It may come in the form of a creative contact information graphic like the one Ersfjord Mountain Cottage created, or it could take the shape of some interesting fact cards on your webpage. There are many methods to display your material to keep it unique, no matter the design of your website

You may also start a blog where you can put all your stuff. Additionally, it may provide you with content for social media posts and make their website appear top of Google searches. Think about changing your blog’s content based on the season and time of year. For instance, you may focus your blog on local winter activities if it’s winter and vice versa if it’s summer.

9. A focus on family

Families choose holiday rentals because they “usually provide more room for less money and the sort of facilities like kitchens and common areas that families require while they are on the road,” said Airbnb, the world’s largest marketplace for vacation rentals. As a result, targeting this sizable target population with your website content will help you attract more families and boost reservations!

When you address the family-friendliness of your property head-on, you have the chance to emphasize the many alternatives and kid-friendly activities available both there and nearby. Parents may plan their schedules well before their vacation, which helps them prevent any possible hassles down the road.

Any travel website now considers content to be a crucial component. In addition to helping visitors fall head over heels for your establishment, content may boost your website’s Google ranking, increase conversion rate by responding to frequently asked questions, and convey the personality of your business to prospective customers.

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