Are Drone Videos the New Standard in Vacation Rental Marketing?

Are Drone Videos the New Standard in Vacation Rental Marketing?

The development of marketing for holiday rentals

Online vacation rental marketplaces like Airbnb, TripAdvisor, and VRBO have developed into a crucible for connecting people from all over the globe with locations. As more and more people choose to rent via these websites rather than make a hotel reservation, business is expanding.

If you manage a vacation rental, your future is promising. An expanding industry offers more potential to profit from your property. A larger market does, however, also imply more competition, so it’s essential to develop something that provides your home a “stand-out” edge over other houses in your target location.

Marketing strategies for vacation rentals are changing as a result of the competitive climate. Photography that depicts both the inside and outside of the rental home has become the norm for vacation rental marketing. Glossy photographs taken by professionals that showcase all the facilities are at one extreme of the range. Fuzzy images taken on a mobile phone are at the opposite extreme of the spectrum. These pictures, whether taken by experts or amateurs, only provide a very rudimentary impression of what the rental offers.

There is now a means to go beyond the fundamentals.

Drones provide dynamic perspectives

For owners hoping to increase the booking rate of their property, drone videography is the hottest new competitive advantage. The home and its surroundings will be captured in exquisite detail using drones equipped with high-definition cameras. A movie-like video tour of properties is produced using expert editing and a captivating soundtrack, surpassing even the best images. Consider the difference between seeing a movie trailer and viewing a movie poster. The former surely makes you more eager to see the film.

This is why integrating drone filming and interior photography to showcase homes is quickly becoming as the new norm in all-encompassing vacation rental marketing.

To stay ahead of the curve and boost their property’s visibility on listing websites, improve website traffic, and boost renters’ perceptions of its worth, property owners and managers are turning to the drone business.

The Cause of the Trend

Millions of people who are browsing listing websites are considering staying at your home. Renters may learn the facts about your property from the material you provide on these websites or on your own website, but it does not highlight the experience. The most effective marketing tells a narrative, and video provides you the ability to do it, unlike any other format.

Depending on the setting and tenor of the property, stories might take a huge variety. What is the highlight of a drone video? Everyone will have a different story to share. While a property film from the Midwest may capture the natural aesthetic, a property video from Los Angeles might add life to the nearby beaches and lively nightlife. Each time, visitors feel more connected to the listing and are able to picture themselves vacationing there.

Drone filming is essential in today’s digital age to increase interest in and bookings for your property.


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