Airbnb Guest Review Examples for Every Host

Airbnb Guest Review Examples for Every Host

When a visitor checks out on an Airbnb vacation rental, they leave a review for both the owner and the property they stayed in. Similarly, when a visitor has left, the host reviews them.

Many Airbnb businesses fall behind their competitors simply because they lack reviews. Vacation rental companies can’t afford to lose out on the growing trend of tourists researching and reading reviews of accommodations before making a reservation.

Both host and traveler evaluations are critical; they might differ between getting a reservation and the visitor going elsewhere.

Writing a fresh review for each visitor might be tough, particularly if you rent frequently.

We’ll look at why Airbnb guest reviews are crucial, how to write them, and what to do if you manage your vacation rental remotely in this post. In addition, we’ll provide you with a few samples of Airbnb guest reviews.

What is the Significance of Airbnb Guest Reviews?

Because Airbnb reservations are heavily reliant on reviews and ratings, it’s critical to provide a guest review. Remember that they must both leave a review for either guest or host to appear.

These evaluations will not only assist you and other landlords in properly evaluating prospective guests, but they will also drive more traffic to your property in the long term. Let’s look at some of the reasons why you should take the time to write a review for a guest:

Increase the Number of Reservations

You’ve got a beautiful vacation rental; what’s the best method to promote it and boost reservations, apart from the images and listing description? Authentic feedback from those who have been there!

Travelers depend on the views of others to help them plan their vacations. When prospective visitors are researching your property, they will always read evaluations made by previous guests. They want to know whether the property is worth reserving and if the photographs and listing description match the guest experience.

As a result, leaving a review for each visitor will result in additional reviews! Writing guest reviews will not only help potential bookers trust you but will also increase your visibility. More people will locate your home since your name and profile will display more often on the site. Overall, it will boost your bookings while enhancing your profile and reputation as a host.

Assist other hosts

It is critical to provide guest evaluations to assist the Airbnb host community. As soon as a visitor requests your Airbnb property, you’ll be able to observe how they performed and behaved in other apartments. It allows you and other hosts to go over the guest’s profiles and see what they were like. If you find a nasty review posted by a former host, for example, you’ll know not to accept that visitor.

If you’ve hosted on Airbnb before, you’re probably aware of the importance of reading other hosts’ reviews before deciding whether or not to accept a guest. By following suit and leaving your evaluations, you’re also helping out other hosts who may wish to use your information before accepting a reservation. Similarly, other hosts are assisting you as well!

React to Unfavorable Feedback

Another benefit is that hosts can undertake damage control if needed. If a visitor leaves a poor review of your property, you now have the opportunity to publicly address the issues by providing plausible justifications. Negative reviews also provide you the chance to show off your great customer service – not only to the disgruntled visitor but also to the many other prospective guests who read your evaluations.

Make a Great First Impression

Another important consideration is the impression you make on other users. A host who takes the time and effort to create a customized evaluation for each visitor will impress future prospective guests.

An Airbnb host who promises to communicate with their guests long after they’ve departed will undoubtedly pay attention to other aspects of the stay, such as cleanliness, reception, and communication. These little things have a significant effect. It will demonstrate your trustworthiness, and they will feel secure while reserving your holiday rental.

Guidelines for Airbnb Guest Reviews

Airbnb has made it simple to leave a guest review, and there are just a few rules to follow as a host:

  • You have to submit your Airbnb guest review 14 days after their checkout date. Remember to complete this as soon as your visitors leave and submit it on time.
  • When writing your remarks, be honest and fair. Remember that any other hosts will be able to see them.
  • Make a list of the essential elements (both good and bad) that you believe should be highlighted for other owners.
  • You have 48 hours from when you submit your review to make changes or until the guests have submitted theirs.

How to leave an Airbnb Guest Review

A positive guest review is critical to your company’s success. It shows that you are a professional to visitors and other hosts. Even yet, some hosts get disoriented throughout the procedure. Consider your real visitor and their stay at your vacation rental, and consider the following:

1. The best policy is, to be honest.

As a host, you must ensure that guests who stay with you get an honest and accurate evaluation. Make certain that these testimonials are based on how they handled your holiday rental. If you had a good experience with them, let others know.

If you had a bad encounter with one of your guests, you should be honest about it in your review. After all, future landlords will notice this and wish to avoid having problems with their tenants. You don’t want them to go through what you went through.

2. What type of visitors did they have?

You may also describe the sort of visitors they were, such as partygoers, peaceful guests, or newlyweds, as well as their purposes for staying, such as vacation, family visit, or business trip. Use words to describe how well they hosted, such as peaceful, friendly, nice, noisy, dirty, and so on.

3. Did everything go according to plan?

From the time they made a reservation or enquired until they checked out. How did you communicate with them before check-in? Were they able to check out when they were meant to? Or were they running late? Did they have any issues throughout their stay?

The way you respond to these questions sets the tone for future hosts. If the guests are a little more laid-back or, even worse, unresponsive, it should be noted in the Airbnb guest review.

4. Was the location in excellent condition when they left?

When they departed your property, how was it? Mention it if it was left in poor shape. Is it the same with house rules; did they breach any of them? No smoking, no parties, no extra visitors, and so forth.

Remember that accidents can happen; therefore, if anything breaks during their visit, it should only be highlighted if ignored or handled inappropriately. If the quality of the stay reflects the guest’s character and how careful or careless they were with your holiday rental, stating it is important.

5. Would you be willing to host them again?

Would you allow the visitors to remain in your rental if they contacted you in the future? If that’s the case, mention it in your review. Do you have any reservations about referring this visitor to other hosts?

It’s important to let them know if you’d want them to return! If you believe it will impact your company long-term, kindly inform them that they will not be returning to your facility.

6. Rate them on a scale of one to five stars.

While you’re writing about them, you can also give them a star rating to indicate how amazing (or not so great) they were while they were with you. It may attract everyone’s attention faster than what you write in your review in certain circumstances.

This also avoids the need to sugarcoat or fluff any issues you may have had with the visitor. Say it if it was a two-star experience!

How can I leave a review if I manage the property from afar?

Even if you’re planning a long-distance rental, you should leave a guest review on Airbnb. Ask your neighbors whether the guests were loud if you have a good connection with them. If you have a property manager, get feedback after your visitors have left. You may also request that they utilize an inventory checklist to guarantee that everything was left in its original location and condition.

Your review doesn’t have to be extensive; it might just be a comment to another visitor’s review and a means of expressing “thank you” for staying at your property. If you’re still perplexed about what to say about your visitors from afar, check out our Airbnb reviews for guests below.

A Guest Review of an Airbnb Host vs. a Host Review of a Guest

Some hosts may be tempted to use Airbnb host review templates since there is so much online information, but keep in mind that the tone, positioning, and explanations will all be different.

From the viewpoint of the host and the visitor, the experience is not the same. A host’s worries or annoyances vary from those of a visitor. Not only is the substance different, but so is the significance. A visitor might use host reviews to assist them in deciding where to go on vacation. Bad ratings may be very damaging to a host’s company.

Five examples of good Airbnb Guest Reviews

Have you had a positive interaction with a visitor and want to share it? Please make a note of it in your guest review! We’ve got you covered if you’re not sure where to begin or what to say. Here are just a few Airbnb guest review examples:

  1. (Name) and his/her boyfriend/girlfriend were fantastic visitors! A kind and courteous pair that knows how to look after other people’s belongings. I would host them again and suggest them to other hosts.
  2. It was a joy to host (guest’s name)! They cleaned up after themselves and were quiet all weekend. We had a terrific time together, and I hope to have them stay with me again soon!
  3. (Names) were fantastic guests to entertain. I knew they’d take wonderful care of my house. Thank you for choosing to stay at (property name)!
  4. I enjoyed having (guest name) since they could respect the space, have a good time, and appreciate the surroundings. They were fantastic at renting the space, and I hope to have the opportunity to host them again.
  5. (Guest name) followed all of my home rules and was permitted to come and go as they pleased. They were courteous and quiet, which I appreciated. I would strongly advise others to use them!

How to Write a Negative Airbnb Guest Review

You’ll have to be ready for unfavorable reviews for every visitor that leaves you a glowing review. Even if you have excellent vacation rental house policies in place, nothing can guarantee that your visitors will respect your property. Not every stay will be perfect, so you must provide your honest feedback. With that in mind, honesty must be accompanied by courtesy.

We’ll offer you five samples of bad Airbnb guest reviews to work with. This should ideally be customized to indicate the problem or issue specifically. If you’re posting a bad Airbnb guest review, you’ll need to be explicit about why, so use these examples as a guideline, but customize it as needed.


  1. Although our check-out time is 11 a.m., visitors have elected to remain until 3 p.m. When they eventually checked out, the home was in disarray, forcing us to postpone our next appointment. I would not suggest these visitors since it may impact your other bookings, as it did with ours.
  2. Guests broke our Airbnb guidelines by organizing a home party and inviting five more people to stay with them. The visitor gave us a one-star rating after charging an extra cleaning cost for the mess. This visitor should not be entertained.
  3. I’m sorry for having to write a poor review, but I would never suggest hosting this person. (Guest name) was courteous at first but did not follow any of our home regulations, including no house parties, locking the door when leaving, or having pets.
  4. I would advise against hosting this visitor. The visitor smashed the locks to the house’s off-limit storage section, even though the storage room was not for guest use, as specified in the welcome book.
  5. I will not be hosting this visitor again. We got a fine from the homeowner’s association after knocking on all of our neighbors’ doors at midnight.

As you can see from these Airbnb review examples, being tough and to the point is critical. This is not the time for a personal attack; coming off as ill-intentioned can hurt your image as a host. Straightforwardly and concisely, explain why you would not suggest this visitor.

Remember that guests will be reading the reviews you leave of them, so be kind, truthful, and instructive. It’s not a sensitive topic since Airbnb guest evaluations are crucial for you, your company, the visitors, and other hosts. One of the most enjoyable aspects? In the long term, it will increase your traffic.

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