What to Look for in a Vacation Rental Management Company

What to Look for in a Vacation Rental Management Company

After owning a vacation rental property for some time, you can eventually feel overburdened by the never-ending responsibilities involved in managing your rental and think about hiring a vacation rental firm to assist you in running your business.

You are not alone yourself. Many homeowners feel they need assistance running their holiday rental and hire a seasoned firm or property manager to keep things under control. Your position and your budget will determine how much work you want the firm to undertake for you and how to pick the finest vacation rental company.

Additionally, picking the best one might be difficult since there are so many different vacation property management firms available, many of which claim that they are superior to one another in various ways.

Let’s look at what a vacation rental property manager performs and how you should go about selecting the best alternative for your vacation rental company to make this decision simpler.

You will need a property management agreement to outline the job’s parameters and to safeguard the interests of the owner and the firm after you’ve selected the best candidate.

What does managing a vacation rental entail?

So, is managing the property yourself better than hiring a manager? How can you tell whether you need vacation rental management services? What does this kind of service include specifically? Everything is dependent upon your spending limit and available time for your company (daily, monthly, or annually).

Many first-time owners of vacation rentals underestimate the amount of effort required to make sure everything operates well. From cleaning to communicating with guests, the list of duties gradually grows into a full-time job.

The following are some common duties that owners of holiday rentals often delegate to vacation home rental management companies:

  • property preservation
  • cleaning, replacing linens, towels, and other amenities
  • Invoices, taxes, and insurance
  • legal counsel on matters about holiday rental management
  • keeping track of bookings, reservations, visitor inquiries, tenant payments, and administrative chores
  • using listing websites and social media to advertise and sell your home
  • Checking in and out,
  • responding to the requirements of the visitor before, during, and after the stay, serving as a point of contact in case of an emergency.

There are always other things to do, such as creating a welcome package, offering suggestions to enhance visitors’ overall experience, and responding to feedback.

Given the overwhelming burden, it may make sense to provide a part of your earnings to a vacation rental management firm that assists you with this lengthy list of duties.

Employing a vacation rental management company: Pros and Cons

The number of homes in the vacation rental market has grown quickly, and so have the number of vacation home rental management organizations. Property management firms have become more specialized due to the industry’s recent expansion, and many now provide various services, including a concierge service.

Some property management businesses also provide marketing services and may advise you on the finest vacation rental management software.

The benefits

There are several advantages to hiring property management businesses’ services for the owners of the properties.

Improved interaction with guests

By being a point of contact for any issues, queries, or complaints from visitors.

Reduces time

When someone can handle the vacation management services for you, it cuts down on the time, effort, and pain that comes with maintaining many properties at once.

Outsourced property management

using a service team to handle problems with property upkeep.

Increased occupancy rates

They aid in attracting more visitors to increase occupancy rates.

The drawbacks

The price

Even while hiring a vacation rental manager is a terrific choice, not all vacation rental owners should go that route. The expense of employing a vacation home manager may just be too high at a time when you may not be making much money, especially if you have just begun renting out a property to generate additional income.

less direct communication

Another problem is that dealing with an impersonal vacation rental management firm may put off travelers looking for a genuine experience involving direct interaction with the owner.

When do you need services for vacation rental management?

As we previously said, everything relies on your budget and how much time you can or want to commit to your company. Determine whether you can do all of your responsibilities in the number of hours you have available each week.

If you want to manage everything yourself but need assistance marketing the rental, you may work with companies that are experts in the hospitality industry. If you have trouble getting bookings during the off-season, they may rent out your space all year round, ensuring that it is never empty.

A vacation rental management company may also provide that service if you merely want assistance with cleaning, check-in, and check-out. However, if you cannot personally check in and leave, there are several choices available, like WIFI door locks.

Of course, you need to pay someone to handle your property if it is located far from where you reside. However, if you have close friends or family members who reside in your rental neighborhood, they could be prepared to care for your home in exchange for a modest fee. Managing many properties will make it difficult for you to handle everything on your own, making a vacation rental agency essential to the efficient operation of your company.

How can I locate the top vacation rental property management firm?

How can you choose the best vacation rental management firm if you decide to employ one? Here are a few things to think about:

Determine precisely the vacation services you need first.

The first step should always be determining what you need. How much free time do you have? What do you want to do? What would you rather avoid frequently doing? Which of your jobs takes the longest, and which of your tasks can be outsourced most affordably? Focus on getting guests through the door rather than dealing with guest inquiries and check-in and check-out processes if you are an expert at promoting your vacation rental but dislike interacting with visitors. Or maybe you want a vacation rental management firm to take care of everything for you.

Find out precisely what services the property management businesses in your region provide, such as if they specialize in OTAs like Airbnb. We advise choosing one in your neighborhood since these businesses might occasionally vary based on their state.

Choose a solution that is effective for you.

Investigate your choices.

The best place to begin is through internet research. Check out each company’s degree of expertise, regardless of how large or little it is, and read reviews on Yelp and other review websites. Request testimonials from prior employers.

Examine local vacation rental management costs.

Set a price limit or a budget for the amount you want to spend. Make sure to complete your research and choose the cost structure most appropriate for the services you want since vacation rental property management fees may fluctuate in various states and regions.

Depending on a variety of variables, such as the location of your property, the size of the firm, the number of rentals you want them to handle, the services they provide, and the fee structure, a vacation rental company’s share of your rental revenue might commonly range from 10 to 50 percent.

For example, different vacation rental companies may offer a set rate, a guaranteed income, or a commission-based structure. Make sure you comprehend precisely which services are included in each arrangement and anticipate extra costs. Then, decide after comparing apples to apples.

Which American property management firms provide the finest vacation rental services?

Keep in mind that what’s great for your business may not be ideal for others. The option appropriate for your business will rely on your requirements and the services close by.

However, the firms listed below are some of the top-rated ones in the United States.


With over 25,000 homes under management throughout the US, Vacasa provides full-service vacation rental management, including round-the-clock assistance, first-rate cleaning, and committed local teams.


Vacasa just bought this esteemed vacation rental business.

Vacation rental management evolve

With a reasonable property management charge, offers to advertise your home and fill up your schedule.


The SkyRun team offers a stress-free rental procedure for the owners of over 950 vacation rental homes in the US, Mexico, and Canada. They have a combined 50 years of property management expertise.


With locations in 17 cities throughout the US and Mexico, Casago is a full-service management firm that specializes in short-term property and rental management.

What to enquire about from a vacation rental management firm

The next stage in the decision-making process is knowing the correct questions to ask a vacation rental property manager to see whether they’ll be a good match. For instance:

1. How much experience do they have there?

Vacation rentals in various cities may have their own particular set of problems specific to the location. Barcelona will be used as an example.

Barcelona is not just one of the most well-liked tourist attractions in Europe, but it is also beginning to be renowned as a city whose residents are becoming more hostile toward visitors. Therefore, property management has a wide range of challenges compared to, say, maintaining a holiday rental in a sleepy coastal hamlet.

A property management business should be able to point to years of expertise in managing vacation homes in a certain locale. They will have dealt with a wide variety of local circumstances previously. For instance, what to do if a visitor and a neighbor in the apartment building have disagreements? They will be aware of the specifics of all the numerous regulations in the region since they have previously learned the best approaches to handle these problems.

2. What are the prices and the terms of the contract?

Before you decide to part with your cash and sign on the dotted line, it is crucial to be aware of all the charges, fine print, and “small print” associated with hiring a vacation property manager.

A professional property manager will explain the expenses in detail and be up forward with you about them. Property managers that try to conceal information like this or make it difficult to get it are probably far less reliable than those who have open communications with the property owner.

A vacation rental property manager will place more emphasis on the services they can provide you with and their positive reviews than on the costs and contract details, but if it becomes clear that something doesn’t seem right about the costs or contract details, or if they’re difficult to reach, pay attention to your gut feeling.

3. Which services are covered by the cost?

It is usually a good idea to determine the services you will need from your property management and the associated expenses if you were to handle them yourself. You will be far more equipped to match the right applicants to your requirements in this manner. You’ll also be much more aware of whether the price they’re giving you for maintenance, cleaning, etc. is a fair bargain or not!

Don’t forget to account for the pressure of planning these services yourself. Even though it is less expensive for you to handle some of the services they are providing yourself, it could be worthwhile to spend a little more money so you can relax and let your property manager handle every little detail.

4. Who is responsible for marketing?

It is useless to have the ideal house prepared to host out-of-town visitors if no one is aware of it!

To determine if it is worthwhile to hire a vacation rental property manager whose services include marketing the property, property owners need first to determine how well they could promote the rental themselves. Since the property management will undoubtedly be able to properly advertise your house if they have prior experience successfully marketing other rentals in the neighborhood, this question is related to all those asked thus far.

If this service is not already included in the price, it is also helpful to look at the fees the property management is charging for it. If you’d like, you can use many free vacation rental tools and services to promote your home.

establishing a binding contract for property management with your vacation rental manager

Once you’ve found the ideal candidate for your business, you’ll need a property management agreement to specify the job’s parameters and safeguard both the owner’s and the company’s rights. To cover all the legal bases, equip yourself with the necessary knowledge and a solid property management agreement template. This is not a nice-to-have but a need.

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