The Best Way to Hire a Vacation Rental Listing Description Copywriter

The Best Way to Hire a Vacation Rental Listing Description Copywriter

Although you already know how to create effective vacation rental listing descriptions, you’d like to engage independent copywriters to assist your listings in achieving their maximum potential. You may be unsure about where to start if you’ve never worked with independent travel writers before. Please know that we can assist. You can find all you need right here.

One just has to look at well-known online travel writers like Jessica Vozel or Erin Raub as an example to see how prevalent it is for freelancers to specialize in copywriting for a certain sector. The expanding tourism sector has served as the foundation for their professional lives, and they cover a wide range of topics in their fields, including copywriting for vacation rental listing descriptions and business blogging.

Although Vogel and Raub are among the most well-known online travel names right now, the list is not all-inclusive. There are several sites to hunt for independent copywriters.

1. Individual endorsements and referrals

Asking your network of friends and coworkers who own vacation rental properties for suggestions is a fantastic place to start if you happen to have access to one. Most property owners who have gotten excellent service are delighted to share the provider’s contact information, particularly when there is a chance that both parties would profit from the transaction.

You may also start conversations on internet forums for vacation rental communities and see what responses you receive by asking your peers for recommendations and suggestions. These talks may take place on websites like Airbnb or HomeAway, where you already have a listing for your vacation rental, as well as in professional LinkedIn groups or Reddit threads.

2. Websites for freelancers

Use online freelancing markets like Upwork or Speedlancer to get right in and locate independent copywriters to freshen up your website. The biggest and most well-known tool available to individuals and companies alike is Upwork. You may quickly read evaluations of freelance writers’ work, go through their profiles, and discover what types of fees they want.

You could even discover that copywriters will compete for your attention with extremely competitive prices, given how crowded the market for freelance writing is currently, especially when it comes to in-demand travel writing projects. Don’t choose the first writer you come across; instead, research the market ahead and choose wisely based on the reviews and samples of their previous work.

3. Agency 

You might pick an umbrella copywriting firm and delegate the paperwork and decision-making to them rather than selecting the specific person for the position.

Selecting a professional business like GuestHook, which is very knowledgeable about vacation rental listing descriptions, is one alternative (Jessica Vozel is the co-founder). A more all-encompassing firm like Copify, which works with well-known brands from several industries, can match you with a copywriter who is appropriate for your position.

Always verify charges before making a hiring decision since many of these businesses charge by the word or the number of posts.

4. social media

You may actively look for freelancers utilizing the website’s sophisticated search feature in addition to utilizing forums like LinkedIn for talks. The beautiful thing about utilizing LinkedIn is that your search results will be arranged according to how relevant they are to your network. As a consequence, if you share any connections, they will appear in the top results, allowing you to ask your shared connection to introduce you.

Similar to how many freelance travel writers or small writing companies have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. Simply enter your search phrase into Twitter’s search bar and choose the “Accounts” option to see all the results that include the terms you’re looking for in their bios.

Additionally, you may go at Productive Writers’ list of popular hashtags on Twitter to find relevant ones that independent contractors are using.

When you get in touch with independent travel writers on social media, you may do so as a fan of their work right away, which is a terrific way to establish a connection and begin your working relationship.

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