The Best Way to Build a Vacation Rental Business Brand in 2022

The Best Way to Build a Vacation Rental Business Brand in 2022

Whether you’re selling vacation rentals or shoelaces, most marketing experts and gurus will stress branding value. Branding aids in the definition and manifestation of your company, but what exactly is it, and how can you accomplish effective vacation rental branding?

According to the Business Dictionary, branding attempts to “create a large and unique presence in the market that attracts and maintains loyal clients,” according to the Business Dictionary. Your brand comprises not just the client-facing part of your business but also the whole experience of your visitors — it defines your company’s purpose and is present in everything you do.

We’ll get a bit more into what branding means for your vacation rental company, how to do it, and some fantastic examples to follow.

What is a brand, exactly?

It’s not enough to have a well-known brand or logo to stand out in a crowded business. Your brand is how consumers view you when they interact with your company, including those you can influence and those you can’t.

Consider this: we all have brands; we each have a name, a style, a tone of speech, and we all leave various impressions on others.

Similarly, vacation rental companies must manage their names, listings, logos, colors, typefaces, property styles, and reputations, all of which contribute to their identity and influence how they are regarded. Essentially, it’s how individuals feel about our vacation rental houses and services, as well as their gut instinct.

And although you can’t completely control how prospective visitors see you, By being consistent and extending your brand to all elements of your business, you may impact their impressions.

It all begins with determining what that consistency will look like and the emotion you want to elicit. Though your homes have a rural vibe to them, visitors will feel as if they are getting closer to nature. If you’re marketing to families, bright colors in your logo and photos of kid-friendly locations on your site can help you stand out.

Why do you need a brand for your vacation rental business?

There are several advantages to putting money into your vacation rental business. Colors and logos are just part of your branding. We’ll explain why vacation rental branding is so important for your company.

1. A Brand Allows you to Stand Out in a Crowd

It can’t be emphasized enough: your vacation rental company isn’t the only one in your state – or even on your block! As a result, the necessity to identify yourself from your direct competition drives the significance of developing your vacation rental brand.

Suppose you have a clean, consistent, and cohesive brand throughout all material (text, images, videos, and everything) on the channels you use. In that case, this becomes your identity, and it’s what travelers use to distinguish themselves from the competition.

Guests are presented with a plethora of vacation rental possibilities in each location. Which is more appealing: “Lisbon holiday flats” or “The Lisboans” (The Old Beach)? Your brand name will not only express something distinctive to your audience, but it will also be the part of your website that people remember and enjoy the most.

2. A Brand Establishes Expectations

Never forget that your brand is also a communication instrument. The way you portray your vacation rental company from the beginning can help you define your brand voice message and, to some degree, express certain visitor expectations.

Let’s say your vacation rental is named “Amazing Villas”; even if you don’t provide any other information, the name will give your reader an impression of the vacation homes you’re selling.

However, you don’t need a detailed name to create a good brand. After all, although Amazon has nothing to do with rivers, it has grown to become the world’s biggest e-commerce shop, so it at least shares the label of “largest in the world.”

The goal is to simply create a fantastic brand that inspires favorable feelings and expectations, which leads to the following step…

3. A Brand’s Meaning Becomes Self-evident

As time passes, your company’s name will inextricably be linked to your brand name. To be successful, your item must have a crystal-clear vision from the beginning. Matt Landau sums up the issue as follows:

You’re halfway there if your vacation rental brand is identifiable, memorable, and has a snappy name. Even better if you have a logo that speaks for your company. New and returning visitors will connect your brand and what it means to them.

Few people nowadays see a bitten apple without thinking of Apple, or a tick without thinking of Nike, or a tick with the tagline “just do it” without thinking of Nike.

When branding is done well, it says volumes about a company.

4. Your Marketing is Built on a Brand.

When it comes to building your vacation rental brand, there are several more variables to take into account. Choosing a business name and a logo isn’t as straightforward as it seems. Color palettes, styles, and design elements will all be consistent across your vacation rental website.

These topics will have a significant impact on how your home is marketed. Whether it’s a special deal banner you publish as your Facebook cover picture or a local newspaper ad, every piece of marketing material should attempt to be consistent with your vacation rental website. After all, it’s the first and greatest method for customers to engage with your product.

Furthermore, 60 percent of US millennials anticipate consistent experiences when interacting with businesses online, and you’ll want to cater to them as one of the fastest-growing markets for holiday rentals.

More inquiries and direct reservations will result from the effective marketing of your property, and this cannot be accomplished without a strong brand.

5. A Brand Fosters Loyalty and Trust

According to The Marketing Donut, if you don’t have a strong brand, consumers won’t remember you and won’t be able to trust you. Given that fewer than half of the population trusts brands, it’s even more critical that you do it right.

Including reviews on your website also helps to reinforce the trust you’ve developed with your visitors and boosts your online reputation, all of which contribute to the overall brand idea you’ve established.

Customers that Come Back

Customers are more likely to back to your property if you give excellent customer service, a simple booking system, clear communication methods, and a lovely vacation rental. It’s also probable that you’ll urge visitors to spread the information to their friends, family members, and so on.

It is significantly more probable that guests who are acquainted with your brand and know what to expect from your organization would use your services again.

Direct Reservations in the Future

OTAs generate a large number of reservations. In reality, listing sites account for the bulk of reservations for many proprietors. You may turn these customers into direct bookers with the correct branding.

Guests may feel comfortable renting your vacation rental on many platforms, including your own, when you build trust via your brand. If your brand represents quality and a positive visitor experience, customers will be more inclined to book directly with you rather than via OTAs.

6. A Brand May Increase its Worth

There’s a reason Gucci boots cost $900 while “knock-offs” cost about $30. Customers are prepared to give a more price for a brand name because they believe it represents a higher degree of quality. Avoid being mistaken for a “knock-off” by having a strong brand for your vacation rental.

Your vacation rental develops worth and renown simply because of its branding after you’ve gained brand-name status. Are your customers prepared to pay a premium solely to be associated with your brand? If that’s the case, you’ve had a real vacation rental success! But how can the professionals attain such a high degree of brand recognition? Let’s see what we can find out!

Making Your Vacation Rental Company a Name in the Industry

Building your brand may be broken down into seven easy steps:

  1. Research your target market and competition.
  2. Decide on a focus and a personality.
  3. Decide on a company name.
  4. Create a tagline or a phrase.
  5. Use colors and typefaces that are consistent with your brand.
  6. Create a logo.
  7. Use your branding across your company and update it as you expand.

Although you may come back to these stages for a refresher after you’ve already established your vacation rental company, you must think about each step when creating your branding.

Let’s begin by laying the foundation for discussing the many methods for establishing your brand.

1. Research Your Market

It’s crucial to know who you want to appeal to and who you’re competing with before you start modifying or launching your brand.

You may begin your investigation by:

  • Conduct a Google search for “vacation rental + (your location)” to identify direct and indirect rivals. Make a mental note of the services they provide, their logos, colors, and images, and how they characterize their listings. Examine their social media sites to discover what their fans say about them.
  • Speak with previous visitors or acquaintances who would be your target demographic and inquire about what makes your resort unique.
  • Look for comparable accounts on Instagram or Facebook (even if they’re not competitors), examine their content (what they’re saying and conveying), and see what their followers are saying.
  • Look at other vacation rental companies’ websites to understand how prospective clients might browse and book.

Make a mental note of:

  1. Who are your key local competitors: the firms that appear first in Google searches and on listing sites?
  2. Who are your “lowest hanging fruit” prospective guests: those who are easiest to persuade to book?
  3. Potential visitors’ interests and tone of voice: how they talk (formal/informal), what their hobbies are (e.g., yoga, wine, etc.).

It’s important to do this research and be aware of the facts since it will assist you in determining what to concentrate on, how to position your business, and how to differentiate yourself from rivals.

2. Define the Fand Personality of Your Brand

Although you want to appeal to a wide range of passengers and accommodate everybody who wants to visit your region, it’s critical to concentrate on certain segments to create your brand.

Here are some activities to help you figure out what to concentrate on and what voice tone to use:

Begin by Stating Your Positioning

A positioning statement is a one or two-line statement that defines your company’s position in the industry. It’s simply a description of what you want your company to represent, and it’s not actually what you write on your website, listing, or business card. It will also assist you in answering all of the questions that may arise as you develop your brand.

The following is an example of a positioning statement:



Our Bali villas, for example, provide self-catering accommodations for tourists looking for a home away from home while learning about a new culture. We provide individualized onsite culinary instruction and local excursions, unlike our rivals.

Value is the sole distinction between you and your competitors. Consider how you might incorporate this into the overall image of your company. Anything from luxurious bedding to one-of-a-kind services might qualify as a unique selling point.

When you think of your firm’s brand, what words come to mind?

Looking at your brand as a person is another method to define its personality. What would they be like, and who would their pals be?

This can help you consider how you’ll write on social media, in listings, or on your website, as well as the photos you’ll use.

What ideas or notions come to mind when you think about your brand? Picking 3-5 words that characterize the sort of brand that could connect with your audience in a fun and valuable activity. Here are a handful more ideas to get you started:

You may utilize metaphors or ideas to assist you in determining the unique attributes you want your brand to have, in addition to thinking about the words that define it. It might be anything; an animal, a celebrity, a famous remark, or anything else that prompts you to consider the image you want to project with your business.

Elephants, for example, may be a good beginning point for a beach home that caters to families: they’re gorgeous animals that are focused, family-oriented, and devoted. They like to work in small groups.

What animal would your vacation rental business be if it were an animal, and what does it signify to you?

3. Decide on a Brand Name

The name you choose for your company is one of the most important choices you’ll face when you’re just getting started. All of your branding and marketing decisions are affected by your name.

Essentially, you want a brand name that is difficult to imitate and distinguishes you from your competition.

More information: 7 Tips for Choosing a Vacation Rental Brand Name

4. Create a Tagline or a Phrase

A good slogan is concise, memorable, and leaves a lasting impression. This may be used in your website’s header, on your business card, and on social networking profiles.

Airbnb’s slogan is an excellent example: “Belong Anywhere” expresses a lot with just two words. It piques passengers’ interest in traveling, allowing them to explore new and unknown territory while also assuring them that they will be welcomed and safe wherever they go. It also corresponds to what the brand stands for: why stay in a hotel when you can locate a fantastic vacation rental that will offer you a taste of the local culture and make you feel at home?

Here are some views for coming up with your slogan:

  • Be direct: “The World’s Most Expensive Villas.”
  • Make a metaphor out of it: “WTF: With The Family.”
  • Use the phrase “Adventure Time” to describe your visitors’ thoughts.
  • Describe what they’ll discover: “Luxury, Convenience, and Location.”
  • Make up a rhyme like “Don’t Fuss with The Bus.” (for the renting of a school bus)
  • Give a precise description: “Holiday rentals in Costa Brava.”

5. Use Colors and Typography that are Consistent with your Brand

Once you’ve fixed a business name and tagline, think about the colors and font styles you want to use to visually represent your brand. When you’re just getting started with your vacation rental website, this is very important.

Choosing the colors for your brand

Colors are significant in terms of how your website will seem and in terms of evoking emotions and sensations in your prospective visitors. You’ll want to pick colors that symbolize your company’s idea and set you out from the competition.

There have been several research on color psychology, and although it isn’t an exact science, it may assist you in choosing your brand colors:

Consider how colorful readable writing will seem on white and black backgrounds, as well as how white, and black text will fit with your brand colors.

Making font selections

We suggest choosing two fonts that will work well on your website. Choose one for headers and titles and a different one for the body content.

Keep in mind what those typefaces symbolize and what thoughts they generate in people, much like your brand colors.

6. Create a Logo

Your company’s logo is its public face, and it may be seen almost everywhere. Therefore, it is essential to develop a distinctive and easily identifiable brand that can be scaled to any size. When designing a logo, it’s important to remember that it may be used in a number of ways, from a Facebook page to a browser favicon.

More information may be found at 8 Free Logo Maker Tools for Your Vacation Rental Business.

7. Use Your Branding Across your Company and Update it as you Expand

The design of your website and the automated messages you send to guests before and after they check in and out of your vacation rental are just part of what it takes to build a brand.

A larger number of reservations will provide you a better understanding of your target audience, as well as a better understanding of how best to engage with those clients.

Where can you promote your vacation rental business?

Keep in mind that your brand will be what unites your beliefs, image, and reputation across numerous platforms, including your website, social media, and even in person. You’re undoubtedly excited to show off your fantastic brand strategy, including color schemes, a captivating logo, and a wonderful font pick. Your brand will be symbolic of your company as a whole, so here are some suggestions for places you may flaunt your new logo.

Guest book and welcome book

Your welcome book and guest book may be some of your visitors’ initial contacts with your establishment. Your vacation rental welcome book will serve as an introduction to your home, while the guest book will serve as a place for visitors to leave their imprint.

Each book’s first page or cover should be branded. It’s the simplest method to bring your logo, typeface, and color scheme together in one spot, and it gives your visitors something tangible to see as a representation of your company.

The guest book, in particular, is a terrific way to promote your vacation rental brand since visitors often photograph their responses, go through previous visits, and pay it a little more attention than other vacation rental materials.


At first, you may wonder, “Why should I brand my shampoo?” This is a unique way to keep your company at the forefront of people’s minds without becoming overwhelming. What you need to know:

Guests often take shampoos, soaps, and sewing kits home with them from their holiday rental. If your brand makes its way into your visitors’ homes, it may act as a future reminder of your company, which can lead to more bookings and repeat customers.

Design of the inside

Many presenters make their color scheme the most important aspect of their brand. Whether it’s vibrant colors or smooth, subdued tones, themes and design may have a tremendously positive influence on your business if done correctly.

Interior design and brand alignment are critical in holiday rentals. Interior design is a sort of brand expression, as the term implies. Imagine painting your business to seem like a joyful, colorful, family-friendly vacation spot, while your house is all whites, creams, and Scandinavian minimalism. Your brand may cause guests to be perplexed or, worse, misled.

To properly drive home your branding efforts, let your interior design be an echo of your whole identity.

Tip: For interior design aspects like wall color and wood staining, use paint swatches or color-matching software to recreate your brand’s hues accurately.


The ideal place to let your brand shine is on the internet. You’re free to play about with fonts, sizes, formats, colors, and designs as much as you’d like! Remember to stick to your core branding rules, but your vacation rental website may be thought of as a virtual playground for your brand.

It will not only be a pleasant area to work with your brand, but it will also be one of the first places where people will notice it. Why don’t you expose them to something professional and appealing to the eye?

Examples of Vacation Rental Branding

We’ve all heard of some of the huge brand names out there: Amazon, Walmart, McDonald’s, and so on, but what about vacation rentals? It’s more difficult to draw from examples because the industry is far more niche than some other brand leaders. Fortunately, we’ve selected a few of our favorites for you to peruse and be inspired by.

Color Palettes and Motifs that are Consistent

Your brand must be logical. Color schemes should be consistent and complement the theme of your vacation rental. Let’s imagine you own a themed vacation home on the outskirts of Orlando that caters to big families and families traveling with children. If you want to stress the words “fun” and “adventure,” choose a vibrant, eye-catching color palette. That color palette would then have to be applied to every aspect of your company.

The Woods Ocean Grove, an Australian holiday property, mastered this idea. They experiment with various shades of green and grey and have honed their branding as a result. The Woods Ocean Grove has wonderfully embodied the notion of color constancy, from the property images to the colors used on their website.

Using interior design to bring your brand to life

Your home’s interior design and overall design are tangible manifestations of your brand. Some hosts, such as the proprietors of Yellow Block BnB, as featured in Netflix’s Stay Here, are fully aware of this. Thanks to interior design, guests will be exposed to your logo directly during their stay.

The interior design of Yellow Block BnB helps this Brooklyn apartment stand out in a crowded market. Their vacation rental company does a fantastic job combining bright colors, lighting, and a vibrant visitor experience.

Branding for a vacation rental website

Your website branding may assist you in attracting certain categories of visitors while also identifying and reinforcing your company’s identity. Take, for example, The Shippen. This vacation rental company promotes itself as a country getaway. Their website elaborates on these concepts using beautiful typography and enough white space.


Developing a strong vacation rental brand might be the difference between a full reservation calendar and mediocre results. Using a vacation rental company is the first step toward being a professional, followed by developing your brand.

Even though you can’t totally influence how others see your brand, you can influence their perceptions in the right direction. Make a terrific first impression, manage their expectations, and build your reputation by using these simple strategies.

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