Ways to add Little Summer Flair to your Vacation Rental

Ways to add Little Summer Flair to your Vacation Rental

Every new season is a chance to refresh your vacation rental, and doing so doesn’t always require a lot of time or money. Use these easy tips as summer approaches to tidy up your rental property and provide visitors with an enjoyable summer vacation. The best part is that they are affordable for practically everyone!

Add a Patio Set or Porch Swing

Add a table and chairs, lawn chair, or porch swing to your rental to make it simple for visitors to enjoy the outside space. With a few cozy seats, even a modest patio may be enhanced, enabling visitors to sip their morning coffee while taking in the sunrise or savor every last bit of a hot summer night.

Put the TV on a stand(s)

Installing TVs throughout your property gives visitors more places to store their items in the main living area and the bedrooms. Additionally, it guarantees that nobody moves the TV, preventing any possible harm from visitors. If you’ve done this previously, stay away from installing your television incorrectly, such as placing it in drywall (not robust enough) or picking a wall mount that prevents you from accessing the ports or controls.

Refinish the Porch

If you have a porch, guests will likely spend a lot of time on it throughout the summer. Before visitors come, spend some time updating it by giving the wood a fresh coat of stain. By doing this, the outside area gets a new appearance without any new furniture or decorations being added. Additionally, you may do it without a professional’s assistance.

Bring indoor green Plants

According to research, planting plants might help your visitors relax while on vacation. Fresh vegetation has been shown to reduce stress levels inside. The good news is that adding a few plants to the major spaces of the house may make a big impact. Plants are also reasonably priced. To keep plants alive and promote relaxation for your visitors, include water on the weekly vacation rental housekeeping checklist.

Organize bookshelves

Bookshelves become the default location for any new trinkets, pictures, and objects that don’t already have a place. As a result, they may quickly and easily get congested, giving the appearance of being busy, cluttered, and dusty to an otherwise tidy and pleasant room. Clear up the bookshelves and other such areas quickly, getting rid of everything unnecessary.

Change the drapes

The windows, which are the most significant features of each room, are framed by curtains, which are often an afterthought. This implies that they have an impact on the appearance and atmosphere of your property, and changing them may drastically alter the atmosphere. The design of the room is influenced by the curtains in addition to how much light enters the space. To change your curtains, Wayfair advises the below steps:


Lighting: What level of illumination do you desire?

Do you prefer long or short curtains? Measurements

Are they going to be bright and cheery or dramatic and hefty in terms of material?

What style best complements the room’s other patterns and color scheme?

Include a feature wall

A fresh coat of paint on the walls may give the room a new appearance, but an accent wall goes one step further. An accent wall is a single wall that is painted in a striking or complementary hue or that has a distinctive design on the wallpaper. This distinguishes the area from the rest of the space and is a wonderful way to draw attention to a special piece of furniture. Additionally, it can make your home even more instagrammable! There are several accent wall examples available to assist you in getting ideas.

Refinish the entrance door

A newly painted door can make the front of your house stand out. To improve your home’s curb appeal and make your property stand out, start by picking a color or texture (like wood grain) that contrasts with it. Lowes offers a fantastic tutorial you may use as a reference if you’ve never done this before.

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