How Do Owners Benefit From Multilingual Vacation Rental Websites?

How Do Owners Benefit From Multilingual Vacation Rental Websites?

Businesses that provide short-term lodging, such as vacation rental homes, aim to host visitors from all over the globe. What is the most effective strategy for luring these tourists from abroad? Obviously, by converting your website into many different languages.

Despite the widespread belief that “everyone speaks English,” the language only ranks third globally regarding the number of native speakers. Combining this with the forecast of over 76 million foreign visitors to the US in 2024, it is obvious that if your vacation rental website only supports English, you may lose out on a significant portion of international reservations.

Get ready for a world without COVID

Even if future overseas trips may be put on hold, now is the perfect moment to get started translating your vacation rental website. You can polish all the translations and provide the greatest possible experience for these excited visitors by being ready for the increase in foreign visitors well in advance.

Seven advantages of multilingual websites for holiday rentals

Having a bilingual vacation rental website has several benefits. Simply expressed, it makes sense to ensure everyone can access and comprehend your booking website. It can also raise revenue and boost conversion rates, but that’s not all. How? Read on!

Defeat your rivals

Have you ever visited a restaurant in another country and wished the menu was available in English? That is precisely how visitors from other countries feel when they see a website that is not accessible in their native tongue.

While many visitors will have a few basic English words at their disposal to get by, it is much more comfortable for them to go through the facilities and terms and conditions in their native language when it comes to understanding the terminology that goes along with renting a holiday home.

It’s possible that having a bilingual vacation rental website will offer you an advantage over rivals in the same geographic region. Non-English speaking website visitors will be drawn to you right away, and you’ll also give them confidence in using the navigation on your site.

Delivering a home-away-from-home experience is the goal of vacation rentals, and it all begins with the language choices on your website.

Enlarge your possible market

According to a United Nations World Tourism Organization survey, Chinese tourists are the top global spenders on tourism. Are there already any red flags with the inclusion of Brazilian, German, Russian, French, or Italian visitors in the top 10? Additionally, a study by Phocuswright revealed that the size of the European holiday rental industry is comparable to that of the US market.

The numbers speak for themselves: compared to US tourists, one in ten and one in four European travelers have stayed in a holiday rental. Among the popular languages used by tourists worldwide are Italian, German, French, Greek, Spanish, and Portuguese. The latter is also frequently used in North and South America.

Translating your website into many different languages is the simplest method to efficiently draw in visitors from outside and capitalize on this development. You will not only improve the number of reservations from foreign visitors but also directly help your SEO efforts and Google ranking.

Develop Trust

By translating your website, you may get more people to view it. As a result, your vacation rental brand will become more well-known.

There is a widespread understanding on the internet that a firm with a multilingual website is a reliable international corporation. Online travel reservations are still viewed with skepticism in certain cultures and regions. By providing a language they are used to, they can allay any concerns and make the customer feel confident while making the reservation.

Boost Traffic

In only three weeks after having his blog translated into 82 different languages by SEO expert Neil Patel, search traffic increased by 47%. This investigation demonstrates that there is a definite association between website languages and traffic, even if vacation rental owners shouldn’t anticipate immediate overnight benefits.

Bookings may benefit as a direct result of increased traffic. For instance, more foreign visitors can be looking for excellent discounts during your low or off-season. They’ll be more inclined to make their reservation if they come across your website during their search (and, more crucially, if they can comprehend everything).

Simple to use

Most website builders or content management systems are already set up to accept different translations of your website’s content. However, researching the languages that will be most pertinent and useful for your vacation rental company is crucial.

To begin, go to Google Analytics to learn more about the origins and languages of the visitors to your website. Additionally, go through your database of recent visitors and forthcoming reservations. Are there any patterns in the nations they are coming from?

You may begin considering the translations after determining which languages are the most crucial.

You may use Google Translate to translate certain parts of some vacation rental software, including property descriptions. Although this is an excellent beginning point, Google Translate is not entirely reliable. Therefore, we advise having a native speaker examine your material to make sure it is correct. Your bilingual vacation rental website will seem reliable and professional in this manner.

See Outcomes

Only 14% of passengers are comfortable making plans or bookings in a language other than their own, according to the “Future of Travel” survey by VICE and TransPerfect. However, if there is native material to aid in planning and booking, 73% are more inclined to make a reservation.

You may raise visitor numbers, increase customer happiness, and maximize every contact by translating your website into many different languages. It’s even required by law in several bilingual countries for businesses to maintain multilingual websites.

The proprietor of KABIN Sutton said that the rules in Quebec are quite rigorous and that all services must be offered in French. Their ability to effortlessly target both domestic and foreign visitors has given them an edge from the outset of their bilingual vacation rental website.

Inexpensive Marketing Approach

The marketing tactic of translating your website is not only very successful but also reasonably priced. According to a Demand Metric infographic, content marketing is 62 percent less expensive than conventional marketing, and 78 percent of consumers feel more connected to businesses that provide personalized content. However, if you want to increase visibility while keeping prices low, having a website that is translated into various languages is the best course of action.

Over and beyond

The inclusiveness of your vacation rental company should not end with website translations. Another crucial element that will encourage favorable reviews, return business, and reputation enhancement is guest interaction. You may improve the experience for those who do not speak any English or have trouble understanding it by translating automatic messaging.

Providing messaging in every language isn’t necessary, but you may start with the five most popular ones (Chinese, Spanish, English, Hindi, and Arabic). By hiring a freelance translator, ensure that you address the most often asked concerns and provide the most accurate information possible.

How can I begin managing automated messages? is a question you could have. You may construct your unique website using vacation rental software, making it easier to control automated texts and emails from a single platform. You may communicate with visitors in this manner to remain in contact with them before, during, and after their stay while also greatly lowering your burden.


Short-term rental businesses have the opportunity to connect with more tourists globally, increase reservations from foreign visitors, and build a reliable, reputable brand by having a bilingual vacation rental website. Why are you holding out?

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