Guide on How to List on Airbnb

Guide on How to List on Airbnb

A new Airbnb or short-term rental business will generate social capital and, of course, money capital — all without needing any upfront investment on your part. There are many paths to success with Airbnb and maximizing the advantages of property management, and they all begin with submitting your first listing.

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial that will walk you through the whole process of creating and improving your first listing. There’s no need to be concerned; the difficult part is constructing your listing. With mainly hands-off account management, you can give us the keys after the listing is finalized and published, and we’ll push your Airbnb listing towards more bookings.

1. Where to Begin

First and foremost: Go to airbnb.com and click ‘add the listing’ in the upper right corner of the site. You’ll be sent to a form where you’ll be asked to fill in the most basic details about your location. It’s worth noting that you can only complete this initial form after you’ve created an account, so it’s probably best to sign up (or login) first. You will be required to provide your information if you have not yet joined up or registered.

Home Type: There are three alternatives: the complete house, a private room, or a shared room. Choose the option that most accurately represents the property you’re in charge of. This is a crucial difference since you and your visitors may be concerned about keeping a certain amount of privacy. As a result, make sure you’re correctly constructing your listing to attract the most suitable visitors for your property.

Consider if you will be providing visitors complete access to additional facilities on the property, such as a pool house or garage, before selecting “Entire place.” Meanwhile, the “Private room” option contains more house-sharing than you may assume, such as any linked rooms, baths, or kitchens.

Number of visitors: You may choose the maximum number of persons who can fit comfortably in your listing using this option. For the time being, figure out how many people you can accommodate if each person has their own bed, couch bed, or inflatable mattress, assuming the sleeping arrangement is as pleasant as you would expect if you were the visitor. Finally, from the drop-down menu, choose the correct number.

Location: When you start entering your city’s name, Airbnb will immediately recommend all relevant matches. Make the best decision possible.

Based on your listing type, guest capacity, and location, Airbnb will offer you an estimate of how much you may make every month.

Continue to the next section of Step 1 by pressing the ‘Continue’ button.

You’ll be asked to submit additional precise information about your listing here. To begin, choose the most appropriate description of your property type from a selection that includes an Apartment, House, Secondary unit, Unique space, Bed and Breakfast, and Boutique hotel. You’ll need to choose a more descriptive description from a second drop-down option once you’ve picked your listing type. If you’ve designated your offering as a ‘Unique place,’ for example, you’ll need to describe whether it’s a barn, an igloo, a tent, or one of many other possibilities. A new menu will display for you to fill out based on your pick.

As time goes on, you’ll add additional details to your listing, such as the number of beds and bathrooms, the specific location, and the amenities you give.

It’s critical to choose the proper facilities for your Airbnb. This section includes many features, ranging from standard or additional rooms to house security measures. You can only select from the provided list of amenities at this stage of the listing; however, after the listing is established, you will be able to change this part and add more or extra descriptions and features. Make sure to provide all necessary amenities, since some visitors may be tempted by particular frills or become completely disinterested due to a lack of them. Alternatively, go to our blog, where we’ve created an Airbnb host Checklist to help you get the most out of your Airbnb experience. If you’re entirely bewildered, this resource will walk you through the necessities that every host should have to enhance the Airbnb experience.

If an incorrect listing obtains a booking, you won’t be able to update the listing’s flawed criteria without first sending the visitor an adjustment request. This might cost you a reservation and cause you to lose time. So, pay attention to the contents of your listing since even a slight mistake may have a significant influence.

Keep in mind that you may alter the previous descriptions supplied at any time.

2. Creating the Environment

You’ll submit images of your house, provide a short description, and optimize your Airbnb SEO information in this phase. Then let prospective visitors know how accessible you’ll be throughout their stay and what to anticipate from the area and how to navigate the city.

Regardless of how many you choose to submit, the first three photos are the most significant since they frame the window into your listing before consumers decide whether or not to click into the article—all the more motivation to provide unique and high-quality images. Make the most of this chance to highlight your property’s facilities, unusual rooms, or other unique aspects. Airbnb suggests more extensive photographs for better quality (1024 x 683px) and even provides complimentary professional photography sessions to help you capture your space to its full potential.

In 250 characters or fewer, an excellent summary summarises the main characteristics of your listing. People like a bit of personality, so show it off when describing what makes your establishment special. If you have a lot of writing to do, consider breaking it up using bullet points and short phrases.

Consider your title to be your first impression. You want those 35 characters to be entertaining and distinctive to represent your location effectively. To soften your title, use descriptive and attractive words. You’ll also need to give your listing a name.

Then, to give visitors an indication of who will be hosting them, you’ll provide a picture of yourself.

3. Preparing for Visitors

This section is divided into three sections: Booking Preferences, Calendar, and Pricing.

Booking Preferences

In this part, you’ll learn about Airbnb’s essential guest criteria and how to add your own, such as requiring a government-issued ID and recommendations from other Airbnb hosts, or no bad reviews. Next, you’ll establish your house rules and include vital information about your property, such as if visitors will need to climb stairs or locate their parking.


To begin, decide how often you’d want to welcome visitors on your property, how much notice you’ll need before they arrive, how far ahead of time they may reserve your house, and how long they can stay.

After that, you’ll be able to manually go through your calendar and block or unblock individual days or months. The particular days available for rental should be entered as soon as your ad is published and updated regularly.


You’ll have the option of using Airbnb’s Smart Pricing service, which will automatically adjust your pricing based on demand variations in your location.

You’ll next be asked to pick a base price, for which Airbnb will provide a recommendation based on the information you’ve supplied so far, as well as current trends in the local rental market, such as vacations, increasing tourists, and so forth.

It’s critical to stay current and competitive, so examine the price of comparable Airbnb listings in your region.

Then you’ll decide on a minimum price, a maximum price, and the currency you’ll use to charge your visitors.

There are a few more elements to consider when determining a price, in addition to basic listing features and market activity. To promote longer rentals, you may wish to use your choice to adjust your listing’s going prices by establishing weekly or monthly packages. You should also budget for the cost of utilities, taxes, and cleaning in advance – Airbnb even allows you to add a cleaning charge to the rent.

While penalties for late check-ins or other situational factors that you want to charge guests should not be included in a base fee, they should be mentioned before a booking is secured.

The next step in the price area is to choose whether or not to offer particular specials, such as a 20% discount for your first three visitors to help you attract travelers and acquire some early reviews for your listing or weekly or monthly deals for guests who book longer stays.

4. Make Your Airbnb Listing Public

When you’ve completed all of this and are satisfied with your listing, it’s time to post it on Airbnb. Keep in mind that you should always be truthful in your description. Once your visitors arrive, the truth will quickly become apparent. However, it will be beneficial for you to strive to portray all aspects of your location in the most favorable light possible.

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