Airbnb Host Checklist


Airbnb Host Checklist

The process of renting out an Airbnb is no different from any other business venture. There is research, preparation, and plenty of hard work involved. In managing a property, you’re responsible for more than just providing a roof over the heads of guests; you help shape their experience. There’s a good chance that you’d like to shape an enjoyable experience.

The road less traveled is not always the best way to choose when it comes to providing a comfortable stay for your guests. Buying certain household items is one example of where the road less traveled is not always the best. Airbnb hosts should ensure their listings are well-stocked with essentials – tourists like knowing they can expect the expected when it comes to a well-prepared trip and feels taken care of.

Consider that Airbnb is a professional accommodation and that it should reflect the amenities you see in hotels, like maid’s carts and linen closets. In contrast to hotels, there’s always room to create a 5-star Airbnb experience, and that power extends beyond mini-shampoos.

The following checklist will give you a solid basis for being an outstanding host; we’ll keep it simple and focus on basic hosting tools:

Bathrooms for short-term rentals

  •  Two bath towels per guest
  •  Beach Towels (if applicable)
  •  Hooks for hanging towels
  •  Toilet Paper
  •  Feminine Products
  •  Hair Dryer
  •  A magnifying mirror for makeup
  •  Hangers for showers (for toiletries)
  • Toiletries (buy in bulk)
  •  Hand Soap
  •  Shampoo
  •  Conditioner
  •  Body Wash
  •  Combs
  •  Toothpaste
  •  Disposable toothbrushes
  •  Disposable Razors
  •  Body Lotion


  •  Bed Linens and Pillows
  •  Extra Linens, Blankets, and Pillows
  •  Heater, air conditioner, or fan
  •  Waste Bin
  •  Tissue Box
  •  Notepad & Pen
  •  Nightstand 
  •   Lamp
  •   Foot Rug
  •   Alarm Clock
  •   Dresser and/or Shelves (at least one unit)
  •   Safe for Passports and Valuables


  •  Instant coffee & tea
  •  Water Heater/Tea Kettle
  •  Salt & Pepper
  •  Sugar & Sweetener
  •  Silverware, cups, and dishes (at least one set per two guests)
  •  Pans and pots
  •  Additional light bulbs
  •  Containers
  •  Supplies for cleaning (buy in bulk)
  •  Hand Soap
  •  Dishwashing Liquid
  •  Shampoo for carpets
  •  An all-purpose cleaner
  • Bleach
  •  Disinfectant
  •  Trash Bags
  •  Broom
  •  Dustpan

Rental living rooms

  •  Television
  •  Full-Length Mirror
  •  Desk
  •  Pens and Pencils
  •  Playing Cards
  •  Free WiFi
  • A Little Something Extra
  •  Washing Machine
  •  Dryer or Clothing Rack
  •  Streaming Service
  •  VHS/DVD/Blu-Ray Assortment
  •  Clothing Iron
  •  Adaptors
  • Keyless Entry

Better Safe Than Sorry

  •  Functioning Smoke Detector
  •  Fire Extinguisher
  •  First Aid Kit (buy in bulk)
  •  Contact Information in Case of Emergency
  •  Absorbent Compress Dressings
  •  Sterile Gauze Pads
  •  Bandages
  •  Adhesive Cloth Tape
  •  Scissors
  •  Antiseptic Wipes
  •  Hydrocortisone cream
  •  Aspirin
  •  Instant Cold Compress
  •  Non-Latex Gloves
  •  Tweezers
  •  Thermometer

In addition to providing some new ideas for what to add to your Airbnb for an improved experience, this resource hopefully also covered all the details easy to forget. Read our guide for creating house rules for Airbnb guests. For hosts who want to make sure they meet their guests’ expectations, the general rule is to simply imagine yourself in their shoes. Learn more about how Lodgable can help maximize your return on investment by scheduling a free demo

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