What Are Airbnb Experiences and Are They Worth It to Host?

What Are Airbnb Experiences and Are They Worth It to Host?

Airbnb sprang to prominence as the most popular site for booking short-term rentals. Airbnb Experiences, a platform, has subsequently been added to the company’s services. The initiative, which began in 2016, gives Airbnb guests a taste of the local culture. At the same time, it provides Airbnb hosts with a new stream of cash.

Examine the program’s features and its advantages to both hosts and visitors.

What Are Airbnb Experiences and How Do They Work?

Airbnb Experiences are activities that visitors may book while staying at a certain location. They’re not your average guided tours or seminars. Local hosts lead these events in each locale. Anyone with a creative interest or passion may apply to be a part of the program.

The platform is not limited to a particular market. Some tourists use it to meet new people, while others learn about local attractions. Both group and single visitors may be interested in scheduling an experience.

Airbnb has no restrictions on what hosts may provide as an experience, but the host must lead. Cooking lessons and outdoor activities are examples of experiences. It must be distinctive and go beyond a “normal tour” that tourists acquire from an agency. The experience might last anywhere from a few hours to many days.

It’s important to note that this is a different service from Airbnb property hosting. Hosts who wish to provide experiences don’t have to keep their visitors overnight. Hosts are also allowed to post experiences as frequently as they like, with no constraints on the number of times they may do so.

The necessity of business licenses for hosts is something that both systems have in common. This is particularly true if food, wine, or transportation are involved.

What Are the Steps to Becoming an Airbnb Experiences Host?

Airbnb does not allow hosts to provide experiences unless authorized. Hosts must apply to be a part of the program to provide an experience.

Hosts may apply for an Airbnb Experience by visiting airbnb.com/host/experiences. After that, Airbnb will contact them to let them know whether or not their application has been accepted. The average wait period is two weeks; however, it might be shorter.

What Is the Commission Fee for the Airbnb Experience?

Hosts who wish to participate in the Experiences program pay Airbnb a commission charge of 20% of the total price. When Airbnb processes your payment, it deducts this charge. Although the price seems to be exorbitant, it enables Airbnb to give assistance and tools to owners to help them manage their guests’ experiences.

It’s vital to remember that the Experience cost is not the same as the usual Airbnb service price. Airbnb will charge you individually for both if you own a rental home and provide an experience.

Should I Use Airbnb Based on My Past Experiences?

Your history will determine whether or not you should give an experience. Airbnb Experiences may be right for you if you wish to supplement your income and have the talent to offer.

Since its inception, how has the Experiences Program evolved?

The platform debuted in New York City in 2016 with a 150-experience inventory. It quickly grew to encompass major cities all around the globe. It has helped Airbnb since it has been allowed to operate in cities where Airbnb properties are restricted or prohibited.

According to CEO Brian Chesky, the platform has expanded 12x in size from January 2017 to October 2017. Experiences, according to Chesky, were expanding 13 times faster than the Airbnb rental property industry at the same time. In terms of revenue, the Experiences program is said to have brought in $1 billion in the second quarter of 2019.

Airbnb will start its Online Experiences program in 2020, broadening the platform’s appeal. Guests will spend an average of $55 per person to schedule an experience. For an experience, guests may spend anything from $25 to $150.

What Are Some of the Most Popular Airbnb Activities?

By 2020, the platform will include over 40,000 Experiences in over 1000 places across the globe. There are many categories to select from for customers wishing to schedule an experience. These are the categories: 

  • Arts 
  • Concerts 
  • Classes & Workshops.

Nature, Sports, Food & Drink, History, Entertainment, Music, Health & Wellness, Social Impact, and Nightlife are just a few topics covered.

Airbnb has a section called “Experiences in the Spotlight” that highlights popular activities. Spotlight Experiences may be found in major cities all around the globe.

Puebla, Mexico, Kaikoura, New Zealand, and Xiamen, China was among Airbnb’s top trending Experiences locations in 2019.

Airbnb has also released a list of their most popular Experiences from 2019. 

  • Horseback yoga (practicing yoga and mindfulness practices while riding a peaceful horse) 
  • Meditation courses 
  • Hiking tours 
  • Yoga lessons 
  • Wine tasting 
  • Food tastings (especially pizza and pasta tastes) 
  • Tie-dye workshops 
  • Historical walking tours

What Are the Benefits of Airbnb’s Online Experiences?

Travel has halted globally due to the development of the COVID-19 pandemic over most of 2020. Airbnb Experiences have become more crucial than ever before due to travel interruptions. Airbnb will begin its Online Experiences program for hosts and guests in April 2020.

Online Experiences are lessons, performances, and events provided online by hosts. Guests pay hosts a charge to schedule an online experience, just as they would for a conventional event. The only difference is that visitors may now participate in an event from the convenience of their own homes. By August 2020, Online Experiences had earned over $2 million for hosts all around the globe.

Airbnb’s Online Experiences have spawned a new method for people worldwide to interact. It’s also become a major source of cash for hosts who have seen a drop in business due to COVID-19. • A virtual scavenger hunt game around Barcelona hosted by Natgeo-winning professional photographers • A Mexican street tacos cooking class with a professional chef • A masterclass in coffee hosted by a professional coffee taster and owner of a specialty coffee shop in Mexico • Forest bathing and shrine visiting on Kyoto’s sacred mo

As life goes on under the “new normal,” Airbnb adapts to satisfy the requirements of both hosts and guests. One of the ways it is accomplishing this is by bringing Airbnb Experiences online. The Online Experiences program has proved successful, and it may continue even once normal travel starts.

How Airbnb Hosts Can Profit From Their Experiences

As an Airbnb host, you’ve almost certainly already secured a business license in your city. To provide an experience, Airbnb hosts do not need to rent out a house. Many hosts who rent have enrolled in the Experiences Program to boost their earnings.

Consequently, including an Airbnb Experience is a fantastic method to supplement your income. You may market the Airbnb Experience to your home rental guests as well as to the general public. Inform them that you provide an Airbnb Experience, which you may sell as an add-on to your home listing.

Here are some of the reasons why you should become an Airbnb Experiences host as well as an Airbnb property host:

Having you as their Airbnb host and tour guide makes things easier for visitors. Knowing you’ll be accessible to tour them around will also offer them peace of mind.

In addition, hosts may accommodate more visitors to each event. While a home may only accommodate a small number of visitors at a time, an Airbnb Experience can often accommodate a large group.

How Can I Stay in the Experiences Program as a Host?

Hosts must also adhere to certain strict guidelines when it comes to comments. Airbnb will contact guests who write a less-than-five-star or negative review for an experience. Consequently, hosts may have to work even harder to retain their presence on the platform and receive high ratings.


Hosting an experience may help you enhance your booking rate and income. Another option to boost your revenue is to use vacation rental software like Lodgable to simplify your operations.

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