Tips for Boosting Airbnb SEO

Tips for Boosting Airbnb SEO

You’ve probably heard of Airbnb SEO if you’re a vacation rental host (search engine optimization). This method is necessary for anyone promoting their property on Airbnb and is one of the finest strategies to promote your listing and increase your bookings.

Vacation rental owners’ primary goal is to get as many bookings as possible at the best feasible rate. There are many methods to do this, such as upgrading your amenities, hiring a professional photographer, or developing a website for your rental business. While you should devote effort to all of these strategies, there is one thing that every host must learn to be successful on Airbnb: the search ranking algorithm.

This post will walk you through all of the greatest Airbnb search optimization techniques and tricks. You’ll learn everything there is to know about the topic, from the algorithm to simple techniques to improve your listing.

What Factors Go Into the Airbnb Search Algorithm?

Airbnb is open about the fact that more than 100 factors determine your listing’s search ranking. Even though the Airbnb algorithm is a well-guarded secret, the firm has acknowledged that the 100 elements fall into three categories.

The first ranking factor in the Airbnb algorithm is the guests’ needs.

This is something that hosts are unable to control. Airbnb considers various factors related to the guest, including their current location, previous vacations, places on their Wish List, listings they’ve clicked on, and more.

Listing details are the second-ranking factor in the Airbnb algorithm.

These are aspects that hosts can impact when it comes to ranking. The number of five-star ratings a property has, the price and location of the listing, whether it employs Instant Book, how quickly the host answers, and so on are all part of the listing details.

Trip details are the third-ranking factor in the Airbnb algorithm.

The owner’s ability to influence trip details is likewise limited. They consider the number of persons traveling, the length of the trip, how far in advance they book, and any pricing maximums or minimums.

But, more importantly, what can you do to make these places better?

How to Increase the Number of Airbnb Bookings

The first step to improving your exposure, attracting more guests, and increasing your bookings is to optimize your Airbnb search results. Here are the top 14 tips for ranking higher on Airbnb and increasing your earnings!

1. Ensure that your calendar is up to date.

First and foremost, make sure your Airbnb calendar is constantly up to date. Not only will you be seen as a proactive and helpful host, but you’ll also see an immediate boost in your Airbnb SEO. You’ll appear higher in the Airbnb ranking system and attract more potential clients if you update your availability.

2. Don’t skimp on high-resolution images.

In your listing, use professional photographs. Although this technique will have little impact on the Airbnb search algorithm on its own, it will be quite helpful. People’s first impression of you will be based on your images, which will impact whether or not they click on your listing. It will also assist them in deciding whether or not to add it to their Wish List! As more passengers click on your listing, your search rating will improve, and add it to their Wish List.

3. Complete the transaction

To enhance your Airbnb SEO, close as many bookings as possible. Increasing the number of guests who click on your listing will improve your search ranking, but bear in mind that the ratio of reservations to clicks is also a key element in the algorithm. “Successful postings do a terrific job of helping customers decide to book,” according to Airbnb. As a result, having an eye-catching ad with good photographs and a well-written description will not suffice. You’ll need to close such appointments if you want to be among the first listings in your area.

4. Be prompt in your responses.

It’s easy to increase your Airbnb listing by being responsive and delivering excellent guest communication. This will assist you in closing bookings and achieving Superhost status. Try to respond to every query and comment made by your visitors as fast as possible. The algorithm tracks both the response rate and the amount of time it takes to respond. Never wait more than 24 hours to respond to your visitors.

Remember that while Airbnb doesn’t give Superhosts an explicit ranking boost, the criteria for being a Superhost assist your listing rank higher.

5. Be available for booking right away

Make the booking process as straightforward as possible. The Instant Book function has been available on Airbnb since 2016, and most guests and hosts currently use it. Because of the huge popularity of quick booking, Airbnb promotes those listings that allow it.

However, if you use the Request to Book method of accepting reservations, you can still achieve a good Airbnb SEO provided you do well in the other key areas.

6. Refuse and reschedule as few reservations as possible.

To be at the top of search results, you should try to maintain the number of cancellations and booking request refusals as low as possible. If you choose the Instant Book option, you will only be punished if you cancel appointments within the first month. If you cancel after that month, you will be charged a fee unless you have a good reason. You can theoretically decline as many requests as you wish if you use the Request to Book technique. It’s critical to note, though, that the ratio of clicks to bookings is critical to your search ranking. As a result, the more requests you decline, the lower your search rating becomes. Make your house rules as explicit as possible on your listing to avoid refusals and cancellations.

7. Create a personal profile.

Your profile is crucial, even though it is often overlooked. Potential visitors will be able to choose between two postings of the same type if you include a nice and inviting description of yourself. Also, it becomes verified by providing all of the information and formal documents requested by Airbnb. Building trust is usually a wise strategy in any firm, so why should it be any different here?

8. Price to outperform the competition

Pricing must be competitive, as it is a major deciding factor for guests when comparing listings. A small price change can sometimes cause your listing to be removed from certain searches. To achieve the best outcomes, devise and apply a good pricing strategy. You can also use a price tool provided by a third party.

9. Consider yourself a visitor.

Put yourself in the shoes of the traveler. If you’re a visitor on Airbnb, you want to locate the best listing for your vacation, and that’s exactly what Airbnb aims to do. So, when you prepare your property and post your listing, consider the type of traveler who would like to stay at your location. Is it geared toward the adventurous solo traveler, the busy workcation, or families with children? Prepare your property and listing for these specialized audiences, and you’ll have an easier time finding them.

10. Take advantage of vacation rental software.

Airbnb hosts may use vacation rental software to increase their search engine optimization. You can ensure that your listing stands out and ranks higher on Airbnb by using a channel manager that makes it easier to keep track of your calendar and automates guest communication.

11. Try to get as many 5-star reviews as possible.

Some of the most well-known factors of ranking on Airbnb are the amount and quality of reviews you receive. Simply asking your guests to submit nice evaluations will encourage them to do so. During their stay, be helpful and strive to meet any further needs (as long as they are reasonable!). Explain how you plan to improve future guests’ experiences by considering their feedback.

12. Don’t over-promise and under-deliver

A complimentary bottle of wine can make a big difference in your guests’ perceptions, but a barking dog next door can destroy their experience. This is why you should always set fair expectations for your guests and never keep anything from them.

13. Have adaptable policies.

While setting your minimum stay time to one night may not be optimal because it may attract unwanted guests, it is an efficient Airbnb search optimization method. A flexible listing implies it will appear more frequently in search results, enhancing your ranking.

14. Make use of social media to publicize your listing.

You can increase traffic to your listing by building online business profiles and linking your Airbnb account. You’ll appear in more search results, and your reputation will improve as a result.


To avoid seeming dramatic, these are some pointers that every Airbnb host should be aware of. It’s a lot to take in, but if you start addressing each topic one at a time, you’ll be well on your way to a great Airbnb SEO campaign in no time! All of your hard work in building the ideal property will pay off, and you’ll start receiving bookings soon.

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