Airbnb’s WiFi Rules: What Hosts Need to Know

Airbnb’s WiFi Rules: What Hosts Need to Know

As the globe transitions to digital technology, Airbnb is quick to adapt. This OTA has announced the debut of its wifi speed test inside the Airbnb app to standardize wifi performance. The actual tool isn’t brand-new. Airbnb announced the launch of its new wifi testing tool in late July 2021. Airbnb has now made the use of this feature essential rather than voluntary due to the growing demand for fast wifi.

Before, there was no requirement for validation when hosts manually entered the wifi speed. High-speed internet access is becoming one of the website’s most popular vacation rental amenities, so Airbnb felt it was time to find a way to standardize it so visitors would know exactly what to anticipate from their Airbnb internet speed.

November 4, 2021, will see the new regulation come into effect. All listings whose wifi speed had previously been manually published will now be reset and only changeable through the application’s wifi test. Everything about these new developments that you can anticipate has been discussed.

What are the new WiFi policies for Airbnb?

Airbnb has categorized what “quick” actually implies in addition to the testing. This large OTA decided to develop a segmented system to make it easier for hosts and guests to grasp wifi expectations because the term can be somewhat subjective.

There are five different categories for WiFi speeds on Airbnb. If your wifi indicates a speed of 0 Mbps, Airbnb will record this as having no wifi. It’s advisable to check your router for connectivity or any other difficulties if your property has wifi but the speed is still showing as 0 Mbps.

Your wifi is slow if the results of the Airbnb wifi test are 1-6 Mbps. Only visitors will be permitted to check their messages and explore the internet.

7-24 Mbps, the third tier, is a respectable range to be in. According to Airbnb, this is a reliable wifi speed. Even HD videos can be streamed at this pace. This is a good range to be in if you want to attract families with movie nights, but it might not be the best for people who want to do any online work while they are there.

25 to 49 Mbps comes next. According to Airbnb, the wifi offers “snappy speed.” This speed assures you that the internet connection at your vacation home is strong. Your visitors will be able to make video calls and stream 4K content.

The 50+ Mbps category comes last. The maximum listed speed for Airbnb’s wifi is this. In the listing description, if your wifi falls within this range, be sure to brag modestly about your home’s high-speed internet. Your visitors will appreciate being able to stream whatever 4K video they choose, make video calls, and use numerous devices to explore the internet. Wow was the appropriate response from Airbnb over the fast internet service.

How to increase the speed of your Airbnb connection

Paying for high-speed internet access only to discover that the real speed is lacking can be extremely aggravating. Do not worry just yet! Before contacting your internet service provider, you can take a few steps to improve your wifi connection. The following advice will help you make the most of your internet speed:

  • Connect to the 5G network if you have a choice between 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz for a more reliable connection.
  • Verify that your router’s cables are securely fastened and linked.
  • Not an adapter or extension cord, but a direct power source should be used to power the router
  • Before doing the Airbnb WiFi speed test, hard reset your modem and router.
  • To make sure there aren’t any additional WiFi users connecting, change your password.
  • Put your router and modem in a prominent, unobstructed place that is central.
  • If your hardware is more than five years old, ask your internet provider for an updated router and modem.

Some of these small adjustments could instantly transform your WiFi from “solid” to “snappy”! Also, keep in mind that you can take the Airbnb wifi test numerous times, thus it is advised that you do so. Since many variables might affect wifi speed, it may be helpful to test your wifi several times to get the best results.

Remember that offering WiFi at your vacation rental is a terrific method to promote your business and gather information about your visitors. This facility may end up being a benefit for both you and your visitors. People will remember your brand if you require a visitor login and a branded landing page to access the connection. Even better, you’ll be able to reconnect with them after their trip is over and entice them with fantastic offers in the future!


The new change is fantastic for digital nomads, remote workers, and tech enthusiasts. This adjustment is ideal for you if these are the audiences you’ve been trying to reach. It will be an even stronger selling factor now that Airbnb has confirmed your fast internet. Remember that this transition will take place on November 4, 2021, so if you need to modify anything about your internet, make it as quick as the one you depend on!

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