How to Upsell Airbnb Without Annoying Your Guests

How to Upsell Airbnb Without Annoying Your Guests

Many owners of vacation rentals dislike the thought of trying to sell their visitors things out of concern of coming off as opportunistic, but may you be doing it wrong? Very likely, given that you can now increase your earnings and improve the visitor experience with creative and elegant Airbnb upsells.

It’s simple to increase sales while giving your customers the greatest possible service by upselling. Furthermore, it doesn’t have to be obnoxious or sleazy.

Everything depends on what and how you market. Simply put yourself in your visitors’ place and consider the thoughtful extras that would enhance your vacation and that you wouldn’t mind paying for.

Let’s look at some creative strategies for upselling to boost earnings from holiday rentals.

What are upsells on Airbnb?

Upselling is a sales strategy used to get customers to fork over a little more money in exchange for an even better overall experience. This strategy has long been used by hotels, but it has only lately entered the vacation rental market.

Consider how you can make someone’s vacation better from beginning to end. Although it may seem counterintuitive, charging extra may significantly enhance how visitors recall their time spent at your Airbnb or vacation home.

What distinguishes Cross-selling from upselling?

They seem to signify the same thing at first look. The distinction is that upselling persuades your customer to pay for the upgraded version of something, but cross-selling refers to the sale of a product that enhances another purchase. Upselling and cross-selling may both be utilized to boost revenue from vacation rentals and enhance the overall visitor experience. Everything depends on what and how you market. Simply put yourself in your visitors’ place and consider the thoughtful extras that would enhance your vacation and that you wouldn’t mind paying for.

Let’s look at some creative strategies for upselling to boost earnings from holiday rentals.

10 subtle upsells on Airbnb that are cool enough for visitors to accept

1.Early check-ins and late check-outs, for starters

A vacation rental owner may find it hard to manage check-ins and check-outs, but visitors may find it much more stressful.

Guests are left walking aimlessly around the city or lugging their bags through the airport for hours if check-out is at 2 pm but their flight isn’t until 9 am. Most visitors would rather spend a little additional money to spend the day at the vacation rental or to leave their bags there while they continue to tour the neighborhood.

2. Storage for bags

Of course, booking schedules must not conflict for early check-ins and late check-outs to be successful. Checking in early or remaining late are not options if you have another visitor coming on the same day as your outgoing guests.

That leaves paying for baggage storage for visitors. It might be challenging to locate reputable storage services, particularly in a large city. Not to mention that your visitors will have to carry their bags till they locate a locker that is close to your vacation property or the airport.

In this situation, offer to keep your visitors’ bags at your Airbnb or with a reputable firm. Allow guests to check their baggage for a modest price and have it securely stored if they arrive early enough to do some sightseeing.

3. Delivery

It might be difficult to navigate the pandemonium at the airport terminal. Even the most relaxed visitors will get anxious when they figure out where to go, who can drive them there, and how much it will cost.

By paying for airport transportation to your resort, many visitors will be more than pleased to be saved from this chaos and confusion. You will earn more money and your visitors will value the personal touch if you pick them up at the airport.

If this is not feasible, working with a transportation provider is another method you may benefit your visitors and earn a little additional money. Become an affiliate, give your visitors the company’s website link or put it in your property description, and if visitors book a ride using the link, you get a portion of the revenue.

Some owners of holiday rentals offer to lend out their second vehicle or motorbike to visitors while they are there. To prevent any legal problems in this situation, examine your insurance policy and the local legislation.

4. Sporting Goods

Active visitors will like the thought of renting sports or outdoor gear straight from your vacation home. Their vacation will be more memorable as a result of this. Sports equipment rentals that are particularly well-liked include:

  • Kayaks
  • Canoes
  • Bicycles
  • Snowshoes
  • Snorkeling Equipment
  • Tennis Equipment

To assist your visitors to save money and guarantee they rent straight from you, keep your costs for renting the equipment cheaper than those at nearby sports clubs or stores. Don’t forget to include the necessary safety equipment, such as helmets and life jackets, for each activity.

5. Local Knowledge

Similar to this, how about collaborating with others to provide extra activities like horseback riding, white water rafting, culinary lessons, or yoga sessions to enhance the experience of your visitors? Working together with these experts will benefit your business, the neighborhood’s economy, and your visitors.

You retain a portion of every sale made by the nearby merchant while also improving the overall experience of your visitors.

6. Boost the welcome basket

An optional enhanced welcome basket gives the visitor the option of adding extras for a more customized experience. A complimentary welcome basket is a terrific way to make your guest feel at home.

For instance, you may encourage a romantic evening inside by providing a luxury basket filled with champagne, salmon, olives, artisan cheeses, and specialty meats.

Other improved baskets may consist of:

  • Local Chef’s Basket: regional recipes, spices, and wines
  • Self-care Basket: a directory of the top spas in the area, facials, bath bombs, locally created soaps, lotions, tea, and chocolate
  • Fresh produce, bread baked by local bakeries and farmers, and a farmer’s market basket

7. Kits for health or beauty

Everyone has experienced the agony of leaving home without their toothbrush, toothpaste, or contact lens case. Offering some emergency beauty or health supplies at your property for a little price might eliminate the need for a last-minute sprint to the store.

Other necessities can include insect repellent, sunscreen, as well as regional beauty goods or services from regional providers, such as facials or massages.

8. Food and beverages

Most visitors won’t anticipate complimentary refreshments from you. The idea of a hotel minibar, though, may be popular. Offer cold beverages or wine in the refrigerator, along with a few snacks like popcorn, crisps, crackers, or chocolate bars with a pricing list.

Charge somewhat more than what they would spend if they had to go out and purchase the things themselves, but don’t raise the costs too much.

9. An early scheduled mid-stay clean

This is a fantastic concept that we received from the Host.Co, a firm that provides some fantastic suggestions for things you may sell from your Airbnb or short-term rental. They provide free assistance in setting up a shop on your website. This is one little extra that we would not have a problem paying for. Who doesn’t like the convenience of returning to a spotless house after a tiring day of sightseeing?

10. A pantry with plenty of food

Another brilliant concept from Host.Co is this one. Imagine arriving at your vacation home to find the cupboard full of the meals you had purchased in advance. There is no urgency to go to the store before you can unwind and start taking pleasure in your vacation. Another approach is to just fill the pantry with products you believe your visitors would like and let them pay for what they consume.

What advantages do short-term rental upsells offer?

expanding sales

You’ll need to be resourceful and put in the required time to operate a successful vacation rental company. You’ll have a better chance of increasing your yearly income if you change the way you do things and think through what improvements you should incorporate into your property.

positive comments

You can make visitors feel taken care of and pampered by providing services that make the holiday experience simpler and go above and beyond. This will lead to favorable evaluations and repeat business.

more reservations

Travelers who want to streamline their vacation arrangements are more likely to choose a rental property that offers upsell services like airport transfers or mid-stay cleans over homes that merely give minimal facilities.

Start your Airbnb upsell procedure right now

Which upsell possibilities for Airbnb make the most sense for your property? What services do you need around the house? Grocery delivery, honeymoon gifts, or perhaps a private driver? The list goes on and on!

Every vacation rental is unique. Therefore you should be able to discover several unique and discreet changes that not only won’t upset your visitors but may greatly improve their stay, depending on where yours is situated and what your expertise is. Think beyond the box and consider the extravagances you might be willing to spend while on vacation.

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