What you need to know to take great Airbnb photos

What you need to know to take great Airbnb photos

According to seasoned hosts, Airbnb photographs are the first thing that prospective guests see while perusing listings. Each picture, when done appropriately, may become a potent tool for increasing visitors’ interest in your offering. Great images on Airbnb listings earn more views and show higher search results. As a result, taking excellent Airbnb images for use in your marketing campaign is critical.

But how can you take high-quality photographs that will generate interest and increase your occupancy rate? The good news is that taking amazing images of your Airbnb home doesn’t need you to be a professional photographer. You can take excellent images for your Airbnb listing by following our guidelines for taking Airbnb photos.

In this article, you’ll discover all you need to know about Airbnb photography, from how to get started to what tools you’ll need.

How many photos can you upload per listing on Airbnb?

Although visitors may see up to 100 images for a listing on Airbnb, this does not imply you should post that many. Adding additional images to a listing does not always help it; it may have the reverse effect. When it comes to uploading images, quality should always take precedence over quantity. It’s preferable to have 10 bright, high-quality photos of your rental than 50 grainy, blurry photos.

On the other side, if you have too few images, visitors may not get a good impression of what your property has to offer. If there are just a few images, they may get skeptical. Shoot several photos for each room on your property and choose the best to post. In general, you should post between 20 and 30 photographs for your listing.

What Are the Airbnb Photo Requirements?

Although there are no stringent picture limitations at Airbnb, they provide size and aesthetic suggestions. Airbnb suggests that hosts shoot photos with a 3:2 aspect ratio and a minimum 1024 x 683 pixels minimum size.

What Tools Are Necessary for Your Job?

If you’re going to shoot using a camera, be sure it’s digital and has settings you can change to suit your needs. Using a tripod ensures that your camera is always in focus. The best way to ensure steady photos while using your phone as a camera is to mount it on a stand. Because you won’t be trying to keep your camera steady, your Airbnb images will be clean and sharp.

[9 Pointers] How to Take the Best Airbnb Photos

1. De-clutter and clean

Make sure your vacation rental is tidy and immaculate before you start filming. Pictures of a dirty, unsanitary vacation property turn off visitors quicker than anything else. To clean up your Airbnb, follow these steps:

  • Clean and put away any dirty dishes, and make sure there are no apparent stains in any locations you wish to photograph.
  • Clean your floors by vacuuming and mopping them.
  • Remove any clutter that may cause your rental area to seem smaller than it is.

If you have a lot of decorations or books, make sure you store them. While some décor is wonderful, too much might make your home seem more like a storage facility than a home.

To make your vacation rental seem pristine, use our cleaning checklist.

2. Get each room ready.

Before taking your Airbnb images, inspect each accommodation to make sure it’s ready. Ensure the living room drapes or blinds are open, and there are one or two magazines on the coffee table. Ensure the bathtub, shower, and sink have all been completely cleaned in the bathroom. Scatter candles and folded towels in the bathroom for a more sumptuous air. Ensure your kitchen counters are spotless and that your pots, pans, and utensils are all in their proper places.

You’re ready to go once your rental is ready for the photography! But, before you begin, keep in mind your principal objective. Your Airbnb images should visually represent your rental home, highlighting it to its full potential.

3. During the day, turn on all of the lights.

Your Airbnb images will seem more professional if you use good lighting. Natural light may assist your property’s contrast, depth, and colors stand out. Open the blinds and drapes to allow natural light in before taking images for your Airbnb ad.

Many Airbnb photographers forget to do is turn on all of the lights before shooting. Any dark areas in your Airbnb images will be eliminated by turning on the internal lights. It also gives prospective visitors a clear picture of what your establishment has to offer.

This comes particularly handy when photographing the kitchen or bathroom, which don’t get nearly as much natural light as the rest of the home. Guests will see how clean your place is if the lights are turned on.

4. Fire a shot into a corner.

Whenever possible, attempt to aim towards a room’s corner rather than straight at a wall. Shooting into a corner gives the shot greater depth and perspective. It also provides a greater view of the room’s area, making it seem larger and more welcoming.

Every area, including the kitchen and the bathroom, is subject to this restriction. The shower or bath would be the finest primary focus in the bathroom, whereas the stove/oven would be perfect in the kitchen. The bed would most likely be the center point of the Airbnb picture in the bedroom and the couch in the living area.

5. In your Airbnb picture, pay close attention to the nuances.

Most Airbnb hosts are so focused on capturing the key features of their house that they overlook minor nuances. When visitors see themselves staying at your property, the little elements assist in rounding out the image. Small details may seem inconsequential, yet they have the power to make or break a reservation.

Show off the features that give your house individuality and help visitors feel at ease. If you have collectibles or a vegetable garden, provide pictures of them in your advertisement. Guests want to know that your house has personality and isn’t simply another luxury Airbnb.

6. Capture panoramic images

Panoramic photos are the most effective approach to capturing a whole room in a single photograph. If you don’t have access to a panoramic camera, snap some photos using a wide-angle lens. This sort of Airbnb snapshot will provide a better notion of the size of a place to prospective visitors. To make you a better host, it will show that you have nothing to hide.

7. Take images from various perspectives.

Guests find it tedious to go through hundreds of Airbnb photographs all shot from the same perspective. Make sure, however, that you’re photographing the things that visitors want to see. Don’t simply do it to seem artsy! Take images from several perspectives, such as the ceiling down or the ground up, to provide some diversity.

8. Use your Airbnb photos to create a lifestyle.

While some customers want more practical photographs, the bulk of visitors picks a hotel based on the lifestyle it provides. Use your Airbnb picture gallery to demonstrate the kind of lifestyle visitors may expect. A copper stovetop kettle and a cheeseboard might be included in your resort to cater to the rustic lifestyle. Add premium toiletries to the bathroom if it’s a sleek, urban apartment for a glam touch. If your visitors like the outdoors, show them where you store your ready-to-use outdoor gear.

These photographs will aid in attracting particular sorts of visitors to your home. You’ll probably make more money from some demographics than others, so tailor your photographs to your ideal visitors.

9. Take pictures throughout town

Don’t forget to photograph your neighborhood when you’ve nailed your rental’s inside and exterior shots! People are just as interested in seeing where you live as they are in seeing the place where they will be staying. So take a few pictures of the adjacent eateries and tourist sites.

Spend some time in your photographs capturing the spirit and vibe of your community. Take some pictures of the neighboring hustle and bustle if you’re in the center of the metropolis. Take photos of the local park or bridge if you’re in a nice, calm area. Don’t simply snap a snapshot and call it a day.

How Can You Improve Your Airbnb Photo Section?

  • Sort your photographs into distinct categories.

It’s a good idea to organize and classify your Airbnb images after you’ve done taking them. Guests won’t be able to get a sense of the layout of your property if you post your images in no particular sequence. Organize your images by room and location to determine which ones are the finest.

  • Put your most appealing photographs up first.

Putting your most appealing photographs up first can lure people in and make them want to look at more. To begin, choose one picture from each room and location to upload. This provides visitors an idea of what to anticipate from your rental before they look at the photos.

You may post the remainder of your images in categories after you’ve given people a taste of what your rental has to offer. The kitchen is usually the first photograph in most listings, followed by the living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, outside amenities, and neighborhood. To produce a complete summary, strive for 20–30 photographs.

  • Add a caption to all of your Airbnb images.

It’s critical to provide a caption with each picture you share. People who browse the internet have a lower attention span than those in person. While your audience is browsing your Airbnb photographs, captions might help keep their interest. Don’t use a caption that doesn’t contribute anything to the picture. For example, for a bathroom photo, putting “This is the bathroom” or “bathroom 1” provides no context. Because the viewer can already tell it’s the restroom, they’re more inclined to skip forward in your images.

Make an effort to compose a caption that emphasizes the main point of each photograph. If you have a photo of your shower in your bathroom, provide the highest temperature it can reach. If you have a photograph of your bath, explain how visitors may relax with a nice book while taking a bubble bath. You should use your captions to emphasize and advertise the unique features of your rental to visitors.

Using this technique, you can improve your Airbnb listing even more.

Should You Hire a Photographer or Do It Yourself?

Remember that one of the key elements driving reservations will be your images. Now that you’ve learned the fundamentals of Airbnb photography and have prepped your property for photography, you’ll need to decide who will be taking your photos. If you don’t have any photography knowledge, it can be worth your time to hunt for professional photographers specializing in capturing Airbnb photographs.

Although having high-tech equipment is advantageous if you want to DIY, most smartphone cameras can capture high-resolution photographs sufficient for professional photography. Using an editing program to sharpen and enhance your photographs may assist.

The best picture editing applications are:

VSCO. VSCO is a high-end photo-editing tool that lets users alter focus and sharpness and employ gridlines for precise arrangement. It also includes color and exposure altering options and a variety of filtering and editing tools.

Snapseed. Google’s counterpart to Adobe Photoshop is Snapseed. Snapseed lets you store your style presets (options) for future photos and has virtually all the same features as Photoshop.

There is an Adobe Lightroom app for your smartphone or tablet. Professional photographers often use Adobe Lightroom to modify their images. The software has a built-in camera that allows you to snap images with your phone and then edit and alter exposure, aperture, and other settings. It has a free subscription plan, which provides access to more sophisticated features.


Adding beautiful, eye-catching Airbnb photographs to your rental offering is a certain method to keep reservations and inquiries coming in. Another strategy to boost company development is to automate time-consuming, repetitive processes. Vacation rental software, such as Lodgable enables you to concentrate on growth and expansion. Schedule a demo today to learn more about how Lodgable can be of benefit to your business. 

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