A Vacation Rental Professional’s Checklist for Website Branding

A Vacation Rental Professional’s Checklist for Website Branding

One of the most crucial things you can do as a proprietor of a vacation rental company is to devote time to branding.

Without a brand, it will be difficult for your vacation rental website to stand out from rivals.

Your company brand will be prominent on your website and serve as the foundation for any other marketing materials and initiatives you do.

Keep in mind that your brand will appear on:

  • pages of search engine results (SERPs)
  • the internet
  • Visiting cards
  • business supplies (such as stationary, uniforms, and any promotional items such as mugs, and bags)
  • email headers and letterhead
  • Signatures on emails
  • Brochures
  • flyers
  • Signage inside and outside your holiday home
  • advertising banners
  • other websites that list

You have the chance to increase your brand recognition in each of these locations. You must maintain consistency across all of your channels because of this. Utilize our website branding checklist to achieve consistency for your vacation rental brand!

1. Logos

Your brand identity is strongly influenced by your expert logo. Your logo will always be present on all of the aforementioned things, even if it could take on various layouts or color schemes. You must take into account how your logo will appear in various sizes, in color and black and white, as well as in print and digital media, while creating it.

Bonus: To assist you with your design, check out this list of free logo-making programs!

Companies often have their main and secondary logos. Your major logo will be used the most often; it should unquestionably be used on your website, in social media posts, and email communication. The main logo is often created in a 2:2 ratio. When a different option to your main logo is required, secondary logos (such as a horizontal/vertical variant or a black and white version) may be employed.

To protect themselves against vacation rental frauds, some owners decide to watermark the information on their website (such as the images of their properties). A watermark is a subtle rendition of your brand that may be placed over photographs to prevent unauthorized usage.

To use as your website’s favicon, you will also need a scaled-down version of your logo. A file holding an icon connected to a website is called a favicon, which is short for “favorite icon.” When you have many tabs open in a browser, the symbol you see might assist you to distinguish between them.

2. Tagline 

Although not every company has a tagline, those that do often have catchy ones.

A tagline, also known as a strapline or corporate slogan, aids in condensing what your brand represents into a few words. For customers to remember your brand for years to come, it may also act as a memory hook.

Some companies may utilize straplines that are more evocative, like Audi, whose enduring slogan is “Vorsprung Durch Technik” (advancement through technology). Others will use a phrase with greater force to make a point (like Nike’s “Just do it” or Apple’s “Think different”).

One piece of advice from Marketing Nerd if you’re trying to come up with a slogan for your vacation rental company is that it ought to “mean something” and “be true to reality” or you shouldn’t have one at all.

3. Colors 

A lot of companies make the error of choosing too many colors for their branding. One to three main colors and two to three secondary colors should ideally be used in your color scheme (black and white included).

In addition to selecting the colors, you should establish some guidelines or best practices for using them in printed materials, social media, and even your website.


4. Typefaces

Your vacation rental brand’s font selection should be a reflection of the message you wish to send to visitors. It’s OK to mix up the fonts, which come in various styles like serif and sans serif.

If at all feasible, limit the fonts you employ for your brand to no more than two or three. Ideally, use one style for your logo and headers and a different one for the body of your content.

5. Reliability

Having created your logo, and slogan, and chosen your brand’s colors and fonts, the next step is to apply these aesthetics consistently to all of your work.

Many companies create a brand style guide that outlines the standards for design, content, and the overall feel of your brand.

By doing this, you’ll make sure that anybody else in charge of designing anything for your vacation rental—whether it’s apparel, digital banners, or website customization—has standards to adhere to create consistency.

6. Social networking

Using social media to establish your vacation rental brand is a great place to start. Marketing expert Neil Patel believes that social media has supplanted other, more conventional channels as the main forum for customers to express their thoughts on and interact with companies.

Therefore, social media integrations shouldn’t be considered an additional or “nice-to-have.” Instead, think of them as an expansion of the brand you have already established.

To increase direct reservations and create a lot of buzz about their homes, vacation rental owners are already finding that Facebook and Instagram are very effective marketing tools. Furthermore, via LinkedIn groups, Twitter conversations, and specialist forums, professionals may communicate with others in the vacation rental sector.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that you should always try to retain the same brand voice throughout, regardless of the social media platforms you choose to utilize. Of course, to maintain uniformity across all published content, you will also employ your logos and style rules.

One of the best methods to increase brand awareness, exposure, and customer trust is to develop a vacation rental brand (and stay with it). It’s crucial to make your judgments early on and adhere to your brand rules since your brand will be apparent in everything you do, both online and offline. Utilize our branding checklist for your website!

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