Aspiring Vacation Rental Professionals Should Check Out These Real Estate Blogs

Aspiring Vacation Rental Professionals Should Check Out These Real Estate Blogs

Before everything else, anybody starting with aspirations of succeeding in the vacation rental sector will require a property.

Before considering that unique beach villa or sophisticated studio apartment, you must first study. To fully comprehend all that purchasing real estate implies, you’re going to want to depend on some reliable sources.

Therefore, we’re going to brighten your day if you don’t know the difference between a mortgage and a loan, you’re seeking advice on how to renovate your home on a shoestring budget, or you just want some industry updates on where it’s hot to purchase right now.

This collection of real estate blogs we’ve put together will greatly assist aspiring (or seasoned) vacation rental professionals!

1. Trulia 

The purpose of the Trulia blog is to ease everyone’s journey to homeownership. Therefore, you’ll find all the useful information you need here, whether you’re seeking guidance on closing the deal when purchasing or wondering how to be ready before setting up your rental.

2. Inman

Inman is a must-follow and is often referred to as the top information source for the real estate sector. This website contains the information you need, whether you’re looking for the newest technology to upgrade your home or want to know more about mortgages.

3. Point2 Homes 

The Point2 Homes blog is a well-known news source for anybody interested in real estate. It covers market trends and conducts internal research while giving guidance on renting, home buying or selling suggestions, and interior design ideas.

4. HouseLogic 

The HouseLogic blog offers high-quality information on various subjects, whether you’re just starting as a homeowner or want to sell your house. To get advice on home improvements, money-saving strategies, and where to purchase, use the navigation options “Improve,” “Your Money,” and “Buy & Sell.”

5. Landlordology

The Landlordology blog offers a wealth of in-depth articles on subjects ranging from rental rules to helpful advice to make renting simple. A trusted source for people looking to learn more!

6. GeekEstate 

When you mix real estate with computer professionals, you get something that resembles the GeekEstate blog. Discussions span from urgent challenges impacting the sector to suggested real estate technology vendors.

7. Maximum Exposure to Real Estate

The Maximum Real Estate Exposure blog is well worth reading whether you’re looking to purchase or sell a home. Bill Gassett, the author of the articles, has over 29 years of expertise and is an expert on everything from real estate lingo to bidding battles to seasonal house selling advice.

8. Luxurious Defined

The Luxury Defined blog from Christie’s International Real Estate is the go-to place online for high-end real estate news, covering everything from custom design ideas to destination recommendations and luxury market trends.

9. Loftium 

The Loftium Low Down blog, a new participant in the real estate (and holiday rental) market, focuses mostly on topics linked to house purchases. We believe this site is one to keep an eye on going forward since it has already published several intriguing and useful pieces.

10. Realtor 

A Realtor offers advice and news on anything, including celebrity real estate and original home design ideas. Its handy mix of content places it between a news site and a blog.

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