Here Are the Best YouTube Channels For Vacation Rental Hosts

Here Are the Best YouTube Channels For Vacation Rental Hosts

There are numerous free tools available for vacation rental owners and property managers. You may learn more about short-term rental management and vacation rental marketing by reading blogs and listening to podcasts.

While preparing their vacation rentals for 2022 travel trends, not everyone has the time or the patience to read an article or listen to an hour-long chat.

Use the property management videos on YouTube to your advantage.

For any sort of desire, YouTube has bite-sized and more in-depth videos. The fact that it’s also graphically supported makes it a lot more digestible and simple to grasp – particularly when you’re in the thick of a hectic schedule and your mind is already occupied with a thousand other things.

Some folks are just visual learners who respond better to this material form. When you include the entertainment aspect of the video format, YouTube becomes a very handy and beneficial platform for vacation rental owners seeking informative and amusing information online.

That’s why we’ve collected a selection of YouTube channels operated by clever and creative people that provide hosts with the kind of advice and insight they need to manage a successful vacation rental company. Take a look at the whole list below!

1. BiggerPockets

This is BiggerPockets.com’s official YouTube channel, an online platform and community for real estate investors.

Their educational movies focus on real estate investing, market trends, financial recommendations, and expert guidance. Short, readily digestible five-minute how-to instructions, as well as uploads of extended, in-depth podcast conversations, are available on the YouTube channel.

The material is quite varied, and you will undoubtedly discover a wealth of valuable information. Furthermore, they devote many movies to the subject of holiday rental investments.

2. Airbnb 

For both hosts and guests, the official Airbnb YouTube channel selects videos particular to Airbnb.

With their beautiful nature photographs, there are numerous stories of travelers from all over the globe that will quickly stimulate your wanderlust.

There are additional playlists with subjects ranging from “Airbnb Host Tips” to “Host Q&A”, where you may discover intriguing and relevant conversations about problems that concern Airbnb hosts.

3. Sean Rakidzich (formerly Airbnb Automated)

This channel’s host, Sean Rakidzich, provides his hosting knowledge via informative videos on how to optimize revenues and list on Airbnb effectively.

Pricing strategy suggestions, design recommendations, and Airbnb policy breakdowns are among the subjects covered. Check out this channel if you’re searching for strategic advice on investing in and creating a lucrative vacation rental company.

4. Fully Booked Consulting

Heidi Miget’s channel “Fully Booked Consulting” has videos in which she discusses the ins and outs of vacation rental marketing clearly and concisely.

She’s a marketing strategist with more than 12 years of expertise and a house owner. Consequently, she is well-versed in assisting you in increasing the exposure of your listings and increasing your booking rates on platforms such as Airbnb and Vrbo.

Subscribe to this channel, especially if you’re just getting started with your marketing strategy, and take advantage of the simple advice you’ll receive.

5. STR University

Richard Fertig launched this channel in 2016. He’s a short-term rental host himself, as well as an entrepreneur and a Wall Street hedge funder.

His films provide personal experiences, offer practical advice, and often argue the benefits and drawbacks of pertinent short-term rental concerns, particularly those impacting Airbnb hosts and other listing site users.

Vacation rental owners seeking answers and comments on the STR University channel will undoubtedly discover much useful advice from an experienced fellow host.

6. OptimizeMyBnb

Danny doesn’t let you down! Danny puts his heart and soul into OptimizeMyBnb as a former Airbnb employee and now a Superhost with amazing rankings. His YouTube channel for Airbnb administration is an excellent resource for holiday rental hosts.

This channel can all find weekly advice, brief movies on specific themes like guest communication, and evaluations of important resources and tools. While these films are appropriate for any kind of host, the channel is geared for those who have less than 15 listings.

7. The Vacation Rental Show

Matt Landau hosts “The Vacation Rental Show,” a show in which he travels to growing destination hotspots worldwide to investigate vacation rental travel and hosting trends.

The 25-to 30-minute episodes are sponsored by Booking.com and provide viewers with a look inside the world of international hospitality.

It will offer you a taste of how visitors desire to travel in this day and age and show hosts from all walks of life greet them in their special style.

8. House & Home

Design advice might get tedious when you’re dealing with papers or podcasts that don’t provide graphics. If you’re seeking ideas for vacation rental decorating and improvements, House & Home is the place to go.

Learn about various textiles, keep up with the most recent furniture trends, and refurbish your house like a pro. You’ll discover something to make you want to redecorate your kitchen walls no matter your particular taste.

By clicking now, you may check out these channels and see which ones fit your interests and preferences. There’s something for everyone, so press the “subscribe” button and start binge-watching YouTube!

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