Join these vacation rental organizations

Join these vacation rental organizations

With the vacation rental industry’s fast expansion, organizations need to promote and represent it. These groups work to improve the legal development of vacation rentals through advocating for the hotel industry and influencing policymakers who influence the industry.

Furthermore, as vacation rental owners, organizations offer essential tools for dealing with issues and knowledge on industry-related subjects.

We’ve produced a list of the top 10 vacation rental organizations you should join right now to help you get started!

Intelligence from VRM

Amy Hinote launched VRM Intel in 2012 to assist vacation rental businesses in their success by providing resources such as industry-related news, events, periodicals, and instructive films. Its mission is to increase awareness and give relevant information to vacation rental industry professionals so that they may continue to grow and flourish. VRM Intel also intends to build a network of like-minded people that will exchange knowledge and help the industry as a whole.


The Vacation Rental Management Association (VRMA), a pioneer in the vacation rental business, was formed in 1985 in California. This group aims to provide vacation rental professionals with the greatest education, professional development, and networking opportunities possible to help them grow their companies. VRMA is also recognized for its diligent advocacy of the industry and its issues.

Professional Housekeepers for Vacation Rentals

VRHP is a non-profit organization that focuses on housekeeping workers and enhancing the guest experience. It is now a part of VRMA. As a member of VRMA, you will have access to certification programs, webinars, news, supplier discounts, marketing materials, and many other perks.

Summit on Vacation Rentals in the World

When the demand for vacation rental information started to rise in 2014, Vacation Rental World Summit was formed to assist owners in navigating their companies. This group currently organizes online and in-person vacation rental industry training events, bringing together experts and professionals from all over the globe to share their expertise. VIEWS hosts a variety of interactive activities, including lectures, seminars, contests, and panel discussions, to give industry professionals networking opportunities.

Holiday Home Association (HHA)

The HHA, formerly known as the English Group of Self Catering Operators, is a trade association that represents all types of holiday rental companies. The HHA is dedicated to representing the sector’s interests in England, whether it be in terms of taxation, regulations, or recommendations. A hotline, tools, a conflict resolution service, and a network of supporting professionals are all available via this organization.

The Short Term Accommodation Association of the United Kingdom (STAA)

The STAA was founded in 2017 to promote the vacation rental business, provide a safety net for vacation rental professionals, engage with other organizations globally, and work with national and local governments to address regulatory changes. That stated, this organization provides a wealth of important information and seeks to collaborate with stakeholders to safeguard the short-term rental industry’s long-term viability in the United Kingdom.

The Bed and Breakfast Association (BBA) is a non-profit organization that promotes beds.

BBA is a UK-based group that represents B&Bs and guest homes. It is a little more specialized but equally significant. The BBA membership was created to offer owners a collective body to depend on. It currently includes a panel of experts, events, online resources, special discounts, seminars, and other tools.

Become a member of an organization now!

That concludes our list of the top ten vacation rental companies. These organizations work tirelessly to ensure the vacation rental industry’s prosperity and long-term viability, all while giving personal assistance to its members. Joining an association may help promote the industry and push your company to the next level, whether you’re seeking particular solutions or just want to learn more about the vacation rental market. You’ll soon discover that there are whole communities of specialists that are ready to assist one another.

Have you considered any other holiday rental companies? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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