Vacation Rental Customer Service via WhatsApp

Vacation Rental Customer Service via WhatsApp

According to the most recent statistics, more than 1.5 billion people use WhatsApp across 180 countries. WhatsApp is the world’s most widely used messaging program, with users sending over 60 billion messages daily.

2018 saw the launch of the free WhatsApp Business App, which would make it possible for small companies to communicate with customers quickly and simply using their messaging service

For vacation rental companies looking to enhance their customer service, the rising popularity of WhatsApp’s business application might be fantastic news. For anxious visitors ready to obtain answers or, better yet, plan their vacation, contact through WhatsApp offers an on-demand, one-to-one experience in addition to more conventional methods like phone or email.

What are the benefits of using WhatsApp for vacation rental customer service?

Customer surveys conducted by guest feedback platform TrustYou revealed that social media and texting were associated with the greatest levels of visitor satisfaction. We may turn to respected hotel chains like Starwood and AccorHotels for a forecast on what to anticipate when vacation rentals establish their own WhatsApp customer care since they have already started to follow this practice.

1. WhatsApp is a popular communication tool among your visitors.

The fact that your prospective customers are already there is one of the best advantages of utilizing WhatsApp for customer care.

The COO of AccorHotels Northern Europe, Thomas Dubaere, claims that “guests prefer to communicate using the ways they are most comfortable with.” By making WhatsApp a contact option, you enable visitors to reach you on their terms rather than yours.

To ensure they have the greatest experience possible in our hotels, Dubai continues, “the majority of our visitors tell us they feel extremely comfortable using [WhatsApp], so allowing them to use it to order room service or ask reception a question is a natural step.”

2. Quicker response times to inquiries

WhatsApp is not only a very practical way for visitors to get in touch with property owners, but the app’s design also ensures prompt and dependable replies.

Travelers seek prompt responses to their questions to help them focus their search while they are in the discovery phase and looking for lodging. You can respond to prospective tenants quickly, effectively, and confidentially if you have a dedicated WhatsApp customer care number.

3. Requires no training and is simple to use

Given that WhatsApp is now the most widely used instant messaging application, you probably already know how it works. Even better, so are the members of your staff! Adding WhatsApp to the mix will need very little (or none) training and allow for a seamless transition towards utilizing it for business communication, in contrast to introducing a new application or program that none of your staff has ever heard of.

4. Free international messaging

They may contact you for free (or you can contact them) through WhatsApp as long as both of you have a working internet connection. This is a significant step forward for holiday homeowners who typically get a lot of their reservations from visitors from other countries. When making travel plans, neither side has to worry about exorbitant SMS expenses or costly international calling rates.

Furthermore, there is no restriction on the number of messages that a single account may send. You may also make use of the free service to send photographs, videos, or audio messages to potential visitors to provide them with further information about your home, remind them of any house rules they need to follow, or even demonstrate how to set your property alarm

5. Increases rental income

The W Doha, a Starwood Hotel, tried a program employing WhatsApp and other message services, and they quickly realized the benefits for their visitors.

Daniel Kerzner, vice president of digital loyalty and partner marketing for Starwood across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, provided some brand insights in a post for Skift. The income of participating hotels is increasing, and staff members are utilizing the service more effectively and with more comfort. For instance, it’s boosting the number of restaurant reservations and spa visits. Scores on the guest index are rising

Starwood has since used the “Let’s Chat” campaign in more than 150 hotels and resorts throughout the globe.

The simplicity of connecting with tourists using a well-known app like WhatsApp may also result in the seamless upselling of services. You may utilize WhatsApp to offer a customized promotion or to persuade returning customers to book again as you’ll already have some basic information about your visitors at the time of booking or inquiry. You may also send links to your website’s direct booking form over WhatsApp for commission-free reservations.

6. Encourage visitor comments

Positive online reviews are essential to the success of hospitality companies like vacation rentals. It’s now simpler than ever to get feedback from visitors while they are still on-site at your rental by utilizing WhatsApp.


You also discovered that visitors are 3.6 times more likely to do so when the lodging provider seeks reviews. A fantastic approach to do this on WhatsApp is to set up automated messages. You may check in with your visitors at different times during their stay and after that, and you can even stop them from writing a bad review.

7. Use metrics to track progress.

From the business app, calculating the return on investment of utilizing WhatsApp for customer care is simple. Like an email or newsletter campaign, a company owner can monitor how many of their messages were successfully sent, delivered, and read. When necessary, you may then modify your message strategy.

Additionally, companies may create a professional profile on WhatsApp that will be verified and marked with a green checkmark.

WhatsApp may be a great tool for lead conversion and booking generation and a simple communication tool for vacation rental businesses. We can anticipate better visitor interaction, higher customer satisfaction levels, and more upsells and add-ons as more property owners start to utilize WhatsApp for customer care.

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