Use Our Vacation Rental Channel Manager to Sync All Your Listings

Use Our Vacation Rental Channel Manager to Sync All Your Listings

With our channel management software, you can connect your calendars

The Lodgable’s channel manager is an integrated solution that connects your vacation rental property management software to all of your listings on external travel agencies such as Airbnb, Vrbo, Booking.com, and Expedia.

With this level of integration, your reservations, calendars, and prices will be automatically synced and updated across all top channels — without the need to manually update each calendar. This implies that when a visitor books a room on one channel, the inventory on the others is updated.

API integrations are currently available

Use Lodgable’s Channel Manager to properly synchronize your listings with the major vacation rental listing channels through API. The following badges demonstrate Lodgable’s dedication to assisting property owners and managers in gaining access to the most extensive networks to remain ahead of the competition and increase bookings.

Advantages of Using a Vacation Rental Channel Manager

Make Sure Your Calendar is up to date

Because of the instant synchronization, mistakes like overbooking and multiple reservations are significantly less likely to occur. The channel manager will immediately delete the availability for those dates on the other channels once a property has been booked on one channel.

Time and Effort Are Saved

Vacation rental owners and property managers may save up to 20 hours per week using channel management software to automate processes like cross-checking availability and updating calendars on each platform.

All of your bookings may be managed in one spot

Don’t create numerous accounts! Lodgable’s two-way, frictionless API interfaces synchronize automatically your listings across other platforms. Manage all of your reservations in one location and save time and work for your vacation rental company.

To maximize profit, mark up rates

While most OTAs are free to list on, the bulk of them charges a fee based on the booking amount. To offset any fees or commissions, use the vacation rental channel manager to mark up base prices on certain external sites.

Boost the exposure of your brand

Increase your property’s exposure by adding it to additional external sites. In just a few minutes, you can export all of your content, bookings, and pricing. Use that additional time to improve your internet presence and enhance your listings.

On a multi-calendar, keep track of all your reservations

The multi-calendar on Lodgable gives you a clear picture of all your reservations from your vacation rental website and other third-party listing sites. You can change your pricing and take bookings from all of your listings on one centralized calendar.

Schedule a demo today to learn more about how Lodgable’s channel manager can make all of the difference for your vacation rental business!

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