Courses on Short-Term Rentals

Courses on Short-Term Rentals

The likelihood is that you’ve told yourself, “I don’t have the time to concentrate on this right now.” If you’re eager to learn more about the vacation rental industry and improve your skills, now is the time.

Several online courses cover various elements of starting and running a vacation rental company. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of some of the greatest online courses to help you increase and develop your vacation rental company. Take a look at the whole list below!

Courses in the vacation rental and short-term renting

These online courses will assist you in realizing your full potential so that you may use what you’ve learned for your company.

1. VRMA Courses 

The Vacation Rental Management Association (VRMA) has created a certificate program for managers who want to increase their industry knowledge and gain a competitive edge in the professionally managed vacation rental market. The course is broken into five parts and ends with a final exam.

  • Business operations 
  • Business planning and organizational management 
  • Marketing and promotion 
  • Guest relations 
  • Owner relations are some of the topics covered.

2. Vacation Rental Management for Property Managers by California Association of Realtors®

Vacation rental management is included in one of the Property Management Certification courses. This four-hour course will teach you the fundamentals of vacation rental management, including legal issues, philosophies, techniques, and contracts. They also contain helpful tools, tactics, and resources to help even the most seasoned vacation rental manager.

  • Getting started with a vacation rental business 
  • Short-term rental manager licenses and legal requirements 
  • Marketing strategies 
  • Establish and set up guest service procedures, from booking to departure 
  • Implement housekeeping requirements and related procedures 
  • Documents you’ll need to run your business

3. Fully Booked Formula (Vacation Rental Secrets)

With his cheat sheets and step-by-step guidelines, Antonio Bortolotti has created a course to help you take your company to the next level.

The training is organized into three sections: 

  • Converting inquiries into bookings 
  • Creating a strong brand 
  • Making your website stand out.

4. The VRU 

The Vacation Rental University (VRU) offers more than 340 free videos and a certification program. Their courses are designed for people who are just starting in the vacation rental sector and multi-property managers or owners who want to improve their abilities and/or teach their employees.

Management training for Airbnb and listing sites

It’s crucial to have your vacation rental website and take direct reservations, but putting your home on listing sites like Airbnb, Vrbo, or HomeAway is just as important for getting your name out there.

As a result, we decided to add courses that will assist you in optimizing your listings profiles:

5. STR Profit Academy 

Eric Moeller and Jasper Ribbers have created an online course to assist those who wish to get started managing short-term rentals in the holiday rental market. Although their training is geared at Airbnb, many concepts might be applied to other direct booking methods.

You’ll discover the following, to name just a few things: It’s possible to automate your financial, time, and geographical independence by switching from long-term rental property management to short-term property management on Airbnb.

6. The Course Is Fully Booked

Heidi Miget has created a free 5-step blueprint course to assist vacation rental owners with setting up and optimizing their listings on Airbnb and HomeAway, as well as increasing rental revenue.

  • Which marketing methods to avoid and which to pursue 
  • A four-step framework for creating a successful marketing strategy
  • What you should concentrate on once you begin to get reservations

7. Airbnb’s Hidden Gems

When Dany Papineau was on the point of bankruptcy, he claimed that Airbnb saved his life. However, he has had a long and winding road to get to this point, and he has made expensive errors along the way. He teaches all of these skills about Airbnb hosting on his blog and online course.

  • How to create an enticing Airbnb listing from the beginning 
  • How to capture images that will earn you bookings 
  • How to optimize revenues from day one 
  • How to develop favorable reviews 
  • How to manage your Airbnb from anywhere in the world

8. The Airbnb Course 

Nathan Rice has created a free three-part video course that is jam-packed with important material to help you maximize your revenue from multiple Airbnb listings while learning how to utilize software to automate your listings. He also provides one-on-one coaching and paid Airbnb management courses.

9. Airbnb etiquette

When you looked for 3+ visitors in San Francisco on Airbnb, Evan could get his apartment to rank #1. He’s created this course with hours of information based on his own experience, so you’ll learn all you need to know to bypass the hard learning process and start optimizing your profits right now.

His course will teach you how to: 

  • get your Airbnb listing on the top page of search results 
  • improve your Airbnb listing 
  • get 5-star reviews.
  • What does it take to become a Superhost?

10. The Bnb Mastery Program is a ten-step program that teaches you how to

James Svetec collaborates with students and businesses throughout the sector. He assists novice and seasoned property managers in earning a full-time income by managing the short-term rental properties of others.

It’s geared for anyone looking to build an Airbnb property management company and convert it into a source of passive income. Plus, it’s completely free! However, he does disclose his strategy for limiting and eliminating risks and maximizing potential benefits, and producing outcomes from the start.

Courses in online marketing

If you want to learn a new skill or refresh an old one, online marketing courses are a wonderful place to start. There are many online certification courses available, but we’ve selected the finest for vacation rental experts like you:

11. Use social media to sell your business (Skillshare)

Cat Coquillette found how to effectively use social media to expand her company’s reach and created a course to share her knowledge. She’ll show you how to build your brand, increase revenue, and bring more visitors to your vacation rental website with this course.

12. Business-related blogging (Ahrefs)

Ahrefs explains how to use SEO to push your website and blog to the top of Google’s search results. Their major goal is to educate users on how to develop their blogs above 100,000 monthly views and convert them into paying clients.

13. Marketing Courses on the Internet (Google Digital Garage)

Google provides free digital marketing classes to help you start or expand your company. They also provide courses in data and technology and professional development. We suggest that you take the “Fundamentals of Digital Marketing” course.

14. Internet Marketing for Those Who Know What They’re Doing (Copyblogger)

This is a 20-part free course that will be emailed to your mailbox. It goes through the methods Copyblogger has used to grow and advertise a company online over the years. This training is extremely beneficial for people who are just starting in internet marketing!

15. Search engine optimization training (Moz)

These courses are recommended because they teach all of the SEO fundamentals, including keyword research, page optimization, and link development. This information will come in helpful when it comes to creating your vacation rental website!

16. Blueprint for Facebook 

Facebook Blueprint is what you need to know to utilize your Facebook Business Page and run great sponsored advertising, and it’s perfect for small vacation rental firms. Self-paced social networking courses are available on the internet platform, and they cover the best practices and important approaches used by the world’s largest corporations.

Because Facebook is gradually becoming a “pay-to-play” platform, this is the greatest approach for small businesses to ensure that their advertising dollars go as far as possible.

The following are covered topics: 

  • Facebook terminology and know-how.
  • Facebook and Instagram posting best practices 
  • Facebook and Instagram advertising optimization 
  • Creating a high-quality Facebook page and experience

17. Course on Inbound Certification (Hubspot)

Learn the fundamentals of inbound marketing and how to apply them to your company. This course covers inbound marketing tactics like content generation, social media promotion, and lead conversion and nurturing (or guests).

18. PPC University (Wordstream)

For most vacation rental specialists, PPC, or pay-per-click marketing, seems to be a highly confusing issue. Wordstream, on the other hand, has developed a reasonable framework of PPC classes that can teach anybody the fundamentals of sponsored search and more sophisticated PPC methods.

Other similar courses

19. STR University 

Short Term Rental University was formed to share the results of Richard Fertig’s knowledge in purchasing, refurbishing, selling, and renting real estate properties with others who want to learn more about the market.

Richard Fertig has built a real estate business worth more than $500k a year using platforms like Airbnb and VRBO to fund his retirement. All of the suggestions and strategies he’s picked up along the road are included in his course.

20. Course on revenue management (Transparent)

Transparent, a short-term rental data supplier, has developed a course on vacation rental revenue management to educate owners and property managers on how to optimize income from their inventory.

We hope you were able to choose a course that will assist you in improving your abilities. A call with one of our vacation rental professionals is also recommended. We looked at the effect of various markets and how the “new normal” is affecting them in the short, medium, and long term. These insights, along with our forecasting technique, have assisted our clients in projecting the effect on their company so that they may take remedial action. We may also provide additional suggestions and ideas to improve your company.

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