Must-Have Airbnb Host Tools

Must-Have Airbnb Host Tools

Airbnb’s ecosystem is thriving. The home-sharing sector as a whole is increasing, not just the Airbnb brand. It’s the burgeoning community of hosts and visitors.

Regardless of the debate, the Airbnb economy is in better shape than ever. And this improbable strength reveals just how fruitful our economy is. It explains why existing firms in this area are gradually growing and why new, related enterprises are being established at an increasing rate.

As the companies in the Airbnb ecosystem, the community should keep up with the changes. Short-term rental hosts should be aware of the tools, software, and services available in this field specifically created for and tailored to their requirements. That’s why we put together a list of the top 6 resources for Airbnb hosts.

1. Use As Necessary

There are more where that came from when it comes to applications that increase your level of hospitality. Airbnb hosts may use YourWelcome to combine all parts of a flawless, welcoming guest experience into one easy tablet screen. The app is meant to help you get the most out of your visitors’ visits, even if you can’t be there when they arrive. You may welcome your visitors, take them on virtual tours of your properties, provide local suggestions, provide quick on-demand cabs or other services, and push specials based on their recent local spending using your welcome. The tablet enables you to practically cover all of these bases.

It’s your hosting style, but at their pace. It’s a current, relevant guestbook personalized for your visitors and the vacation rental experience you wish to provide for them.

2. Dress Up For The Occasion

The virtual guestbook is an excellent method to introduce your Airbnb visitors to your area and your Airbnb. What you’ll need now is the ideal technique to show your visitors how you’ll meet their demands, whatever they may be. That level of lodging and service should be five-star for Airbnb hosts who are knee-deep in the sector. There must be a method to streamline a high level of service for these Airbnb providers. Perhaps you’d want to maintain a more personal level of service. Alternatively, maybe you’re ready to improve your service to one that’s as well-organized (and as loved) as any “hotel-like” experience.

Ryze is an app that lets you provide luxurious hospitality to your Airbnb visitors through a single tablet that displays on-demand room services, mini-bar supplies, and travel essentials. It may lack the peer-to-peer authenticity you want, but it is practical, convenient, and will please your visitors. Travelers sometimes simply want to be looked after. And now, with just one easy app, you can provide them with the vacation they want.

3. Price and Impact

This is a lucrative industry. So, first and foremost, hosts should learn the most basic methods for increasing their vacation rental earnings. Wheelhouse is a clever, dynamic pricing tool that examines the market worth of your listings based on location, seasonality, and demand. The pricing of your listings is then updated as a result. Furthermore, this change happens daily and is automated, so you won’t have to waste time investigating competitors or manually modifying your prices.

It’s a straightforward approach to a complex element of the hosting industry. It also works: After implementing Wheelhouse, users reported a 40% increase in income. When the chance to increase earnings while reducing work presents itself, it’s a straightforward arithmetic choice to take advantage of it. Take full advantage of Lodgable’s software by using our integrated dynamic pricing.

4. Delegating Authority

Many vacation rental hosts choose to do their housekeeping. However, hosts are expanding – or seeking to scale – their rental enterprises cannot afford to be at each listing after each check-out or welcome visitors before each check-in. Growing pains are usually alleviated by relieving the host of the burden. There’s a new method for hosts to confirm that their cleaning and changeover services are working correctly and that they’re following their instructions to the letter.

The Properly app allows short-term rental owners to set expectations for the quality and condition of guest check-ins using a detailed, in-depth visual checklist. This checklist replaces the typical information binder by walking through the property room by room, item by object. Your cleaners and turnover reps will then be given a thorough tour of your area as well as detailed instructions on how to tackle every place. What’s the greatest part? Cleaning and turndown services are required to provide verification images to hosts as a form of visual acknowledgment for a job well done. Isn’t it easy to cede control of your company while maintaining your personal life?

5. The Secret To Success

There are additional methods to customized automation that may simplify the day-to-day work for hosts, in addition to a full-fledged display of Airbnb data and a single master schedule. Hosts can now automate the whole check-in process while keeping it secure, orderly, and personal, thanks to KeyCafe’s new interface with the Airbnb app. When the host connects a tracking fob to their keys, they become a digital entry system that can be remotely handled. Each Airbnb booking after that will automatically provide visitors access to their property.

Organizing house access for cleaners and other service providers, as well as critical handoffs for visitors, no longer has to be a full-time job. It doesn’t have to be a job at all. The service enables hosts to manage keys from any location or leave them to the technology.

Overall, the Airbnb ecosystem’s firms are always evolving to better fit your demands as a host. There are constantly new technology and brands that can be employed to oil the wheels that propel your short-term rental to success, whether it’s efficiency, hospitality, organization, or seamlessness. So, in the end, it’s simply a matter of keeping up with the latest innovations while conserving your hosting resources.

6. A Time-Honored Time-Saver

Perhaps you have numerous Airbnb listings. Perhaps you have listings on Airbnb and HomeAway or Airbnb and Booking.com. Regardless of how your rentals are distributed, there should only be one location where you can view and organize your data. There is now.

The capabilities of our Property Management Software have recently been extended by Lodgbale (or PMS). Hosts may now search, organize, report, and share their short-term rental data using the PMS for starters. In addition, hosts may access all of their calendars in one place, which is both condensed and interactive. This multi-calendar lets you analyze and alter prices for all Airbnb listings, Airbnb accounts, and vacation rental sites for past, current, and future reservations. This is a feature that Airbnb does not currently provide for hosts, making it especially handy for those who want to share a master calendar with others or keep their calendars up to date in real-time.

This well-organized schedule, along with complete access to your rental data, provides you with a once-in-a-lifetime chance to acquire a complete view of your short-term company, study it, strategy appropriately, and, in the end, enhance it.

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