How to Find and Setup an Airbnb Cleaning Service

How to Find and Setup an Airbnb Cleaning Service

The rental home that visitors reserve on Airbnb has high expectations. As a host, you know that cleanliness is the most crucial criterion to achieve (and surpass). More and more property managers are resorting to an external Airbnb cleaning service to guarantee their holiday rental apartments look their best.

Keeping your vacation rental clean is undoubtedly at the top of your priority list. On the other hand, cleaning is merely one of the responsibilities you must do to maintain everything in order. Managing all of your everyday chores while still running a profitable short-term rental company may be difficult at times.

If you’re looking for an Airbnb cleaning service, our algorithm can help you choose the best one. Continue reading to learn how to locate and choose the best Airbnb cleaning service for your apartment.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Professional Airbnb Cleaning Service?

Running a vacation rental company, particularly when managing many Airbnb homes, needs a lot of dedication and hard work. It’s a good idea to automate certain aspects of your company, such as cleaning, to save time and increase efficiency. Maintaining high standards of cleanliness is much simpler when you have a reliable cleaning service on your side.

Choose a reliable Airbnb cleaning service to ensure that your property is spotless for your visitors. Meeting and surpassing guest expectations will result in excellent feedback and additional visitors to your shining rental.

What is the Best Way to Find a Cleaning Company?

Asking other local hosts for references is the best way to discover a reputable, professional Airbnb cleaning service. The best method to discover different firms in your region is via word of mouth. Why not look at the many forums for Airbnb hosts and rental owners? These might be a good source of information since they provide a lot of information about reputable cleaning firms.

You may also do an internet search for expert rental cleaning services in your area, as well as read customer reviews.

The following are the top sites where you may find Airbnb cleaning services:

The Top 5 Criteria to Consider When Hiring an Airbnb Cleaning Service:

1. Pricing

The company’s price structure is the first item to evaluate. After examining your vacation rental home, some cleaning agencies may quote you a set rate. Each time a cleaning task is performed satisfactorily, this fixed price will be charged.

Other professional cleaners charge by the hour, but this isn’t always the most cost-effective alternative. Prices may vary from one cleaning to the next. Due to fluctuating costs, you may find it tough to incorporate an appropriate cleaning expense in your monthly budget plans.

It’s also possible that the cleaning crew may take longer than expected to complete your rental property. Not only will this have an impact on other everyday duties and goals, but it will also cost you extra money.

We suggest using cleaning services that provide a set cost to minimize overspending. It’s also a good idea to include a cleaning charge in your advertisement to assist with the costs. You may use this method to defray the expense of hiring a professional Airbnb cleaning service.

2. Cleaning Reviews and Experience

When selecting a firm to deal with, experience and reputation are other important factors. Check to see whether the firm has any experience with short-term rentals.

Because last-minute reservations are common with short-term rentals, industry expertise is essential. This means you’ll need cleaners that can adjust to your company’s needs while still providing thorough service.

It’s also a good idea to look into the company’s qualifications. Check to see whether they’re legitimate and how long they’ve been in business. Examine both the good and bad reviews (if any). To assist you in making the best option, read the comments written by previous hosts and customers.

3. Time to Turnaround

The turnaround time is also an essential aspect to consider. Cleaning a home with a professional cleaning company might take up to 90 minutes. As a result, employing a professional Airbnb cleaning service will allow you to control guest turnaround time more effectively. It’s particularly crucial when dealing with same-day departures and arrivals.

All cleaning jobs will be delegated, and the bulk of the cleaning process will be automated. The turnaround time and guest check-in and checkout procedures will be faster, smoother, and less stressful due to this.

4. Cleaning Supplies

You might also look into the cleaning packages that many firms provide. To get the greatest bargain, we recommend doing your research early on.

Professional cleaners often provide various cleaning packages at various prices, such as normal or “deep clean” packages. Before deciding on a firm, make sure you know what’s included in each bundle.

Choosing to do a thorough clean once a month can help you keep your house tidy. The best option is to go with a normal cleaning package with a thorough cleaning once a month. Deep cleanings should include all hard-to-reach areas; this is a more comprehensive cleaning service.

5. Communication 

Because hosts are not always available throughout the turnaround time, communication must be flawless. You may examine levels of communication before committing to a firm when picking the proper one. You may, for example, contact the firm through several channels/mediums to determine their response time before making a choice.

The Top Questions to Ask When Hiring a Cleaning Service

1. Who is going to provide the cleaning supplies?

Inquire about the cleaning products given by the cleaning service and what you will need to supply. This eliminates ambiguity and makes things simple. Larger things, like vacuum cleaners, are often required from hosts.

2. How Should Cleanings Be Scheduled?

You’ll be able to keep on top of all your daily duties if you figure out the ideal approach to schedule cleanings. Make sure you talk about this with your cleaning business right away when you start working together.

Many alternatives for arranging cleanings, such as emails, phone calls, or even software, may be quite beneficial. The latter is very useful when conducting a vacation rental company from afar.

3. Can a Cleaning Service Assist You With Property Damage?

A professional Airbnb cleaning service is particularly beneficial in circumstances when your rental home has been damaged.

Cleaning your rental will be done regularly by the same person or numerous others. As a result, they will detect any damages or breakages caused by visitors. You can rapidly remedy the problem if you are alerted quickly (during cleaning after visitors have left).

You may also request that your cleaners photograph the property between each visitor changeover. This might come in handy if you require proof of any harm done.

4. Will You Be Informed of Any Additional Fees in Advance?

Another key item to address with the cleaning firm is this. Make careful to inquire about any instances that might result in extra fees. In addition, request that the cleaning firm tell you in advance. This will give you time to react if you are charged additional cleaning fees.

5. How Much Advance Notice Does a Cleaning Company Require?

Keep in mind that certain cleaning firms can assist with last-minute requests and emergency property cleanings. Cleanings may need to be scheduled with more notice for others.

Inquire with the cleaning service about being able to help you with last-minute duties. This way, you’ll be prepared and know what to do in an emergency.

6. What methods does a company use to screen its employees?

How a cleaning firm selects its staff might significantly impact the quality of service given. If the organization does a comprehensive background check, it is more probable that they have employed trustworthy employees.

Professional businesses that value their reputation and personnel do background checks and recruit only trustworthy individuals. As a result, you can relax knowing that your rental is in capable hands. Furthermore, you will not have to deal with unpleasant scenarios like breakages, damage, or even theft.

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